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touring car of well known make was over certain routes with the automobile bought, and ordered fitted with a spe- each day. Beginning at 3 p. m., calls

p cially designed body, as seen in the illus- will be made at the large retail stores. tration. This resembles the body of an until 5 o'clock. From 9 to 10 p. m. the automobile opera bus, but instead of en- small cash taken in at the box offices of tering the closed portion from the rear, the theaters will be gathered up, and there is a door at the front at the left of from 11 to midnight or 1 o'clock calls the driver's seat, the usual seat on the will be made at the restaurants in the left side being removed. This body is theater district. This service is to be built around a steel safe of considerable extended from Fourteenth street as far capacity that cannot be removed. The north on the island as 125th street. interior of the body is well lighted by Business houses having large weekly large windows on all sides and these or monthly payrolls will also be relieved windows are protected by steel wire net- of the danger of having large sums of ting like that used on express wagons. A cash carried through the streets of the chair is placed inside for the use of the city by one or two messengers. All that bank messenger who has charge of the they will need to do will be to telephone safe. He and the driver are armed to to the bank asking for the amount needed resist possible attempts at a hold up, and and stating the denominations of the bills the operating mechanism of the car is and coins. If their signatures are suffiso arranged that any one unfamiliar with ciently well known at the bank, the cash the machine cannot run it, thereby pre- will be sent to them in a box in the safe venting thieves from overpowering the and their checks will be accepted in exattendants and running away with the change by the messenger in the autocar and the entire contents of the safe. mobile.

Each depositor in the bank who desires The convenience and safety of the systo have collections made by the institu- tem is apparent, and the ability of the tion's automobile is provided with a small automobile to cover a great territory in metal cash box which is handed over to a short time will enable the bank to sethe bank messenger when the machine cure and retain the best class of patrons stops at the door. A memorandum of in an area many times larger than that its contents is also given to him and he from which the ordinary bank is able gives the depositor a receipt for one box, to secure deposits, as business houses "contents unknown.” The box is then when they have to send deposits by their dropped through an opening in the safe, own messengers find it most convenient arranged like the drop in a letter box, to do their banking with the institution and the car proceeds on its way. There nearest at hand. It is the removal of are only two keys to the box, one re- this necessity by bringing the bank to tained by the depositor and the other by the patron's door, in effect, that will the receiving teller at the bank. Upon place the Night and Day Bank in such being opened at the bank, the contents of an advantageous position as in self-dethe box are counted and the amount cred- fence almost to compel the other banks ited to the depositor's account and a to adopt equally progressive methods in credit slip returned to him together with keeping with the enterprising spirit of the empty box.

the times. The automobile bank is a It is the intention to make regular trips clever invention of clever men.

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An Accepted Proposal A COLORED young fellow at Wellington was smitten by a dusky maiden, and, not having the courage to propose face to face, called her

the telephone. When he got the proper party on the line, he asked:

“Is dat Miss Johnsing?" "Ya-as.

"Well, Miss Johnsing, I've got a most important message to ask you."

“Will you marry me?”
"Ya-as. Who is it, please?”

Mike: Pat, kin yez tell me what kapes them bricks together?

Pat: Sure, Mike; it's the mortar.

"Not by a dom sight; that kapes them apart."-Harper's Weekly.

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Chinese Floating Dock of the pontoons.. Centrifugal pumps are

employed for this purpose and the five A MOST interesting floating dock has pontoons can be pumped out in two hours,

been placed in operation in one of raising a ship of 16,000 tons capacity in the Chinese harbors, as shown in the ac- about that time. companying illustration, which pictures a The electric controllers are all mounted large ocean steamer in position for paint- in a single central operating room, so that ing and overhauling the hull. This elec- all of the motors may be handled by a trically operated floating dock was con- single operator and the water pumped structed for use in the Tsingtau harbor by from the various compartments of the German engineers at Oberhausen, Rhein- pontoons, regulated as desired. Electric land. It has a capacity of 16,000 tons. A lights are provided, and a complete eleclarge number of electric motors are util- tric power station is installed supplying ized for hoisting and for other purposes, current for electric hoisting service, elecincluding the raising of the dock by pump- trically operated tools and current for ing out water from the ten compartments both are and incandescent lamps. For

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anchoring this dock in the Tsingtau har- of this example of engineering skill, is bor there are eight stud link chains and what is known as the Visitacion Valley four other similar chains. These chains Point Cut. From this cut about 750,000 are raised and lowered by electrically cubic yards of rock and earth have been operated hoisting mechanism all con- excavated. In width it is 300 feet at the trolled from the central operating room. top and sixty feet at the bottom.. The

total length is 1,250 feet, and depth 150 feet. The cost of this part of the work approximated $1,000,000. In spite of the magnitude of the task, this part of the work was completed in no less time than that of other sections within the ninemile strip.

The maximum curvature along the entire cut is but two degrees. The maximum grade is three tenths of one per cent, or three feet in 1,000 feet. So level will the tracks be that a car cannot start of itself through gravitation.



Where Traffic Centers The dock has a total weight of 8,000 tons and is one of the most up-to-date and CHICAGO'S traffic, owing to the best equipped floating docks in any of the

steady growth of the city, is becom

ing so congested that it has overlapped Chinese harbors.

itself four times at the Wells street bridge. At this point the elevated rail

road runs over the top of the bridge Giant Railroad Cut

while below on the street level the trolley A NEW cut-off on the Southern Pa

cars, wagons, pedestrians, etc., move. cific Railroad will shorten the dis

Then comes the river with the tugs, tance into San Francisco by nine miles,

freighters, and pleasure craft passing

back and forth. Forty feet below, under at a cost of more than $7,000,000. The

the river's bed, the United States mail idea, though some 20 years old, remained for President Harriman to put into execution. His predecessors were deterred by the enormous cost of the feat.

The course of the cut-off is along the shore line of the southern arm of San Francisco Bay. . To the north extends a chain of high, rugged hills; to the south, the waters of the Bay. The country is the roughest imaginable. There was no choice of location for the engineers, and the route taken is almost a straight line. It plunges through hills, cuts along the bases of precipices, and crosses long and deep arms of the bay, necessitating great fills, some of them thousands of feet

EXCAVATING GIANT CUT, NEAR SAN FRANCISCO. long. In the short distance of nine miles there are five tunnels, whose total length and cars of merchandise are being sent equals two miles.

through the large new Illinois tunnel, One of the most remarkable features which follows miles of streets.

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