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A First Course in Physics. A Textbook for decade has been to too large an extent

Colleges and High Schools. By Robert Andrews
Millikan, Ph. D., Assistant Professor of Physics
in the University of Chicago, and Henry Gordon
Gale, Ph.D., Instructor in Physics in the Univer-

Physics. The aim in the present work sity of Chicago. Cloth. Pages 488. Profusely has been to familiarize the student with illustrated with diagrams, half-tones, and woodcuts. indexed. Published by Ginn & Company, Boston, Mass. Price $1.25 net.

about the physical world in which he This treatise is no mere shaking-up of lives. Hence the book differs from most dry bones, like the traditional textbook books of its kind in the thoroughness on physics, but a progressive, up-to-date with which the practical applications of work as truly revolutionary of fossil physics to life are treated. It is planned methods and old-time view-point as the with a view, first, to awaken an interest latest scientific researches have proved in the pupil ; then, to train him in the obto be of the hypotheses prevalent a gen- servation and interpretation of the phyeration ago. In the domains of physical sical world in which he lives. It puts and chemical theory, the present era is the student in familiar touch with the one of rapid transition; many a long- latest advances in physics, devoting an cherished opinion, sacred in the entrench- unusual amount of space to such subjects ment of tradition, has disappeared in the as electrical radiations, cathode rays, the unfolding of the latest "Book of Revela- phenomena of radio-activity, and the tion” whose authors are Curie, Thomp- electron theory. In the treatment of son, et al. We must not look, therefore, light, the time-honored fiction of rays in the book now under review-nor, for has been replaced by the truer, simpler, that matter, in any other book that could and more comprehensible view-point of possibly be written at this stage—for the change in wave curvature. Human infinal dictum as to the nature and consti- terest is aroused and sustained by the intution of matter, its relation to electricity, sertion of numerous portraits of great etc. The present work, however, brings men who have adorned the history of us closer to the confines of a full revela- physical investigation, and by interweavtion of Nature's secret than any other ing the story of their lives with the study physical textbook that has yet been pub- of their work. lished. It does so, too, in simple lan- Great pains have been taken to make guage suited to the common understand the illustrations unusually instructive. ing, without recourse to the burdensome This is especially noteworthy in the case or utterly uncomprehended formulæ of of such mechanisms as the gas engine. mathematics. It is, in fact-as the au

the turbine, hydraulic elevators, electrical thors claim-a direct, simple, presenta

generators, optical and musical instrution of the "hows and whys” of familiar physical phenomena as opposed to the

ments, etc. The book has nearly twice study of the use of mathematical formu

as many illustrations as most other books læ or a mere mathematical and mechan- of its kind. Its completeness is emphaical introduction to technical science. sized by the addition of a valuable topical The High School Physics of the past and analytical index.

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at Madison Square Garden Office Appliance and Business System Show. The swiftest and most accurate adders in the world break all previous official records for speed and accuracy in addition and multiplication.

There were two classes of contests: those open to adding-listing machines only, and those open to all classes of machines.

The Comptometer won every contest open to all classes of machines, there being nine American and three European makes on exhibition.

Here are some of the records made on the Comptometer in the contests open to all machines. No record equaling even the slowest of the following was made on any make of machine other than the Comptometer:

Adding the amounts on 500 department store checks

ist Prize-Miss May Maher, of the C., B. & Q. Ry. Co., Chicago, 4 Min. 19 Sec.
ad Prize-Miss Mae BARCLAY, of the Ill. Central R. R., Chicago, 4 Min. 21 Sec.

Miss OLLIE Crow, of the Ill. Central R. R., Chicago, 4 Min. 28 Sec.
Miss GENEVIEVE GREEN, of Marshall Field & Co., Chicago, 4 Min. 41 Sec.
Miss THEA SWANSON, of Swift & Co., Chicago,

5 Min. 43 Sec. Miss Anna M. O'CALLAHAN, Jordan Marsh & Co., Boston, 6 Min. 4 Sec. Every One Absolutely Correct and Every One Using the Comptometer


Performing twenty-five large multiplications ist Prize-Miss Thea Swanson, of Swift & Co., Chicago,

2 Min. 5 Sec. ad Prize-Miss Cecelia M. Engel, of Western Electric Co., N. Y., 2 Min. 18 Sec.

Miss CAROLYN L. Scheer, of Western Electric Co., N. Y., 2 Min. 32 Sec.
Miss Mae BARCLAY, of Ill. Central R. R., Chicago,

2 Min. 35 Sec.

Every One Absolutely Correct and Every One Using the Comptometer

You do not need to change your office systems to use the Comptometer successfully.
No lever to pull, no fussing with the paper, eyes on the copy and fingers on the
keys all the time. This means accuracy as well as speed.
When you buy an adding or calculating machine, get the one that is good all around

You can get a good adding machine for $300 or $400, and a good multiplying and dividing machine for about $250. but the adding machine will not be as good for adding, nor will the multiplying machine be as good for inultiplying as is the Comptometer, which is twice as rapid and more convenient to use than either of the others in its own field. Yet the Comptometer costs only a fraction as much. The Comptometer is as universal in its practical and time-saving application as the science of arithmetic itself.




U. S. NAVY DEPARTMENT ..........
MARSHALL FIELD & Co., Chicago, Ill.....
JOHN WANAMAKER, N. Y. and Phila.......
CARNEGIE STEEL Co., Pittsburgh, Pa.....

AMERICAN BRIDGE Co., Pittsburgh and elsewhere.
WESTERN ELECTRIC Co., N. Y. and Chicago.....
METROPOLITAN LIFE Co., New York.......
SIMMONS HARDWARE Co., St. Louis, Mo...
N. Y. SHIPBUILDING CO., Camden, N. J.....

Sent, express prepaid, on 30 days' free trial to responsible parties FELT & TARRANT MFG. CO., Illinois and N. Orleans Sts., Chicago

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COUNTESS OF WARWICK, WITH HER GRANDSON. The Countess is a leader of English society, a powerful political factor in the cause of Socialism, and a

patron of agriculture,

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