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of the bodies bore a slight resemblance to those which have been found in Egyptian tombs.

This island covers but a few acres. It is located not far from the formation known as the Dalles, where the river rushes through a crevice in the cliffs which line the shore on either side. There is a legend that at one time a great natural bridge spanned the Columbia at The Dalles, but that one of the Indian gods in a fit of anger wrenched it apart and destroyed it. The legend states that Memaloose island was a part of this bridge which was hurled in the river, and this is why it was considered sacred by the natives.


Tapping an Oil Well THE extent of the oil deposits of Cali

fornia is so great that while the bulk of the various forms of petroleum is pumped from wells driven at various distances into the earth, some of the deposits are so near the surface that the removal

PETROLEUM FLOWING THROUGH SLUICE. of a few shovelfuls of sand or earth reveals the oil “springs," as they are called

desert foothills and a type of the conduit. locally. When an oil spring is "tapped,” The thickness of the petroleum is well it is often drawn off like so much water illustrated by the picture. by means of troughs or wooden conduits, open at the top, and accumulated in the reservoir by gravity. The accompanying

Noiseless Loom photograph shows an oil spring in the

THE loom, whose busy

shuttle is proverbial, is to become silent. A mechanism has been invented which propels the shuttle noiselessly across the shed, obviating the picking motion that makes the whirring sound. The new device works much on the same principle as does an orange seed shot out from between thumb and finger by pressure. In the new invention the shuttle is mounted on wheels. Small fingers protrude about the shut

race. The fingers give a sinuous motion.




As each wave of motion passes, the shuttle is pressed forward by it. For weaving goods of high grade, the mechanism is particularly valuable.


Automobile on Fire WE frequently hear about automobiles

taking fire and being consumed, but seldom is a camera available so that a picture can be taken showing just how they burn. In this instance, however, a photographer happened to be on hand just as the touring car ignited, and made several pictures showing the fire in various stages. The destruction which gasoline will cause is well shown in the view taken after the car began to blaze. The accident occurred in Cleveland, Ohio, the gasoline taking fire from some unknown cause. In fifteen minutes the car was practically a wreck, even the engine in front being so badly damaged that it was useless.


the water is deep enough to float the Small Engines' Power

largest steamship. The dock is set in

the midst of piles, with a machine shop THIS photograph is a striking illustra- containing the necessary repairing tools tion of the saying Multum in parvo,

in the rear. The sides of the dock are for the little engines with which this dry hollow, as well as those of the bottom, dock is equipped have a power to raise so that it can be sunk low enough to

float a ship into the interior when the water is pumped out by means of the engines located in the side walls. The tides of Puget Sound, however, have a rise at times of fully eight feet, so it is necessary to lift the keel at least this distance above the surface of the water. In all, less than 100 horse-power are required to raise and lower the dock. The photograph shows a clipper ship of 4,000 tons being repaired in the dock.


a vessel of 5,000 tons completely out of the water. Considering the size of this dock it is notable for its simplicity. Located on Puget Sound, it is placed on the end of a wooden pier, extending from the shore to a point in the sound where

Man Without Brains

A mechanical man, that can do a great many things a human being can do, is the invention of a German. The machine has 305 compartments and several electric motors.

Animals Photograph Themselves

By Dr. Alfred Gradenwitz


HET IS the case of wild animals,

PHOTOGRAPHIC views of est secrets of the forests of the dark con

animals are obviously quite tinent.
invaluable to the zoologist, Special devices of ingenious construc-
who cannot possibly study tion had to be made, by means of which
every species in nature. In shy animals could be compelled, under

certain conditions, to photograph themwhere immediate observation is espe- selves by night, quite unconsciously, with cially difficult for obvious reasons, the the aid of flash lights. This ingenious rôle of photography becomes particularly idea of automatical photography is due important, and it certainly is of interest to Mr. Schillings himself, who developed that Mr. C. G. Schillings, the well-known the process to a high degree of perfection African explorer, should have succeeded in the course of several years of arduous in photographing wild animals in their work in the African forests. It may be free state, thus penetrating into the deep- mentioned that in view of Schillings' suc

cessful result, the same devices have now been made accessible to the public.

In planning the apparatus referred to, a perfect harmony of all the mechanical parts and an absolute reliability of working, even under the most unfavorable climatic conditions, had to be provided for, inasmuch as it was necessary to expose the apparatus to variable atmospheric conditions frequently for days and even weeks at a time. Moreover, it had to be as simple as possible in construction in order that it might be handled by even the inexperienced. This problem was successfully solved.

Wandering across the glade, the animal touches a string, when a trap shutter, fitted to the objective, is disengaged, and immediately after

wards the flash light and SHOWING How THE APPARATUS Works.

the slot shutter are opAnimal comes in contact with cord, causing first metal shutter to drop, and the objective to open. Sand bag, which drops on cord, disengages slot shutter.

erated. After the ex

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presently, while on the other side is clamped a small rod, which is readily torn off. The sand bag is, however, connected by a string also to the fuse bolt of the fuse tube. Below the sand bag is placed a frame fitted with a transversal string, leading to the camera and terminating in a small rod.

The working of the apparatus is as follows: the animal to be photographed which is possibly allured by a bait,comes in contact with the string, thus causing the first metal shutter to drop and the objective to open, while at about the same time the animal touches a second string, the peg of which is torn off

the lever, causing the sand bag to drop VIEW OF THE CAMERA.

and to touch the cord, disengaging the On side reflector is shown; in upper left-hand corner disengaging device.

slot shutter. On continuing its fall, the

sand bag tears off the fuse bolt, when posure has taken place, the object- the photographic view is taken. After ive is covered automatically by a second

the slot shutter has run out, it automatprotective shutter. The ignition of the ically brings the second metal shutter in flash powder can be obtained in two dif

front of the objective, so that the sensiferent ways; in the case of the instru

tive plate is no more exposed, though the ments used by Schillings a fuse tube was

slide be opened.

As a matter of course, employed to this effect, but electrical ignition, as well, can be made use of, where the power is available.

The apparatus consists of the photographic camera, including the special mechanism and the stand on which the flash light powder with the reflector and disengaging device are mounted. In the event of the slide's having to be left open for some length of time, in addition to the familiar slot shutter in front another trap shutter, arranged within the camera casing, has been provided. To operate one of the trap shutters, a spring peg engages in a lever connected to the shutter. After the curtain has been wound up, another click engages in the winding button, after which the second

SAMBOO ROD STAND FOR CAMERA, shutter can be arranged. The whole

The hanging cord is connected with sand bag. lever system is situated in a partition wall, being closed outwards by a door. the apparatus may as well be disengaged

The stand comprising the flash light at the right moment by the operator, if groove has been made as light as possi- the latter hide himself in the neighborble and consists of bamboo rods. The hood. head of the stand as well as the flash light It is solely due to this apparatus, the groove are made of nickel-aluminum. accurate working of which was secured The groove is fitted at its base with two only after prolonged experiments, that levers, carrying on one side the sand wild animals may now be photographed bag, the use of which will be explained in their native state.

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EEPING bankers' hours” has servatism and deliberation, a great con

from time beyond memory trast to the keen competition that exbeen a popular expression to ists in trade. Doubtless all this will

convey the idea of leisure and change now, however, as a result of the affluence. The latest innovations serious- latest idea just put into concrete form by ly threaten not only to depose the hack- the Night and Day Bank, of New York neyed phrase, but to give it a meaning City. just the reverse of that which it has al- This is the establishment of an autoways had.

mobile service for the convenience of its Breaking all precedents in banking patrons. It represents not only an excircles, by the establishment of an insti- tension of the policy of the institution to tution that is open all day and all night, render the greatest accommodation to its on every day of the year except Sundays customers, but it immediately places the and holidays for the receipt of deposits bank in a position that menaces its comand to cash checks, seems revolutionary petitors, if banks can be considered comenough of itself, but, in its wake, it has petitors of one another. brought about a tremendous advance in The increased risk of sending messenbanking methods that one can readily gers to the bank with large sums of cash see threatens to bring about a great at midnight and in the small hours of change, not alone in the minor matter of the morning, led the directors to decide to banking hours, but also in the methods of call for the deposits at the doors of their bankers. The title of “banker” is gen- patrons, using an automobile for the purerally associated in the mind with con- pose.

The chassis of a large gasoline

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