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ameter. These ropes, which are very specimens of their kind to be found in the easily broken at this stage, are dried, world. and then twisted tightly, until finally they become as small as threads. Part of the threads are used for the warp, and part

Sweeps and Sprinkles for the filling, out of which a strong web of wooden cloth is woven.


sprinkler is a French invention designed to perform at once two kinds of work ordinarily done' separately. The

dust that always arises after a disturbCalla Lily Farm

ance of the pavement debris, is instantIN California the calla lily flourishes in ly downed by the almost simultaneous superabundant profusion, and attains

shower of water that follows hard upon a degree of perfection rarely ever seen

the course of the sweeper. elsewhere. It is cultivated on a very large

For its cleanliness and labor-saving scale, for the sale of these flowers is im- qualities, the invention commends itself. mense. During the entire year, the plant

An automobile is built with a box or flourishes in the open air, and its cultiva

tank, having a capacity of 600 gallons of tion has become a very profitable indus

water. A brush, driven by chain and try. Great crops are raised, and scores of carloads are shipped to the cities and larger towns of California, where a ready market is found. These favorite flowers are also shipped into Nevada and other adjoining States in immense quantities.

What is probably the largest calla lily farm in the world is located in California. There is one 50-acre field in Ventura county devoted exclusively to the cultivation of these flowers. They are planted in long, narrow rows, and are cultivated by means of plows and hoes just like corn or potatoes. The lilies attain a very large size, and are perhaps the most beautiful




repeats the operation. Each cigar is watched carefully during combustion; and every detail affecting the filler, wrapper, binder, ash, and aroma is noted. The plant from which each cigar is made is known, and the seed of the one making the best showing is selected for future planting

The cigars are placed in "mouthpieces" at the ends of several glass tubes leading to a bottle, which, through another tube, is connected with a flask containing a siphon. The flask and siphon act as lungs-breathing water, however, instead of air. The siphon comes into action when the .flask is filled, the water being gradually drawn off, to be replaced with

air drawn through the cigars. A special MACHINE THAT SMOKES CIGARS.

device is provided to make the action inIn use at the Department of Agriculture, Washington, D. C., for testing the qualities of "the weed.”

termittent. Four cigars of average size

can be smoked in half an hour. sprocket, is raised and lowered by a lever Machinery has supplanted man's acat the driver's side. This brush sweeps a tivity in many ways; but not even this strip six feet wide. The sprinkler has a product of ingenuity need arouse any maximum spread of 20 feet. With an fear that machinery is going to invade empty tank, the machine may attain a the sphere of man's "dear delights." speed of 151/2 miles an hour. The motor is of 12 horse-power, and is adjusted to three speeds, 5, 11, and 1542 miles an hour. These speeds depend upon the cir- A Shipshape Home cumstances under which the machine is working. If the street is wet from rain A HOUSE has been constructed in

New Orleans, to be the home of a or other cause, the pavement is, of course, simply swept without recourse being had

mariner, which differs radically from any

other dwelling in the city in its design to the water tank.

and arrangement. As the illustration

shows, the main building is square in A Smoking Machine shape; its exterior is not novel in ap

pearance, except for the circular cupola THE champion cigar-smoker has been

found in the Department of Agriculture at Washington. At each smoking, four cigars are consumed, all at the same time. Were such a record to be credited to any member of the personnel of the departmental staff, probably few of the important results announced from time to time from this center of activity would be heard of.

This smoker, however, is only a testing machine used for determining the quality of tobacco intended for cigars, with a view to producing an unrivaled quality of the fragrant weed. It smokes the four cigars with more regularity than any man could possibly accomplish the feat. It takes ten seconds steady draw,


Though built as a private residence, the interior is made gives a puff, and after one-half minute

to resemble the interior of a ship.


surmounting, and the elevated approach

An Ice-Jam to the second tier of rooms. The interior, however, is in many respects a DURING the winter, in Montreal, facsimile of the interior of a vessel. For Que., the temperature becomes so example, companionways are substituted low that frequently the St. Lawrence is for stairways of the ordinary pattern. completely frozen over. Occasionally a Each bedroom is modeled like a ship's spell of warm weather causes a thaw, stateroom, with bunks attached_to the · when the river "breaks up” and an icewalls in place of ordinary beds. The ceil- jam forms which is of enormous diings of each stateroom, as well as of the mensions. The accompanying photo

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"dining saloon," are made of stamped graph shows one of these "ice-mountsteel ornamented like the cabin of a ship. ains," as they are termed, piled up opAll these rooms are on the first floor, or posite the business portion of the city. "deck," as it is termed. The basement An idea of its dimensions can be gained is the “hold," and here are stored, not by comparing it with the group of peronly the fuel supply, but all of the food, sons on the top and sides. Ice-mountains as well as extra bedding and furniture not have been formed fully 75 feet in height, needed for immediate use. The cupola is requiring the explosion of a large modeled like the pilot-house of a steamer, quantity of dynamite to break them up with a row of windows. The veranda and allow the passage of the water in the seen in the photograph extends clear spring. around the building, and is termed the "outside deck” by the owner. This unique dwelling was constructed

Recharging Dry-Cells by Captain M. P. Doullot, a vessel-owner of New Orleans, with a gang of men THE dry-battery, when run down, is consisting entirely of ship carpenters. It ordinarily discarded as useless. It is built of brick and wood, and cost need not be thrown aside, however; for, $8,000. It of course goes without saying, at a slight expenditure, it may be conthat this remarkable structure has at- verted into an efficient fluid battery. A tracted a great deal of attention, and its fruit-jar cut an inch shorter than the dryowner has received many compliments cell to be used, makes an excellent holder for the ingenuity of his idea.

for the liquid. To reduce the jar to the


of paraffine into the jar and let it harden. Then fill the jar up with melted resin; and, when cool, top it off with a little paraffine, to render all air-tight.

A cell thus made will often last longer than a new dry-cell.-HARRY A. MUNYAN.


Fishing by Phone
IN Norway they fish by telephone. A

microphone, which intensifies sound,

is placed in a hermetically sealed steel height desired, twist a piece of string box. Electric wires connect this instruthree or four times around the glass at

ment with a telephone on shipboard. The the point where the cut is to be made. inventor asserts that with the aid of this Then saturate the string with alcohol and device the kind, and approximately the set fire to it, holding the jar ii a hori- number, of fish in the neighborhood can zontal position and turning slowly so that be ascertained. When herring or smaller the glass will be heated evenly all the fish approach the microphone, a whistling way around at the place where the frac- noise can be detected. Codfish make ture is to be made. When the flames are known their presence by a howl. The gone, plunge the jar into cold water, and noise is said to be caused by the flow of it will break at the line where the string water through the gills of the fish. The was wound.

motion of the fins produces a dull rolling Now strip the cover from the exhaust- sound. ed cell, and punch a series of small holes around the zinc can, from the bottom up to within about two inches of the top, so that the liquid may soak into the dry-cell. Catch Hugest Shark Next place the dry cell in the jar, and fasten it in place with melted resin: A HUGE shark that is claimed to be When the jar has cooled, fill it nearly full the largest of its kind ever caught, with a solution of sal-ammoniac (ammo- was recently taken in San Pedro bay, nium chloride), and let stand for a day. Southern California. Its weight proved More of the solution should be added to be 14,000 pounds, or seven tons. From from time to time. When the cell has tip to tip, it measured 32 feet; the cirabsorbed all it will, pour one-fourth inch cumference of the body above the dorsal

fin measured 15 feet. It took an hour or more to land the monster, which was caught by becoming entangled in 1,500 feet of net that he was robbing of fish at the time. The net wound about him, hampering his free motion. When open, the mouth, in which the children are shown seated, measured 2 feet 6 inches, from upper to lower jaw. The


ited as a curiosity.


A Mechanical Hand INVENTION has provided the lone

woman with a helpmate in the form of an artificial hand that is expected to

tion is as much a mystery as the question of the ultimate constitution of the mysterious source of energy known as electricity.

We are now told that radium is perhaps millions of times more powerful than dynamite, and that it is estimated that a single ounce of this substance would have sufficient power to raise 10,000 tons a mile above the earth's surface. Another way of stating the same estimate is this: the energy needed to tow a ship of 12,000 tons a distance of 6,000 sea miles at 15 knots an hour, is contained in 22 ounces of radium.

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chop wood and perform other useful chores about the house. The mechan- Amphibious Auto ism consists of all the essentials of a


FRENCHMAN has invented a novel hand. It is made up of four jointed fin- machine which is aptly termed an gers and a thumb, constructed of either “amphibious automobile," as it is equally aluminum or wood, so that strength and at home on land or water. In construclightness are at once combined. The tion, this device is not unlike the usual hand is controlled by a mechanism in motor-boat. It has additional features, the palm, which is operated by rotating however, which the ordinary motor-craft the forearm of the machine. This de- does not possess. Four wheels are convice is fastened to the human arm above cealed in the body of the boat; and these, the elbow, and by moving one's forearm, with the assistance of attached exterior which is likewise laced to the operating springs, the automobilist can instantly mechanism, the artificial fingers grip the convert into the supporting gear of a terax or other desired object and execute restrial vehicle, the rear wheels doing the the task assigned them.



IT. is significant of the

limitations upon human knowledge, that chemistry, which is the basis of so many physical sciences and industries, is lost in the realın of hypothesis when it comes to the problem of the nature and constitution of matter.

One of the most striking examples of the uncertainty of our scientific knowledge is afforded by the supposed element radium. What we knew about this substance yes

CANOT VOITURE COMBINATION AUTO AND BOAT. terday, is obsolete theory to-day. Its relation to other elements is The invention is designed primarily for not yet fuliy known; and the question touring through regions interspersed of the manner of its generation and ac- with lakes and other bodies of water.


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