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200 Account Sheets

3 Sets of Indexes
Choice of Forty (40)

Special Record Blanks

PATD. 1903 Accounts are indexed BOTH Aphabetically and According to date at same time in same book. Size of book open, 16 inches wide by 5 3-4 inches high.

FTER trying it ten days, at our expense, you may either send us One Dollar, in full pay.

ment, or return the Outfit, and we will pay all express charges. You take no risk,

and incur no obligation to keep it. It possesses every good point claimed for any other Loose Leaf Binder, in addition to having a number of


valuable features of its own. The book opens flat; records may be removed or inserted instantly, and the sheets are just as securely held as in a bound book. It is simple to operate, strong, durable and of neat appearance.

The records are indexed at the top, side and bottom of the book, thus affording easier and quicker reference than is possible with any other Loose Leaf Binder.

Any particular record sheet can be found quickly, and notations made on it, without removing it from the Binder. This advantage alone places our Methods far in advance of Card Index Systems.

The accompanying list of forty (40) different record blanks, including five ledger rulings, contains special forms, carefully designed for nearly every kind of business and professional records. We furnish two hundred (200) of any of them with this outfit, or supply them assorted, when desired.

Over Forty Thousand business firms have adopted "Moore's Modern Methods". Most of them were convinced by a trial of one of these Special Introductory Outfits. They have written us-hundreds of testimonial letters, which we might send you, but the Outfit, itself, will demonstrate its own advantages, far better than anything else.

Try one of these books, and you will certainly want to keep it. That's our only reason for making it for

you to get one. Just say, on your business stationery, that you are willing to examine it; tell us what record forms you wish, and we will ship the following Outfit, prepaid, to any express office in the United States.

(NOTE: We cannot ship this Outfit into Canada or foreign countries, unless remittance is made with order, daty and transportation charges to bo assumed by consignee.) ONE COMPLETE LOOSE LEAF BINDER-Covered with the TWO HUNDRED. (200) PRINTED RECORD SHEETS finest quality of imported Buckram ; size 574 high, 8% wide, 1972 Size 8 wide by 5 high (your choice of five Ledger Rulings or any of thick ; filled with Linen Bond Sheets and Indexes.

the forty different forms listed below) made of a fine quality bond paper. TWENTY-FIVE (25) PLAIN MOVABLE METAL MARK. ONE SPECIAL SET OF MONTHLY INDEX SHEETS

ERS-For indexing the records by dates, without disturbing the alpha- With twelve tabs, printed with the months of the year. betical arrangement.

OUR FREE BOOK, "MOORE'S MODERN METHODS'ONE COMPLETE SET TWENTY-FIVE (25) ALPHABET. 160 pages of complete information on Loose Leaf Accounting. There ICAL INDEX SHEETS-With durable tabs printed on both sides. is no other book published that covers this subject so thoroughly.

All this costs you a Dollar if you keep it, and nothing at all if you don't keep it.

so easy

The Five Ledger Rulings:
Following Up Collections No. 145

Plain Manila Sheets for Scrap Books
Center Ruled Ledger Forms No. 1170
Freight Claims No. 110

Price List Blanks No. 183
Extra Debit Ledger Forms No. 117D
Horizontal Ruled Forms (Five Colors)

Publishers' Subscription List No. 217
Potty Ledger Forms No. 117
Household Expense Records No. 161

Physicians' Records No. 140
Standard Ledger Forms No. 117B
Installment Accounts No. 123

Purchasing Agents' Forms No. 157
Double Ledger Forms No. 117E
Insurance Office Records No. 199

Prospective Customers' List No. 104
Advertising Contracts No. 150
Insurance Solicitors' Records No. 155

Quadrille Ruled Forms
Advertising Returns No. 185
Journal Ruled Sheets Nos. 126-128

Quotations Given No. 109
Cost of Production No. 115
Lawyers' Collection Docket No. 137

Quotations Received No. 111
Catalogue Indexing No. 181

Library Indexing
No. 159

Real Estate Records No. 197
Cash Book Ruled Sheets Nos. 126-128
Lodge or Society Records No. 127

Recapitulation Blanks No. 102
Duplicating Requisition Blanks
Mortgage and Loan Records No. 182.

Salesmen's "Follow Up" No. 153
Dentists' Records No. 107
Monthly Time Sheets No. 121

Stock on Hand Record No. 113
Employees' Records No. 148
Orders Received Blanks No. 130

Weekly Time Sheets No. 119

JOHN C. MOORE CORPORATION, 454 Stone Street, Rochester, N. Y. Makers of Blank Books, Loose Leaf Binders, Office Stationery. We sell to consumers ONLY, which means that you pay ONE profit only.

Mention Technical World Magazine

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LITERATURE-(Concluded) The work has the unusual merit of being entirely original, not copied after any other. It is a product, not of one man, but of many men, each of long experience and recognized authority in his special line. It is concise, yet ample in the space devoted to each topic to insure adequate treatment; free from heavy technicalities and suited to the common understanding, yet broad enough to meet every probable need in the way of accurate and reliable instruction. It is conveniently arranged and indexed so as to make its information readily available ; and abounds in minor features of special value, such as hints on improved methods of doing work, and "short cuts" in the accomplishment of all kinds of tasks. It is profusely illustrated with original photographs and drawings, special care having being taken to make the illustrations more than usually instructive in connection with the text. It is handsomely and substantially bound in red, in four 34morocco volumes of library size, giltstamped and with marbled edges. It is a most valuable addition to the bookshelf in any shop or home, and is a worthy companion to the other standard reference works published by the American Technical Society, which are recognized authorities along engineering and mechanical lines.

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Free Outing to Employees FOREMOST among the large manufacturing companies who are making an especial feature of welfare work among their employees, is the Lunkenheimer Company of Cincinnati, Ohio. Recently these manufacturers of brass and iron specialties and engineering appliances gave their annual picnic to employees and their families at a little resort about thirty miles from Cincinnati. Amusements, refreshments, transportation, and two bands of music were furnished free by the company, and they also secured the services of a troupe of professional entertainers. The employees turned out 2,500 strong, and the heartiness with which they entered into the spirit of the occasion gave ample proof of their appreciation of the company's efforts to show them a royal good time,

A Western mule's tail was blown off by a recent blizzard. What became of the blizzard is not stated, but it is safe to presume that it had the wind kicked out of it.

Mention Technical World Magazine

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A LANE OF LIGHT. Mammoth Cunarder Mauretania making her way to sea at night from New York harbor, along new Ambrose

Channel, guided by light-buoys,

(See page 281)

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of the distance from not ripe for immediate action. western Canada to Now, however, the recent industrial Liverpool, bring un- awakening .of Canada and the great counted millions of influx of home-seekers to her vast acres in the wheat agricultural lands, have brought the mat

belt of the Provinces ter of transportation to a crisis. But a thousand miles nearer to market, and what is the key to the problem, and wlio cut in half the annual transportation cost will grasp the situation and secure the on fifty million bushels of grain—this is trade, are the questions industrial kings the tremendous opportunity waiting to- are asking themselves to-day, while the day for some commercial titan who will commercial world is alert, and watching cut in twain the North American con- with keen interest the coming titanic continent.

flict. Keen business men know that a revolu- James J. Hill thinks that he can contion in traffic routes through Canada is trol the situation from the “States" end bound to come. The freight now goes by building a road through Winnipeg through the Great Lakes and the St. and then north and west. Two CanLawrence River, to Montreal, New York, adians, Mackenzie and Vann of Toronand Boston, and from there to Europe to, believe that the road they are financ-a long, devious, and expensive route, ing, the Canadian Northern, a belt line requiring considerable rehandling. That running between the Canadian Pacific there are much cheaper and quicker and the proposed route of the Grand ways of shipping from the Canadi- Trunk Pacific, will give them the upper Northwest to Europe, has been hand in the fight for freight. But the Copyright, 1906, by The Technical World Company


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