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constructed by the Krupps out of a spe- is set apart for the disabled men and cial fund for the purpose. The people pensioners, is one of the model hospitals are clothed, fed, and their houses fur- of Europe, devoted exclusively to the use nished, largely from stores which are of the employees. Other beneficial featalso established by the company in the ures connected with the various invarious "colonies, as they are termed. dustries are savings banks and insurance Altogether there are nearly 100 gro- societies. ceries, meat markets, and dry goods Although the death of Friedrich Alstores, in addition to a flour mill, two fred Krupp removed the last of this faslaughter houses, an ice factory, a brush mous line of steel workers, the enterfactory, and a shoe factory—all main- prises which he created and so elabotained by the Krupps. In one of the rated are to be continued under the same colonies is a workman's hotel which will policy, for, prior to his death, the manaccommodate a thousand, while among agement of the various properties was them are distributed eight restaurants, placed in the hands of a board of fourand two of what are termed "coffee teen directors under his supervision. houses." All of these communities con- This board is to continue in office by the tain schools and churches erected and decision of the heirs of the Krupp esmaintained for the benefit of the resi- tate. The majority of the members are dents; and several of them have work

men who have spent most of their lives men's clubs as well. A portion of each in association with the Krupps, and who site is also laid out for a park and play- are familiar with the various features of ground for children. At Altenhof, which the works.


"Ladies Unafraid”

By William Ward


N the western coast of the from Utah to the Democratic national
United States, at Monterey, convention of 1896. She was then rec-
California, Mrs. Fish keeps ognized as the leading politician of her
the lamps lighted in the sex in a State in which women have the
Point Pinas lighthouse. On suffrage. Evidently her daughter Claire

the eastern coast, at South is worthy of her. Miss Claire gave a Portland, Maine, Mrs. Gordon earns her bond of $1,500, and was authorized “to living by working as a deep-sea diver. serve writs and summonses, to impanel Sprinkled over the country between these jurors, to arrest lawbreakers, and to oftwo women, there are thousands of other ficiate at hangings.” Incidentally she ocmembers of the female sex who deserve cupied her spare time in studying law, to be enrolled as auxiliaries to Mr. Kip- her intention being to graduate from the ling's corps of "Unafraid Gentlemen.” deputy sheriffship to the bar.

There is Miss Claire Ferguson, for in- But a woman does not have to become stance, of Salt Lake County, Utah. She a deputy sheriff in order to show courage. has served as deputy sheriff. Her mother, She will be able to display that quality Dr. Ellen B. Ferguson, was a delegate by doing so prosaic a thing as baking bread. The world is only gradually be- bread was a chemical feat. They opened coming accustomed to the idea that a shop in Cambridge. In a short time women, like men, can defy all the ex- their bread was pronounced by the Agripectations of their friends, and shape cultural Department of the United States their own course in life without fear. The Government to be the only bread which, baking of bread was mentioned as an il- when baked, is absolutely free of yeast. lustration, because baking is exactly the Miss Stevenson and Miss Elliott, Chemitrade that was chosen not long ago by cal Bakers, might therefore claim to have two learned girl graduates of Radcliffe been at least scientifically successful. But College in Massachusetts.



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they were also commercially successful. These two girls were really learned. They made their shop attractive with They had not only gone through college, Morris pictures and with Tolstoian quobut they had studied as they went. Their tations about the dignity of labor, and specialty was chemistry. When they had they drew to themselves a large and proffinished studying, it occurred to them, itable trade. Finally, their courage had that, instead of teaching high school chil- its reward even on the social side of life. dren how to do laboratory experiments, They had been at first looked at askance they would break into the outside, un- by many careful residents of Cambridge. academic world and take a hand in the But that notable woman, Mrs. Alice regular routine work of every-day busi- Freeman Palmer, dropped into their shop

one day and asked them if she might call With this idea in mind, they chose bak- on them at their home. That settled it ing as their kind of business. To for Cambridge. bake bread was useful, and to bake good One of the greatest triumphs of the Philadelphia. Then she took charge of an asylum for feeble-minded girls and women 'at Vineland. Of course the inmates of this asylum are of the right sex. And so is the doctor-in-charge. And so are all the assistant doctors. And so are all the nurses. And so are the cooks and the table-servants and all the other helpers and attendants. It is too bad that the harmony of the occasion has to be spoiled by the presence of even one interloper. But such is the case, and it has to be admitted. The night policeman is a




Perhaps, if fate had thrown Mrs.Agnes

Emmagene Paul into a somewhat differSUPERINTENDS A LARGE HOSPITAL.

ent walk of life, it would not be necessary Dr. Mary J. Dunlap, of Vineland, N. J.

for Doctor Dunlap to employ a man for Stevenson-Elliott bread was that Mrs. night police work. Mrs. Paul is a ward William Dean Howells ate it during a se

superintendent in the Street-Cleaning Devere illness, and declared that it alone had

partment of Chicago. One glance at a saved her life.

roomful of Chicago ward superintendIn Syracuse, New York, there is a

ents making their weekly reports at headyoung woman who has had courage. But

quarters in the City Hall, is enough to she has also had a genius for advertis

convince any observer that a woman who ing. The one has been the foundation and the other the superstructure of her career. Her name is Mary Elizabeth— just Mary Elizabeth ; only that and nothing more, And as she was only fifteen when she started in business, perhaps the last name would have sounded too formal. At any rate her candy, for candymaking is her trade, was sent out from her home in beautiful little packages with "Mary Elizabeth" written by hand on the outside of each box. And Mary Elizabeth's” picture was as attractive as her nomenclature. Then she crowned her preliminary advertising campaign by opening her famous "Help Yourself candy-booth in the University Building. At this Looth there was no attendant, no cash-register, and no key. You took

Bosses A GANG OF STREET-CLEANERS. what you wanted, and left the money on

Mrs. Agnes Emmagene Paul, of Chicago. the counter. What Mary Elizabeth has done since in the way of advertising, it can stand that pace would have no diffiis unnecessary to say to any eater of culty on a police force. But Mrs. Paul candy in the eastern part of the United not only stands the pace, but gets ahead States. The business to-day is a large of it. She really cleans streets. All over one.

the city of Chicago, in one ward after When feminine enterprises are being another, she has bossed her gangs of considered, there are few that qualify so street-sweepers, and has struggled succompletely for that definition as the one cessfully with the political spoilsmen who that is managed by Mary J. Dunlap at drive the garbage wagons. Her work is Vineland, New Jersey. Mary J. Dunlap certainly as strenuous as that done by any is a doctor. For a time she practiced in man in her city.


It is a far cry from street-cleaning to "Frackleton Ware." This ware has a ceramic art, but Mrs. S. S. Frackleton curious technical history. Persons comof Chicago is interesting enough to make ing to see specimens of it from near and the journey worth while, Mrs. Frackle- far, are in the habit of saying, "I suppose

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