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The King of all. The Companion volume to Modern Wiring Diagrams



Contains hundreds of easy up-to-date tables covering everything on Electric
Wiring. Bound in full Persian Morocco. Pocket size. Round corners, red edges.

PRICE, NET, $1.50

THIS BOOK CONTAnt calculations. Trents required wand by a ver
Tables for direct show at all leo, melengde: also the propostem of

Tables for direct current calculations. Tables for alternating curront calculations.

These tables show at a glance the currents required with any of the systems in general use, for any voltage, efficiency, or power-factor, and by a very simple cal.

culation (which can be mentally made) also the proper wire for any loss. Tables showing the smallest wire permissible with any system or number of H. P. or

lights under National Electrical Code." Very convenient for Contractors. Tables for calculating the most economical loss. Tables and diagrams showing the proper size of conduits to accommodate all neces

sary combinations or numbers of wires. Tables and data for estimating at a glance the quantity of material required in

different lines of work.

As this is intended for a pocket hand-book everything that would make it un. necessarily cumbersome has been omitted. There is no padding. Every page 18 valuable and a time saver. This book can be used every day by the wire-man, the con. tractor, engineer and architect. All parts are so simple that very little knowledge 18 required to understand them.

OTHER IMPORTANT WORKS BY THESE AUTHORS Modern Wiring Diagrams & Descriptions, price -


Modern Electrical Constructions, price -

$1.50 The 3 above volumes in a box. Special price complete, •

$4.00 OUR GUARANTEE If any of these books are not worth ten times the amount asked, return them and get your money back. Sent all charges prepaid to any address upon receipt of price.

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FREDERICK J. DRAKE & CO., Publishers, 350-352 Wabash Ave., CHICAGO, U. S. A. In ordering please mention this paper

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By Harbord and Hall, in the Metallurgical Series Edited by W. Roberts-Austen

$; $9.00

Containing 758 pages, 37 folding plates, 100 microsec- &
tions from photographs, and 270 illustrations in the text,

THE OBJECT of the present work is to furnish a full description

of the various branches of steel manufacture, both
from a metallurgical and an engineering standpoint, as well as to discuss the
physics and chemistry of steel in relation to its manufacture. The work has been
divided into four sections: the Manufacture of Steel, Reheating, the Mechanical
Treatment of Steel, and Finished Steel :: :: :: :: :: :: ::



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50 Cents Reference Library

Secures this GREAT Reference Library


This magnificent work-costing $750,000 to produce-is a Dictionary and an Encyclopedia combined. In fullness of definitions, number of words defined and accuracy, it is superior to reference works selling for five times its price. We have obtained a limited number of sets which we will close out at half price on the easy monthly-payment plan. We send the complete work to your home for examination, without charge,

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$5.00 Atlas FREE

If you mail the coupon below at once we will give you, absolutely free of charge, a splendidly bound 1906 Atlas of the World. "This Modern Atlas'' is 10x13 inches in size and contains 100 maps in six to twelve colors. It gives separate maps of all states and territories and all countries of the world. It was printed in the fall of 1906 and is thoroughly up-todate. Its price is $5.00, but if you reply promptly you can have it free.

Five Massive Volumes

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The set contains 5,000 pages, 250,000 words, 3,000 illustrations, and 50,000 encyclopedic articles. There are three styles of bindingfull sheep, half-leather, and fine library cloth. We recommend the half-leather for ordinary use, and the full sheep for those who desire a set bound in luxurious style. In printing, paper, illustrations, and binding, this work is so nearly perfect that it is worthy of a place in the library of the most fastidious book-lover.

Greatest Dictionary Bargain Ever Offered As a Dictionary this work defines 25,000 more words than any other Dictionary and every definition is so clear a school boy can understand it.

As an Encyclopedia it treats 50,000 subjects in an encyclopedic manner and this vast array of articles covers the whole field of human knowledge.


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Free for Examination

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The enefit at densed, aperience we offer yoly

IF there were a great University of Business, with a Rockefeller at its head; a Hill, a Harriman, a 1 Morgan, a Vanderbilt and a Gould on its faculty, it could scarcely teach you more of the practical methods of making money than the six-volume Business Man's Library described below. 1263 pages crammed full of actual working, business plans, methods, pointers. Not theories, or advice, or mere suggestions—but experience, dearly-bought, hard-earned experience. Placed, now, within the easy grasp of any business man, great or small, employer or employee, at a cost of only six cents a day. · The Business Man's Library is, in reality. a complete cor: | Bros., Carson. Pirie. Scott & Co., American Radiator Co., respondence course under the great Master-Minds of Business, Jones Dry Goods Co., Burroughs Bros. Co., International Seventy-eight men-not mere writers, but National Business Harvester Co., International Time Recorder Co., Andrews Men, whose very names inspire respect and

Heating Co., Morgan & Wright (3 sets), Uni

VITAL SUBJECTS admiration and confidence-are its authors.

versity of Michigan (to be used as text books on These seventy-eight men give us not only the


business), University of Wisconsin (purchased intimate secrets of their own successes, but


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Cost Systems

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