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Made by Connoisseurs, for. Connoisseurs,
sold on merit alone, these cigarets are
now the choice of those who discriminate

Your Own Monogram

My Offer

My enthusiasm over these cigarets is due entirely to my Another thing-you can smoke these cigarets day in and
knowledge of them and of cigarets in general. I admit I am day out without any nervousness or ill feeling. This is
a crank on the subject. I have been a crank on smoke for straight talk and I mean it. These cigarets won't hurt you
twenty years. I am a smoker first and a manufacturer and you owe it to yourself to find it out for yourself.
afterward. I started the manufacture of these goods strictly
because that was the only way to be sure that my friends

The cigarets are packed in cedar boxes, one hundred to and myself were going to be supplied with them regularly.

the box-done up like the finest cigars. I am now extending the sale of Makaroff Russian Cigarets to my other friends-the ones I haven't seen, but who are my friends just the same, because they like the good things in gold will be put on your cigarets just as soon as you of life as I do.

have tried them out and want them regularly. Nearly every box of Makaroff Russian Cigarets discovers

I will gladly send you full information about these one of these friends for me. I seldom fail to get a hearty

cigarets, but talk is deaf and dumb compared with actually handshake by return mail.

smoking them. Smoke is the final test. Makaroff Russian Cigarets are offered to Connoisseurs (another name for cranks) on the basis of smoking quality alone. They have got to please you as a particular smoker, better than anything you have ever smoked before, or I value you prefer. Try the cigarets--smoke the full hundred

Send me your order for a trial hundred of the size and don't want a cent. They are made of pure, clean, sweet

if you wish. tcbacco, the finest and highest priced Russian and Turkish

If you don't like them say so and your money

will be instantly returned. You need not trouble to return growths blended scientifically by our own Russian blenders. The Russians are the only real artists at cigaret blendings any of the cigarets. I will take my chances on your giving don't forget that.

any you don't want to someone who will like them and

who will order more.
These cigarets are blended, made and aged as old wines If you wish to enjoy cigarets at their best, without injury
are-by men with traditions of quality to live up to-men to your health, to your own sense of refinement or that of
who have spent their lives at it and who have generations your friends, tear out the coupon now, and get acquainted
of experience back of them.

with real cigaret quality.
Every cigaret is made by hand. Every one is inspected
before packing. We use the thinnest paper ever put on a

Special to Dealers

I am spending a large appropriation each month in Note this particularly-It's a big point. These cigarets magazine advertising to introduce these cigarets. I want will leave in your office or apartments no trace of the odor one first-class dealer in every town of importance as usually associated with cigarets. (You know what the distributer, and to such I can turn over a good business, usual cigaret odor is like.)

established and growing. Write me.


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branches was withered away by the effect this creature lay in a half-effaced "16" of the electric current, and the fruit also cut into his shell, and supposed to be the withered in the manner shown by the first two figures of a seventeenth cenpicture. The apples growing on the tury date. Perhaps some pirate or castaother side of the tree were apparently way, in an idle moment, thus marked the entirely unharmed, and, when matured, horny encasement of the sluggish beast. were of the usual size and flavor. The At any rate, this much is known: toward trunk of the tree seemingly was unin- the end of the eighteenth century, Drake jured by the bolt, but the branches af- —as the tortoise was named—was capfected soon died and were cut away. tured in the Galapagos Islands. The in

habitants of those regions then regarded

him as a bicentenarian. About a quarter Lived Four Centuries

of a century after his capture, he was GIANT tortoise, believed to have A

taken to England. Finally, he was selived upwards of four centuries, re

cured for the Zoological Gardens. cently died at the London Zoological

His appetite was enormous. Lettuce Gardens. The only clew to the age of

was his diet, and he devoured only the hearts of the plant. It is said he could eat as much as an ox. Giant tortoises are somewhat rare, and his place will be hard to fill.


Bicycling on the Water
AT T a summer resort near Baltimore,

curious craft is used for pleasure purposes. It is ordinarily termed a water cycle. As the photograph shows, advantage is taken of the sprocket wheel and chain to actuate the paddle wheel by using pedals as in an ordinary bicycle. The rear wheel, however, has a broad rim provided with paddle-blades, to give the necessary forward motion in the water. A fender in front of the wheel protects the occupants from the spray thrown up by the action of the blades.

Four CENTURIES OLD. "Drake," a giant tortoise at the Zoological Gardens,

London, Eng., which recently died.

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Our Peerless Book Form Cards are bound together in tabs of 25 each, and when detached from book, all edges remain perfectly smooth-no perforation what. ever.' When your cards are carried loosely in case they seldom have a fresh clean appearance. In book form every card is always perfect, no matter how long carried. It is a drawing card, because every man who sees it detached from book, wants to look closer and examine it. Your card is then laid aside for future reference, and your interview is gained. Let us send you a sample tab of these Engraved Book Form Gards. The result will surprise you.


The John B. Wiggins Company


Sole Manufacturers ENGRAVERS - PRINTERS DIE EMBOSSERS 19-21 East Adams Street, CHICAGO

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Are you worried by any question in Engineering or the Mechanic Arts? Put the question into writing and mail it to the Consulting Department, TECHNICAL WORLD MAGAZINE. We have made arrangements with the American School of Correspondence to have all such questions answered by members of its staff of Instructors. If the question asked is of general interest, the answer will be published in the magasine. If of only personal interest, the answer will bu sont by mail, provided a stamped and addressed envelope is enclosed with the question. Requests for information as to where desired articles can be purchased will also be cheerfully answered.

Soldering Aluminum What is a good method of soldering aluminum?-). T. K.

Difficulty in soldering aluminum arises from the fact that an oxide forms on the surface of the heated metal. The trouble may be overcome by making a solder of tin (four parts) and zinc (one part), with stearic acid as a flux. Coat the aluminum with this mixture, moving the copper bit back and forth. The film of oxide can then be cleaned off and the coated surface easily soldered.

grayish white powder. If the material is weighed before and after the treatment, the loss in weight will be the amount of vegetable fiber present.

This method, however, can be used with only certain classes of goods, and is not as accurate or satisfactory as the following method:

Weigh carefully a small piece of material and boil it for four or five minutes in a four per cent solution of caustic soda. At the end of this period the wool will be completely dissolved by the caustic soda ; and if the weight of the dried residual material is subtracted from the original weight of the cloth, the loss will represent the weight of wool or animal fiber present.

Separating Cotton and Wool How can cotton and wool, mixed together in a piece of cloth, be separated ?-S. H.

There are two methods of separating wool and cotton, which are based on the action of acids and alkalies on cotton and wool. Acids completely destroy cotton or vegetable fiber, with little, if any, destructive action on wool; while alkalies will destroy wool or animal fibers and have no destructive action on cotton. If a cloth containing both cotton and wool is saturated with dilute sulphuric acid, and dried, without washing, at a temperature of 100° C., and then rubbed briskly between the hands, the cotton, which has become carbonized, will fall out as

Arc Crucible Furnace on A. C.

Incandescent Circuits 1. Would you please let me know if it is possible to use an experimental arc crucible furnace on the alternating incandescent circuits used in the residence parts of the city?

2. Also please let me know if it is necessary to use any resistance coils, and the best way to wire for the furnace. B. R. R.

1. A small furnace could undoubtedly be operated from the lighting circuit with entire satisfaction.

2. It would probably be better to use a resistance-or, better still, a reactance —for regulating the current. The best



When you speak of a “ten-cent cigar,” you mean a cigar that costs you ten cents.

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or 4c.

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The same cigar is to the manufacturer a' "$40 per M., cigar, to the jobber a "$50 per M.," or 5c. cigar, and to the retailer a ''$60 per M.," or 6c. cigar.

Intrinsically that cigar is worth as much when the manufacturer appraises it at $40 per M. as it is when the retailer hands it over his counter as a "ten-cent straight.” The difference between 4c. and 10c. is what it costs to get the cigar from the manufacturer to you along the old-fashioned trade turnpike with three coll gates.

Now, suppose you go to the maker of your cigars and say to him: “Sell me my cigars at wholesale and I'll take them home myself across lots." "Oh, no,

he will reply, “that wouldn't be fair to the retailer who has bought my cigars to sell at retail price."

I am a maker of cigars who has never sold a cigar to a jobber or retailer to sell again. Hence I am under no obligation to "the trade." I invite the patronage of the man who objects to paying for the privilege of allowing a retailer to sell him a cigar-who wants to buy his cigars at cost, without the arbitrarily added expenses of the jobber and retailer. To prove that I actually do sell my cigars at wholesale prices I offer them under following conditions:

MY OFFER IS:-1 will, upon request, send one hundred Shivers' Pana

Shivers' tela Cigars on approval to a reader of

Panatela The Technical World, express prepaid. He may smoke ten cigars and return the remaining ninety at my expense if he is not pleasd with them ; if he is pleased, and keeps them, he agrees to remit the price, $5.00, within ten days.

The fillers of these cigars are Clear Havana, of good quality, not only clear, but long, clean Havana — no shorts or cuttings are used. They are hand made by the best of workmen. The making has much to do with the smoking qualities of a cigar. The wrappers are genuine Sumatra.

In ordering please enclose business card or give personal reference, and state whether mild, medium or strong cigars are desired.

HERBERT D. SHIVERS, 913 Filbert Street, Philadelphia, Pa.

Everyone-whether living at home or abroad-in town or country--can send their savings to this strong bank by the use of our carefully worked-out system of Banking by Mail.



Compounded twice every year-is paid on Savings Accounts or Certificates of Deposit, as preferred, affording an investment of exceptional merit. The principal is always available on proper notice and the 4% interest is earned without any trouble or worry on your part. Absolute safety is assured by the high character, business ability and financial standing of its officers and board of directors, combined with its capital and surplus of Two Million Dollars, which is larger than that of any other savings bank in the world.

Our Booklet “T” which explains in detail our “Banking by Mail” system will be sent free to any address on request.


Mention Technical World Magazine

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