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progress of infidelity and apostacy from Christ, which mark this degenerate age and nation: and raise up able champions for thy truth, who may contend earnestly and effectually for the faith once delivered to the saints.

Bless the places of publick education; and grant that men may continually be sent forth from them, qualified for these and other important services, Endue with wisdom, animate with zeal, and arm with patience, such persons as, amidst difficulties and disappointments, are endeavouring to promote the welfare of mankind, and to open the way to the spread of thy gospel: raise them up many helpers, and at length crown their efforts with complete success. - Teach, O Lord, all true Christians, to act consistently in their various circumstances and trials; and enable them to adorn thy gospel and rejoice in thy salvation : and bless their children also, that they may serve thee in their days, and transmit thy truth to future generations.

Oh, vouchsafe thy special grace to all our dear relatives and friends, whatever else thou mayest see good to withhold from them. Bestow thy blessing on all those whom thou hast placed in authority over us; and honour them as thy instruments, in promoting the best interests of these nations. O thou God of peace, be pleased to terminate the ravages of war, and extend thy compassionate regard to all, who in this or any other way, are exposed to those complicated miseries, from which we are mercifully exempted.

Enable us now, we beseech thee, to enter on our several employments, in submission and obedience to thy will, and dependence on thy grace. May we be preserved from the snares of the world, and defended against the assaults of Satan: may we watch over our hearts, govern our passions, and bridle our tongues, as under the inspection of thine all-seeing eye; and be helped in all things to glorify thy name, through Jesus Christ, thy beloved Son, and our Mediator and Redeemer.--Amen.

Another Evening Prayer for a Family.


Thou most glorious God, with whom a thousand years are as one day, and who dwellest in light inaccessible to mortal men: the return of night reminds us how short our time is; and how soon we must finally close our eyes on all things here below, to open them in the eternal world. Our days glide away almost unperceived: Oh leave us not to neglect the important work of life, through attention to the trifles with which we are surrounded! We feel all things here on earth to be

vanity and vexation: our pains are many and increasing; our pleasures few and wasting, “Surely

man walketh in a vain shew! he disquieteth “ himself in vain! He heapeth up riches, and can

not tell who shall gather them!" “ For we are “consumed by thine anger, and by thy wrath we are troubled: thou hast set our iniquities before

thee, and our secret sins in the light of thy “ countenance.” Teach us therefore, O merciful God, so to meditate on the shortness, uncertainty, and vanity of things temporal: and ou the reality, nearness, and importance of things eternal; that we may indeed be strangers and pilgrims on earth, and may seek a heavenly inheritance, with our warmest affections and most persevering diligence. Do thou make the thoughts of death and judgment so familiar to us, and so impressive on our hearts; that they may put vigour into our prayers; may excite us to earnestness in all the means of grace; may make us decided in renouncing every idol and iniquity; and may influence us so to act in all things, as may afford us comfort upon the bed of death.

Enable us, O Lord, to mark thy hand, and to submit to thy righteousness, in all the troubles of life, and in all the painful consequences of our sins. Give us such a knowledge of thy holy law, and of its spiritual and reasonable demands; that we may become fully sensible of our exceeding sinfulness, and be deeply humbled before thee in


for us.

unfeigned repentance. May we never attempt to cover our transgressions, or to justify our conduct in thy sight; but may we so judge ourselves, that we may not be condemned at thy awful tribunal. Help us, O gracious Lord, to believe thy gospel with living faith; and continually to come unto thee, as the Fountain of life and felicity, through the righteousness and redemption of our great High Priest, who ever liveth to make intercession

And give us, we intreat thee, that confi. dence in thy pardoning mercy, and that love, gratitude, and zeal, which may prompt us to unreserved obedience, and make us stedfast, unmoveable, and always abounding in thy work.

But, () thou heart-searching God, the imperfections and defilements of our best days and services are all open to thy view! Were the rest of our past lives buried in eternal oblivion, and an account of this one day required from us: our vain thoughts, idle words, and wrong tempers; our selfish desires and motives, and manifold omissions of duty, would leave us speechless and selfcondemned before thee. Help us then, we earnestly intreat thee, to apply to our consciences that atoning blood, which cleanseth from all sin: and neither leave us to discouragement through unbelief, nor suffer us to abuse thy grace by any allowed disobedience.

Whatever we have this day attempted, which had a beneficial tendency, do thou, O merciful Father, be pleased to prosper by thy blessing; and prevent the ill consequences of our errors and offences. Sanctify to us thy dispensations, and our own experience: and help us to thank thee with unfeigned hearts, for the unmerited mercies and comforts, with which we have been favoured. Bless, O Lord, all endeavours to spread thy gospel, and to promote the peace and happiness of mankind: and remember with peculiar regard such as are labouring in remote in hospitable regions, to make known thy salvation among poor benighted Pagans.

We commend ourselves, and all belonging to us, unto thy gracious protection. Thou art ever present, and knowest all things; thy majesty and condescension, thy justice and compassion, are alike infinite and adorable. “ Thine is the kingdom, “ O Lord, and thou art exalted as Head over all.” But we are exposed to countless dangers, and are wholly unable to defend ourselves. Be thou our strong Tower, and help us to take refuge under the shadow of thy wings. Preserve us from outward calamities, and from the assaults of our spiritual enemies. Help us seriously to enquire, whether we are indeed prepared to meet our God, should we be called hence this night? That we may be enabled to close our eyes, in well-grounded assurance, that death is our's; because we are Christ's, and possess the meetness for the incorruptible inheritance. Should we be spared, to

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