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MAKING A SPEECH AT PANAMA. President Amador, of Panama, with glove in hand, at right,



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HE modern auto-boat is an the comparative size of these powerful, excellent example of a yet miniature engines for torpedo-boatlight craft equipped with destroyer service, as compared with the lightest type of en- large multi-cylinder engines of the same gines, with the greatest capacity for an ocean liner, as erected at

relative output for high- the Krupp shops at Kiel, Germany. speed service. The racing automobile These engines have each a capacity of boat consists essentially of a light yet 3,000 horse-power, those of the torpedostrong hull built on racing lines, equip- boat destroyers being at the right in the ped with high-power engines which prac- foreground. These small but powerful tically occupy the whole of the boat ex- engines have a stroke of 19.68 inches, cept the necessary space for the op- and are operated at a steam pressure erator.

of 17 atmospheres. The torpedo-boat is another craft of It is interesting to note that the larger similar construction, consisting of a steel engines of the same capacity, 3,000 shell, with tremendously high-power, horse-power, built for a large freight and high-speed engines, and with boilers of passenger steamer of the Hamburglarge capacity, yet of light weight, the American Line, have a piston stroke of whole occupying most of the space in 53.93 inches, the steam pressure being the torpedo-boat, only sufficient room 15 atmospheres. being provided for the small crew, the For the high-speed torpedo-boat-detorpedoes, and the launching equipment stroyer service, the greatest engine power for the same.

for the least space occupied, and the The accompanying illustration shows lowest weight possible for horse-power, are absolutely necessary, the same condi- former weigh only 11.9 pounds per horsetions being required as for the racing power developed, while the latter have a types of automobile boats. In order to weight of 154.3 pounds per horse-power have a light engine of high power for tor- of capacity. The shafts of the torpedopedo-boat-destroyer work, these engines boat engines are 6.93 inches in diameter, were built for a speed of 350 revolutions while the shafts of the larger engines are per minute, while those of the large 14.8 inches in diameter. steamer operate at a speed of only 30 The details of construction of these revolutions per minute, which has a great high-power engines for torpedo-boat effect upon the comparative size of the service and freight and passenger service, engine equipment. The large steamer are of particular interest to the builder will have a displacement of 13,700 tons, of motor-boats, as showing nearly the while the torpedo-boats above described limit of steam engine construction as to have a displacement of only 420 tons. light weight, high power, and small

The engines shown in the background space required by the former, while posin the accompanying illustration for the sibly giving some clew to the methods ocean steamer, are 22.8 feet high, and which may be employed in reducing the occupy a floor space of 13.3 feet by 30.5 weight of motors in auto-boat construcfeet; while the space occupied by the tion. At the present time, the gas engine torpedo-boat engines is only a fraction has made it possible to attain very high of the above, being 8.6 feet by 5.2 feet speeds with very small and light boats, on by 13 feet. The weight of the former account of the entire absence of the steam engines is 231 tons, and they require 42 boilers and the compact construction posrailway cars of 5 tons' capacity each to sible with internal-combustion motors. It transport the same, while the torpedo- would seem as though the limit had been boat engines weigh only 18 tons, only reached, even in this line of high-speed four such cars being required to carry construction ; although the steam turbine them to the place of installation. The shows possibilities of reducing the enrelative dimensions of these small marine gine space for ocean liners and steamengines for the torpedo-boat destroyers, driven torpedo-boats, while the gas turand those for the ocean liner, can best be bine may ultimately show similar possiunderstood when it is stated that the bilities for the high-speed auto-boat,

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