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awake in peace, and arise in health with the returning day: enable us, we beseech thee, to attend on thy worship and service with alacrity and gratitude. And thus may we“ wait all the days “ of our appointed time, till our change come, with calm submission, vigilant circumspection, and patient continuance in well doing. Vouchsafe us, O gracious Father, these and all other mercies, for the sake of thy beloved Son Jesus Christ; whom, with thee and the eternal Spirit, we would adore as the God of our salvation, both now and for


Another Morning Prayer for a Family.


ALMIGHTY and eternal God, we would humbly attempt to begin this day with worshipping thy great and glorious name. Thou art worthy of universal and everlasting adoration and thankful praise. Thy nature is incomprehensible, thy perfections infinite, thy goodness inexhaustible. Thou hast created all things; thou upholdest them by the word of thy power; and every one of thy works proclaims thy glory.. Thou openest thy hand, and fillest all things living with plenteousness: and so abundant is thy goodness, that even the sinful children of men are invited to take refuge under the covert of thy wings ! Thou art " in “ Christ reconciling the world unto thyself:” upon thy mercy-seat thou waitest to be gracious; and thy glorious wisdom, holiness, justice, and truth, are adored by the hosts of heaven, whilst thou dispensest pardons and showerest down blessings, on poor șinners who call upon thee. « Thou art ex“alted above all blessing and praise.” How then shall we, poor sinful worms, offer any acceptable tribute to thy name? Thou mightest justly reject both us and our worship, as below thy notice, or deserving thine abhorrence: yet thou condescendest to say even of us, mean and guilty as we are, “ Whoso offereth praise, glorifieth me!" Yea, " thou inhabitest the praises of Israel !” Enable us, therefore, we humbly beseech thee, Omerciful Father, as a holy priesthood, to offer continually such spiritual sacrifices of praise and thanksgiving, as are acceptable to thee through Jesus Christ; and do thou graciously accept our bounden duty and service, not weighing our merits, but pardoning our offences, through the mediation of thy well beloved Son.

But the more we meditate on thy glories and on our obligations, the viler we appear in our own eyes; remembering our manifold rebellions and base ingratitude. Our sins are indeed innumerable and inexcusable; and we would abhor ourselves on account of them, repenting in dust and ashes.

To us belong shame and confusion of face, because we have sinned against thee: but to the Lord our God belong mercies and forgiveness ; so that our deepest humiliation may be united with prevailing hope and animating confidence. But while we rejoice in Christ Jesus, as "made unto

us Wisdom, Righteousness, Sanctification, and

Redemption ;” may we expect the largest blessings from thy free bounty, fully convinced, that we merit nothing but thy wrath and indignation. Oh, grant we beseech thee, that our consciousness of guilt may endear to us the love of Christ, and may teach us forbearance and compassion to the vilest and most injurious of our fellow sinners. Enable us in this manner to exercise patience and contentment; form our hearts to teachableness, and simplicity of dependence on thy promises; and teach us readily to sit down in the lowest place, and in honour to prefer others to ourselves.

O gracious Saviour, we beseech thee to establish thy kingdom, and sway thy sceptre in our hearts, and reigo Lord of all our affections: baptize us with thy sanctifying Spirit: cleanse away every pollution : consume the dross of our grovelling desires and imaginations: and transform us into thine own holy image. Teach us more fervently to love thy holy name; and inspire us with pure and ardent zeal for thy glory. Communicate to us heavenly wisdom, and give us a lively relish

for spiritual pleasures. Grant, we pray thee, that we may be able to distinguish things which differ, and to approve such as are most excellent. Help us to walk in wisdom towards them that are without; and to understand and practise our several duties towards all with whom we are connected, and among whom we live. Teach us, how we may escape the snares, and resist the temptations of Satan: strengthen us with all might by thy Spirit in the inward man, that we may overcome the world, avoid its pollutions, renounce its friendship, and refuse conformity to all its sinful customs, Enable us to keep under the body and bring it into subjection; that so we may not use even lawful things in an inexpedient and injurious manner: and help us, in every respect, to fight the good fight of faith, and to lay hold on eternal life.

We commend to thy care and blessing, O gracious Lord, all who are dear unto us. we beseech thee, with persevering zeal, to use all proper means of doing them good, and of winning upon such as still neglect thy great salyation. Bless thy whole church. Endue thy ministers with wisdom, clothe them with righteousness, and make them valiant and zealous for thy truth. Enable thy people to rejoice in thee: let thy grace be sufficient for them in all their trials and temptations; give them victory in every conflict; and prosper all their endeavours to glorify thy name, and do good to mankind. Send forth thy light

Teach us,

and truth to the nations: dispel the dark clouds of idolatry, impiety, superstition, and infidelity; and set up thy kingdom of peace and righteousness throughout the earth. Continue; we humbly beseech thee, to bless our land with peace and liberty, and the light of thy gospel; and may effectual measures be taken to stop the progress of wickedness and ungodliness; that so iniquity may not be our ruin. Enrich our king, and all connected with hin, or placed in authority under him, with thy choicest mercies : and do thou so direct the publick councils, that such wise and salutary measures may be adopted, as thou wilt bless to the preservation of domestick harmony; the restoration and establishment of peace among the nations; the reformation of our manners, the revival of true religion, and the success of thy gospel in other parts of the world. Visit with thy tender compassion and saving grace all the sons and daughters of affliction. While thy judgments are abroad in the earth, may the inhabitants learn righteousness : and do thou, O God, be pleased to frustrate the designs of all those, who are enemies to peace and true religion.

Be graciously present with us, o merciful Father, in the various employments and occurrences of the day; may we serve thee in the discharge of every duty, from pure evangelical motives, and with uprightness and fidelity. Leave us not, we intreat thee, to grieve thy Spirit, to wound our

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