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Chinese Floating Dock of the pontoons. Centrifugal pumps are

employed for this purpose and the five A MOST interesting floating dock has pontoons can be pumped out in two hours,

been placed in operation in one of raising a ship of 16,000 tons capacity in the Chinese harbors, as shown in the ac- about that time. companying illustration, which pictures a The electric controllers are all mounted large ocean steamer in position for paint- in a single central operating room, so that ing and overhauling the hull. This elec- all of the motors may be handled by a trically operated floating dock was con- single operator and the water pumped structed for use in the Tsingtau harbor by from the various compartments of the German engineers at Oberhausen, Rhein- pontoons, regulated as desired. Electric land. It has a capacity of 16,000 tons. A lights are provided, and a complete eleclarge number of electric motors are util- tric power station is installed supplying ized for hoisting and for other purposes, current for electric hoisting service, elecincluding the raising of the dock bypump- trically operated tools and current for ing out water from the ten compartments both arc and incandescent lamps. For anchoring this dock in the Tsingtau har- of this example of engineering skill, is bor there are eight stud link chains and what is known as the Visitacion Valley four other similar chains. These chains Point Cut. From this cut about 750,000 are raised and lowered by electrically cubic yards of rock and earth have been operated hoisting mechanism all excavated. In width it is 300 feet at the trolled from the central operating room. top and sixty feet at the bottom.. The

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total length is 1,250 feet, and depth 150 feet. The cost of this part of the work approximated $1,000,000. In spite of the magnitude of the task, this part of the work was completed in no less time than that of other sections within the ninemile strip.

The maximum curvature along the entire cut is but two degrees. The maximum grade is three tenths of one per cent, or three feet in 1,000 feet. So level will the tracks be that a car cannot start of itself through gravitation.



Where Traffic Centers The dock has a total weight of 8,000 tons and is one of the most up-to-date and CHICAGO'S

CHICAGO’S traffic, owing to the best equipped floating docks in any of the

steady growth of the city, is becomChinese harbors.

ing so congested that it has overlapped itself four times at the Wells street bridge. At this point the elevated rail

road runs over the top of the bridge Giant Railroad Cut

while below on the street level the trolley

cars, wagons, pedestrians, etc., move. A NEW cut-off on the Southern Pacific Railroad will shorten the dis

Then comes the river with the tugs, tance into San Francisco by nine miles,

freighters, and pleasure craft passing

back and forth. Forty feet below, under at a cost of more than $7,000,000. The

the river's bed, the United States mail idea, though some 20 years old, remained for President Harriman to put into execution. His predecessors were deterred by the enormous cost of the feat.

The course of the cut-off is along the shore line of the southern arm of San Francisco Bay. . To the north extends a chain of high, rugged hills; to the south, the waters of the Bay. The country is the roughest imaginable. There was no choice of location for the engineers, and the route taken is almost a straight line. It plunges through hills, cuts along the bases of precipices, and crosses long and deep arms of the bay, necessitating great fills,—some of them thousands of feet

EXCAVATING Giant Cut, NEAR SAN FRANCISCO. long. In the short distance of nine miles there are five tunnels, whose total length and cars of merchandise are being sent equals two miles.

through the large new Illinois tunnel, One of the most remarkable features which follows miles of streets.



French Mail Auto THE accompanying illustration shows

a new type of French automobile constructed for the postal and telegraph departments of the City of Paris. The officials of this department have been experimenting with autos for several years for this service, and it is stated that they have found exactly what they have been seeking for in this type of construction. It is maintained that alcohol, steam and electricity have been tried successively for power in operating these autos, and the latter was finally decided upon as being the most satisfactory. There are fifteen cars in operation, a fact which assures constant service between the depots and the various substations. The accompanying view shows very well the general form and appearance of the vehicle and the method of operation. There are two comfortable seats provided, one for the chauffeur as well as for an assist

the United States, seems able to introant, and the seats are sufficiently raised

duce modern equipment in its postal to allow the road to be seen for a consid

service. erable distance ahead.

The batteries of these automobiles are charged in the post office at certain hours, and they last for five hours without re- Machine Sets Ads charging. There are eight forward speeds provided, and two backward PRINTERS

PRINTERS are likely to undergo a speeds, by the controlling apparatus. The repetition of the hardship they enaccumulators are located in the rear. dured a few years ago when the introThe French Government, unlike that of duction of the Mergentraler type-casting These defects in the Mergenthaler and down. Meantime the intruder, all unsimilar machines have long exercised the conscious that an alarm has been rung in, mechanical faculties of inventors, without, virtually walks into a trap; and if the however, practical results being thereby call is promptly responded to, is soon in secured. However, two New York men the lock-up. have solved the problem. Their invention casts individual types, assembles

machine temporarily threw so large a number of them out of work. But it is the man who sets advertisements

that is threatened this POSTES ET TÉLÉGRAPHES

time. Hitherto, owing to the varied styles of types used in the advertising columns, hand work in this department has been relied upon almost absolutely. On the Mergenthaler and similar machines, only one style of type can be set in each line, and this line is set solid; if the slightest error be made in the first casting, to rectify the

mistake the whole line Auto FOR FRENCH POSTAL SERVICE.

must be reset.


Boat that Fumigates them in words, and then, when the line is completed, transfers them to the galley; THE German East African Colony, last A type-setting machine is operated much year, were exposed to special danger like a type-writer, a keyboard being em- of plague infection from Zanzibar, and ployed. In the new device, on the matrix though no accidents occurred, the Coloof each key the operator controls four nial Department decided to take special different fonts or styles of type. The use of a lever brings the font desired into service. The number of fonts may be indefinitely increased by multiplying the number of faces on the matrix bar, though for most purposes four fonts will be ample. The operator can run

through his copy, inserting here a word in italics, there a word in full-faced Roman, etc., as desired. The mold for each letter, as has been implied, is independent. The various matrices of the bar are brought to position over the mold by a spring, which slides the bar until it is arrested against one of a series of stops set by a key of


measures of precaution against this dan

gerous epidemic. Orders were therefore For Trapping Thugs

placed for a completely equipped disin

fecting and fire-extinguishing vessel. A PHONOGRAPHIC device that will The boat is now being shipped to Dar-es

call the police by telephone, adds a Salaam by the Steamer "Prinzessin" of new hazard to the ever-increasing dan- the German East African Line. The gers of the burglar's profession. When boat has the type of a lighter and is an attempt is made to force a window or about 50 feet in length, 13 feet in width door with which the proper connections and 3 feet 4 inches deep. Outside of a have been made, an electric current op- large disinfecting, rat-destroying and erates a phonograph in the garret. The fire-extinguishing apparatus on the Claymachine calls up central and asks for the ton system the boat contains a tubular police station. The phonograph then in- boiler for the operation of the system, forms the officers of the robbery, giving and a fire engine of an output of about street and number, and repeats this in- 150 tons water per hour. In the middle formation as long as the receiver is part (where the general fumigating ap


paratus, boiler and fire engine are in- Motor Boat for Freight stalled) the vessel is open. Beside the boiler, placed at the rear of the vessel

, THE accompanying illustration shows there are located coal bunkers for four tons, and in the center of the boat, sul

"Wasp," said to be the first English phur tanks for two tons of sulphur, in ad- motor-propelled cargo boat. In its pardition to the hose for conveying the gas

ticular field the vessel parallels the work into the vessels to be fumigated.

If In

done on land by the motor truck. front of the disinfecting apparatus there practicable on sea such a craft should be is installed the fire engine, while in the eminently more so on lakes and rivers. fore part of the boat will be found the

The "Wasp" is equipped with a 26boiler-feeding tank and the box contain- horsepower motor, and for fuel Russian ing chains and accessories. The rudder petroleum is employed. She is built of apparatus is located on the fore deck, and

steel. The mast and derrick are of pine, an undulated-sheet roof to protect the

and the steering wheel of teakwood, and whole of the machinery extends through

is so placed that the helmsman can handle out the length of the boat.

the boat and engine from a strong shelter It is a special advantage of Clayton gas

arranged around the wheel. Aft of the that not only rats, which are known to

engine room is a space to be used for play an important part in the transmis

stores. sion of the plague, but any other agents propagating the disease are destroyed by it, as well. It may be said that the use Gives Diver Strength of carbonic acid for the destruction of rats is being gradually abandoned, as rats THE difficulty, a diver experiences in

lifting weights beneath the water is high percentage of this gas; viz., up to partly overcome by a new Italian inventhirty per cent, without being destroyed. tion. This is a device worked out by Nor has producer gas been generally Signor Restucci, and which has been adopted for the purpose in question, formally adopted by his government. owing to its toxic effect on man, in con- The mechanism is a diving suit, the artijunction with absence of any smell, which ficial arms of which are worked from gives no warning of peril.

the inside by the wearer. The leverage

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