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UPSTAIRS WITH THE EDITORS—(Concluded) to take pictures, for one thing. And you tisers to pay for the whole thing," said are paying higher prices to writers al- the Business Manager. most every month."

"Then raise the price to subscribers," "Next month it will be larger still,” declared the H. I. E. “If we give our answered the H. I. E. “We've got to readers twenty cents' worth, they should keep this magazine ahead of the field. be glad to pay fifteen cents for it. And I And we're going to print in two colors, believe they will." too. That will add more to the bill. The “But what big articles can you promise best, most entertaining, and most valuable them during 1907 ?" asked the Business material, the most striking and remark- Manager. able photographs, all printed in the most “In a very real sense this is a news beautiful way possible, are what we owe magazine," replied the H. I. E. "At a to our 135,000 enthusiastic subscribers. I hundred outposts along the firing line of don't believe any other publication ever the endless struggle between man and the acquired well on to 150,000 warm friends forces of nature, our correspondents and in the short space of two years. We've photographers are stationed. As well got a wonderful ideal before us, too—a expect to give the program of a great vision of the time when every article war for a year in advance as to try to shall be as interesting as a novel by Du- specify what we shall print during 1907. mas, as inspiring as a trumpet-call, and But if hard work and money and edias valuable as the bank book of the torial judgment do not go astray, we Standard Oil Company. We've got to shall publish every month in the year a have big men to write that kind of ar- vital, almost breathing, picture of life as ticles.”

it is lived by the red-blooded, strong“But where is all the money to come hearted men who are doing the great from? It isn't fair to ask our adver- work of the world."

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Mention Technical World Magazine


Factory Clerks and


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We can help you to increase your earning power from 25 to 50% by means of our Course of Instruction in COST ACCOUNTING. We can teach you not only to devise and install a system for the place you now fill but to build factory systems for others. In fact we can teach you to become a COST EXPERT. Hundreds of our students are to-day filling the best positions. Do you want to be helped as we have helped them? Let us show you how we do it. It costs nothing to investigate. The cost is small and we give you all the time you want in which to pay it. A few of your spare half hours for the next few months will put you in a position to demand far more salary or to produce far better results. There is no way to advance except through knowledge. Let us teach you. Drop us a postal card and ask for our plan for teaching you how to become an EXPERT COST ACCOUNTANT

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The International Accountants' Society, Inc.

37 Fort Street DETROIT, MICH.

What Press Clippings Technically Correct

Mean to You

In Every Detail —

*HE Oliver Typewriter is the highest embodi

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Press clipping information is information you can obtain in no other way. As a business aid, Press Clippings will place before you every scrap of news printed in the country pertaining to your business. They will show you every possible market, big and little, for your goods, openings that you would never even hear about in the ordinary way, and—they give you this information while it is fresh and valuable.

If you have a hobby or wish information upon any subject or topic, press clippings will give you all the current information printed on the subject.

The cost for any purpose is usually but a few cents a day. THE INTERNATIONAL PRESS CLIPPING BUREAU, the largest press clipping bureau in the world, reads and clips 55,000 papers and other periodicals each month, and even if you are now a subscriber to some other clipping bureau, it will pay you to investigate our superior service.



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Write for our book about Press Clippings and our Daily Business Reports, and ask about The International Information Bureau. which supplies complete manuscripts or material for addresses, essays, lectures and debates, and complete and reliable information upon any subject at a reason

able cost. Address International Press Clipping Bureau 125 Boyco Bldg., :: Chicago, Illinois, V. S. A.

The Standard Visible Writer stands first. We can give profitable employment to several young men as Local Agents for the Oliver.

If open for engagement, get in touch with this office at once. The Oliver Typewriter Company

135 Wabash Avenue, Chicago. Principal Foreign Office, 75 Queen Victoria Street, London.

Mention Technical World Magazine

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This illustration shows a very comfortable car-the Pierce Great Arrow 40-45 horse-power
seven-passenger touring car. The two extra seats in the tonneau are just as comfortable
as the other seats. They revolve like an office chair or a parlor car seat so as to add
to the sociability of the party in the tonneau. Price $5,000. Cape top extra.

“The Factory Behind the Pierce Great Arrow"

The completion of the new factory in which Great Arrow cars will now be made marks an epoch in motor car building. This is the most complete factory devoted to the construction of automobiles in the world, and in some respects the most complete factory of any kind in the world. It has been planned to enable good workmen to do their best work. It will cnable us to build a great many Great Arrows as carefully as in the old factory in the past we have built a few. It is a factory that multiplies the efficiency of the best selected corps of workmen in the automobile world. We have spent the years that have passed in producing an American car for American conditions so carefully made that it would cover the greatest amount of mileage with the least number of adjustments, and now we have built a factory capable of keeping up the standard of the cars. The new Great Arrow Factory is but two miles off the main line from

Every owner of an automobile and everyone interested in automobile construction is invited to visit this model plant. The George N. Pierce Company

Buffalo, N. Y.

New York to Buffalo.

Members of Association of Licensed Automobile Manufacturers


.745 Boylston St., Boston, Mass. Western Automobile (o. 4701 Washington Boulevard, St. Louis, Mo. Harrolds Motor Car Co. Broadway. 58th-59th Sts., New York, N. Y. The Palace Auto ('o.

1408 Walnut St., Kansas City, Mo. H. Paulman & Co..... 1430 Michigan Ave., Chicago, II, Cook & Stoddard ('o....

22d and P Sts., Washington, D. C. Banker Bros. Co...

Baum and Beatty Sts., Pittsburg, Pa. Southern Auto ('o.... Mt. Royal and Maryland Aves., Baltimore, Md. For Hughes Motor Car Co.... 201 X. Broad št., Philadelphia, Pa. Central Auto Station Co...

92 Renne Ave., Pittsfield, Mass. Ellis Motor Car Co..... 2:22 Halsey St., Newark, N. J. E. R. Clark Auto ('o.

117 Lyman St., Springfield, Mass. Wm. E. Bash 953 South Main St., Los Angeles, (al. The Miner Garage (o.

High and Allyn Sts., Hartford, Conn. Mobile ('arriage Co., Golden Gate Ave. & Gough St., San Francisco, Cal. Wilson & ('o.

.117 Craig St., West, Montreal, Canada Howard M. Covey.

Portland, Ore. Automobile & Supply Co., Ltd. 22 Temperance St., Toronto, Ont. Broadway Auto Co., Inc., Broadway & Madison Sts., Seattle, Wash. Hibbard Automobile (o.

187 Wisconsin St., Milwaukee, Wis. The (leo. N. Pierce ('o.

1643 (allfornia St., Denver, Colo. Fogs-Hughes Motor (arCo. 512 Industrial Trust Bld., Providence, R. I. The (leo. X. Pierce Co.. 1013 Clay St., Oakland, (al. U.S. Automobile ('o.

21 Plymouth Ave., Rochester, N. Y. C. P. Joy Anto Co. 368 Minnesota St., St. l'aul, Minn. Amos-Pierce Auto ('o.

109 S. State St., Syracuse, N. Y. F. A. Nickerson ('o. 642 Congress St., Portland, Me. Utica Motor Car ('o.

l'tica, N. Y. Pence Automobile ('o. 717 Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. Troy Automobile Exchange

22 Fourth St., Troy, N. Y. J. P. Schneider 187 Jefferson Ave.. Detroit, Mich. Standard Motor Car (o.

Seranton, Pa. Metropolitan Motor ('ar ('o. 1841 Euclid Ave., N.E., Cleveland, O. A. E. Lambert

Ntusville, Pa. D. T. Williams Valve (o. 904 Broadway, Cincinnati, O. H. B. Doherty

24 Wall St., Binrampton, N. Y. Zorn-Strauss Co... 518 Third Ave., Louisville, Ky. Texas Automobile Co.

.614 Milam St Houston, Texas

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