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Electric Light in Crypt

By Henry Guthrie

THE most modern of industrial 1,900 glow lamps of fifteen to twenty

agents-electricity, is being used five normal candle fower, 100 Nernst extensively in connection with lamps and about seventy arc lamps of

churches in Germany. The Hoh- six to fifteen amperes have been installed. enzollern crypt of the newly-built .Berlin Electricity is also used as motive cathedral is lighted by electricity; the power, one ten horse power motor acthree bells in that church are rung by the tuating the organ blowers, while two same power.

nine horse power motors are set apart for An interesting feature is the indirect the belt works and three motors for proillumination which has been used pelling fans and to operate an elevator. throughout the cathedral, and it is thought that this form of lighting has been used for the first time, in connec-. tion with churches here. A number of arc lamps are hidden above the cornices in the main cathedral, on the galleries of the cupola, and by means of reflectors distributed uniformly throughout the vast hall the beams of light that are damped by diaphragms. Other illuminants of the same kind . throw their light upward from magnificent candelabra placed on the aisles and this remarkable diffusion of light thus prevents the formation of any disturbing shadows. Hundreds of glow lamps are likewise provided, and are mounted on the same candelabra and on brackets and chandeliers. An extensive use has likewise been made of Nernst lamps, which fill with their soft glow the peaceful vaults of the crypt. No less than :

CATHEDRAL Chimes RUNG BY Electric Power.

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The mechanism serving to ring the to partake in its revolution, when the three bells of the cathedral is especially rope being wound up will draw in the worthy of notice and consists of a long bell. The same mechanism afterwards electrically-driven shaft, to which three separates the disc and drum, so that the discs have been keyed, corresponding rope being wound off can follow the each to one of the bells. A loosely run- swing of the bell to the other side. Bening drum that carries the end of the ing alternately thrown in and out, the ringing rope has been placed beside each mechanism thus produces in a very efof these discs and is pressed by a special fective way the alternate swing of the mechanism against the rigid disc, so as bells.

Dinner-Pail Philosophy

God made the horse, man the whip.

Be what you wish others to become. ( Little courtesies are the wayside flowers of C It is never too late to be what you might life.

have been. C. The closer money is the harder it is to get C Wise men make mistakes, but they don't next to it.

. . repeat them. The boat built to carry another man's cargo C Attempt to follow in the wake of another's may capsize under yours.

success means almost certain failure.

C A five dollar bill goes a long way towards changing some men's political opinions.

It is the sign of the small mind to condemn what it does not understand

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A fire has been burning in an English brickyard for 100 years.

In the next decade more iron will be used than in all time past.

The Schuylkill river contains 2,500,000 Motor-boats have become very popular bacteria per cubic centimeter.

· for pleasure at Naples, Italy.

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In Germany a method has been pat. Red hair was an object of aversion ented for preserving wood with sulphur. among the Romans.

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