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Automatic Music Re. addition with the aid of a set of dots procorder

duced at will by means of a special pedal

controlled by the performer. AN apparatus intended for automati- Apart from its use as a recorder of

cally recording the sounds given off musical composition, the Kromarograph by a key-instrument has recently been will prove useful for the purposes of invented by Laurence Kromar, of Vien- musical instruction, reproducing, as it na, Austria. Musical composers will be does, any features and defects of a given able to register their inprovisations musical performance.—DR. A. GRADENmerely by the playing of the instrument. WITZ. . The invention is analogous to the typewriter and shorthand writing machine, which both give a record of language as

To Aid Fire-Fighters it is spoken, the main difference being the TO help in the transmission of orders automatic working of the new apparatus. given at a fire, electricity has been

The instrument comprises a system of called into service. The present method rollers, between which a paper tape is is for the order to be passed from one carried, coming in contact with the types man to another, each repeating it in turn actuated by the keys and a special roller till by this relay method the man at the tracing the system of five lines used in engine is finally made to hear. This is note writing. Each key of the instrument corresponds with one of a system of 87 electro-magnets controlling the types referred to, and which work with extreme precision. The system of note writing used in the apparatus greatly resembles the ordinary method, except for some notes which have the same acoustical value which coincide in the new system. The record is thus easily read, and whenever desired readily transcribed to ordinary note writing.

In the place of the dots constituting the ordinary system of note writing, the "Kromarograph" (as the apparatus is called) traces single or double dashes corresponding to the black and white keys respectively, the length of which accurately represents the duration of the notes. All features of the musical performance are faithfully reproduced by the relative length of the note dashes,

Herr Kromar With His AFPARATUS, THE "KROMAROGRAPH," while the cadence may be recorded in



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boats sailing more closely to the windward. The secret of the boat's stability is its width in proportion to its length, for it is about two feet beam; but it is of such a peculiar model that the weight of the young yachtsman sinks it in the water but a short distance, and it carries a surprisingly large spread of canvas considering its size. The accompanying photograph shows the

Zuleika on one of its MiniatURE YACHT "Zuleika."

voyages. It will be no

ticed that the young particularly the case when directions are navigator is steering with a paddle ; being sent back from the man at the ordinarily, however, the boat is guided nozzle. A Canadian inventor has per- by a rudder. fected a scheme by which signals may be sent back and forth by wire. Each section of hose contains an electric wire, the

Lightning's Withering circuit being made by the couplings. A push-button is placed near the nozzle of

Breath the hoses. A code of signals can thus SEVERAL apples fastened to a branch very easily be put into operation.

of a tree are shown in the accom

panying cut. Apparently the smaller Miniature Yacht

fruit are also apples, and, as a matter

of fact, both grew on the same tree. The TWO WO boys named Connolley, living at picture illustrates one of the freakish ef

Beverly Farms, Massachusetts, are fects of lightning. The tree was struck the proud owners of what is, doubtless, by a bolt which ran down the trunk and the smallest sailing yacht in the world. out upon several branches projecting It is so small that either of the boys can from the same side. Every one of these pick it up and carry it under his arm after the mast has been taken out, for it is less than five feet in length and draws but a few inches of water. It will hold but one of the boys; and, after he gets aboard, he is obliged to remain in the same position, as there is not room enough for him to turn around; yet the Zuleika, as the tiny craft is named, makes cruises in the bay off Beverly Farms, of two and three miles in length, and in several races has

Two Fruit-BEARING STEMS FROM SAME TREE, actually beaten larger

One on left shows effect of lightning.

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branches was withered away by the effect this creature lay in a half-effaced “16” of the electric current, and the fruit also cut into his shell, and supposed to be the withered in the manner shown by the first two figures of a seventeenth cenpicture. The apples growing on the tury date. Perhaps some pirate or castaother side of the tree were apparently way, in an idle moment, thus marked the entirely unharmed, and, when matured, horny encasement of the sluggish beast. were of the usual size and flavor. The At any rate, this much is known: toward trunk of the tree seemingly was unin- the end of the eighteenth century, Drake jured by the bolt, but the branches af- as the tortoise was named—was capfected soon died and were cut away. tured in the Galapagos Islands. The in

habitants of those regions then regarded

him as a bicentenarian. About a quarter Lived Four Centuries of a century after his capture, he was

taken to England. Finally, he was seA GIANT tortoise, believed to have lived upwards of four centuries, re

cured for the Zoological Gardens.


His appetite was enormous. cently died at the London Zoological Gardens. The only clew to the age of

was his diet, and he devoured only the hearts of the plant. It is said he could eat as much as an ox. Giant tortoises are somewhat rare, and his place will be hard to fill.


Bicycling on the Water

T a summer resort near Baltimore, a

curious craft is used for pleasure purposes. It is ordinarily termed a water cycle. As the photograph shows, advantage is taken of the sprocket wheel and chain to actuate the paddle wheel by using pedals as in an ordinary bicycle. The rear wheel, however, has a broad rim provided with paddle-blades, to give the necessary forward motion in the water. A fender in front of the wheel protects the occupants from the spray thrown up by the action of the blades.

Four CENTURIES OLD. "Drake," a giant tortoise at the Zoological Gardens,

London, Eng., which recently died.

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Our Peerless Book Form Cards are bound together in tabs of 25 each, and when detached from book, all edges remain perfectly smooth-no perforation what. ever. When your cards are carried loosely in case they seldom have a fresh clean appearance. In book form every card is always perfect, no matter how long carried. It is a drawing card, because every man who sees it detached from book, wants to look closer and examine it. Your card is then laid aside for future reference. ana your interview is gained. Let us send you a sample tab of these Engraved Book Form Gards. The result will surprise you.

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The John B. Wiggins Company

Sole Manufacturers ENGRAVERS PRINTERS - DIE EMBOSSERS 19-21 East Adams Street, CHICAGO

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