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physical surroundings of working women the fall the project will come up again with a view to safeguarding the moral with stronger backing than ever. The and physical health of future generations. smallest amount suggested for the exBills to this effect were introduced in penses of this investigation is $300,000. both houses, but were crowded out by No smaller amount would come anythe Railroad Rate bill, the Beef bill, and where near being adequate. To this point the Pure Food bill. All this summer, have the women of America come in however, a steady agitation on the sub- their conquest of industry. They have ject is being maintained in influential ceased to be merely a phenomenon. They quarters, and when Congress meets in have succeeded in becoming a problem.

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W much soever in this life's mutations

We seek our shattered idols to replace,
Not one in all the myriads of the nations

Can ever fill another's vacant place.
Each has its own; the smallest and most humble,

As well as the revered the wide world through,
With every death some love and hope must crumble

Which strive to build them up anew.
If the fair race of violets should perish

Before another springtime had its birth,
Could all the costly blooms which florists cherish

Bring back its April beauty to the earth ?
Not the most gorgeous flower that leaf uncloses

Could give the olden grace to vale and plain;
Not even Persia's garden full of roses

Could ever make this world so fair again.
And so with souls we love; they pass and leave us :

Time teaches patience at a bitter cost;
Not all the new loves which the years may give us

Can fill the heart-place aching for the lost.

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HOPI MAIDENS. Showing method of wearing the hair up to the day of marriage, after which they are not allowed to wear it this way.

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