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National Health Legislation.

"Poisons" in Ohio.
Infection and Inflammation of the Reproductive Organs

in Women. By E. C. Dudley, A.M., M.D., Chicago.
Physicians and Apothecaries in Puritan New England.

By Herbert O. Varney, St. Paul, Minn.
Medical Hemorrhage.
Sanitary Disposition of Garbage.
Appendicitis and Tubo-Ovarian Lesions.
Diagnosis of Diphtheria.
Absorption and Elimination of Drugs




Christian Fenger, M. D. Daniel R. Brower, M. D.
I. N. Danforth, M. D. Arthur R. Reynolds, M. D.
T. J. Watkins, M. D. Casey A. Wood, M. D.
G. F. Butler, M. D. Wm. Allen Pusey, M. D.
Palmer Findley, M. D. George Morgenthau, M. D.

S. C. Stanton, M. D., Managing Editor.

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NATIONAL HEALTH LEGISLATION. survey of the situation, that it will be impossible

The recent epidemic in certain parts of the to secure favorable action from this congress. south has directed public attention to the A strong reason for this opinion is the fact that necessity for broader and more efficient regula. congress has already been asked to create a tions for the protection of the public health. new department of commerce and industry, Many objections that formerly were urged and the promoters of the movement for such a against the proposition to place the quarantine department have proceeded with such system power wholly in the hands of federal officials that the support of commercial and industrial have been withdrawn, and that section of the interests of every kind in all sections are united country which heretofore has most strenuously in active co-operation, and the early success of opposed federal control has now asked congress the proposed department is apparently assured. to provide such control. The bill recently Congress cannot be induced to create iwo new introduced by Mr. Caffery of Louisiana in the departments in one session, even though the United States senate is in response to this influence to be brought to bear were many demand.

times stronger than that at present united in For several years the medical and pharma- asking for a department of health. ceutical press, and medical, pharmaceutical In view of these circumstances, it would and other organizations have labored to create appear that the wisest course lies in introduc. a sentiment favorable to the establishment by ing a bill in congress which will take the Marine congress of a department of the federal govern- Hospital service as a nucleus and establish an ment devoted to the interests of public health. unattached bureau clothed with the authority The progress made appeared so encouraging for national quarantine that is asked for from three or four years ago that President Cleve- the south. Under the direction of this bureau, land recommended the creation of a national then, such investigations as that proposed into department of public health. The recommenda- yellow fever conditions in Cuba, and leprosy tion, however, passed unheeded. Since then in Hawaii, which, it is reported, are to be made the agitation has been actively continued, but subjects of congressional action, may be conconfined chiefly to the medical and closely ducted. The unattached bureau would not allied professions. The present congress will cost more than will the performance of the be asked to take up the subject and establish same duties under separate divisions, and the proposed department,

certainly would prove far more efficient. Thus The Medical Standard has earnestly advo- equipped and permitted to show the public its cated the new department, believing that in its field of usefulness, this bureau of public health creation the national government will serve the will have every opportunity to develop at an interests of the people in an important respect, early dale into one of the departments. and that through no other agency can this In efforts put forth to promote objects of this service be rendered so effectively or so com- nature, sentiment should give way before the prehensively. The creation of a department of practical problems encountered. In this agitathe government, however, is a subject that tion for a department of health there should be congress approaches with great deliberation, no reluctance to accept a compromise proposipartly because of the general reluctance to tion, which will bring success as far as it gies extending the powers of the government, and and which is in entire harmony with the general partly in recognition of the constant cry for purposes in v.ew. economy which is ever being raised, oftentimes Let all interests unite on the establishment in the face of the fact that the economy de- of an unattached bureau of public health, with manded is the greatest form of wastelul authority over national and interstate quaranexpenditure.

tine. With this program a long step forward Much as the proposed department of health may be taken. Less should not be asked. is to be desired, it is believed. alter a carelul More, it is useless to ask from this congress.

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