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Cyclopedia Architecture, Carpentry... Building

10 large volumes, richly bound in half-Turkey-red Morocco. 1,900 Illustrations-Full-page Plates, Plans, Sections, etc. Over 4,000 Pages, type cast especially for this work, clear and easily read. Fully indexed for ready reference.

The entire work has been arranged and prepared by a staff of 20 practical Writers and Building Experts. Each section written by an acknowledged authority on the subject, among others James C. Plant, Superintendent of Computing Division, Office of Supervising Architect, Washington, D. Č., Walter Loring Webb, Consulting Engineer and Expert on Reinforced Concrete, Fred T. Hodgson, author of “Modern Carpentry,” “The Steel Square", etc. Each of the ten volumes is supplemented by test questions, that the reader may test his knowledge of any given subject.


Twenty Practical Writers and Building Experts have edited, prepared the various sections that compose the work. Each division and subject being especially prepared by a recognized authority. This is not a reprint nor a compilation from out-of-date English publications, it is

A NEW UP-TO-DATE WORK. The most complete and comprehensive set of books on building ever published, containing fully 100% more information than any heretofore offered to the public, Every Carpenter, Builder and Contractor should have this work in his possession for it is the best to be had at any price.


The regular price of the Cyclopedia is $60.00. The books are now on the press and the A YEAR

first copies will be ready for delivery January 31st. In order to introduce them quickly we will NEEDN'T make this Special Advance Offer of $19.80 for the set of 10 volumes. You needn't pay a penny

OF CON. PAY A down. The books will be sent you prepaid for 5 days' examination. If after careful inspection

SULTA you find them not satisfactory, notify us and we will order them back, paying carriage both ways. PENNY If you want them send us $2.00 (after you get the books) and $2.00 a month until you have paid TION DOWN $19.80, the Special Advance Price in full

. If you order within 30 days, you will be entitled to one year's free membership in the Consulting Department, composed of a corps of Expert Builders

FREE and Engineers, to which you may refer any perplexing question that comes up in your daily work. Remember that you order the Cyclopedia of your own free will, without risking a penny nor subjecting yourself to annoying calls, for we employ no agents, solicitors or collectors.

AMONG THE CHAPTERS ARE THE FOLLOWING: Reinforced Concrete Construction, Cement, Testing, Stone Steel, General Principles, Practical Applications, Centering, Finishing, Carpentry, Hardwood Finishing, Wood Carving, Stair Building, Hand-railing, Superintendence, Estimating, Correct Measurements, Contracts, Specifications, Strength of Materials, Law of Contract, Mechanical Drawing, Free-hand Drawing, Perspective Drawing, Pen and Ink Rendering, Architectural Drawing, Foundations, Concretes, Mortors, Cements, Masonry, Bricklaying, Excavating, Electric Wiring, Plumbing, Steam Fitting, Gas Fitting, Heating, Ventilation, Cornice Work, Skylight Work, Roofing, Mill Work, Steel Square Problems, Steel Construction, Burglar Alarms, Door Bells. All orders will be filled in the order of their receipt as fast as the books come from the bindery. Address AMERICAN SCHOOL OF CORRESPONDENCE 3322-28 Area Avenue,

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Mention Technical World Magazine

There are XX chapters in all, XIX carrying you from the fundamental principles of electricity on through the various

branches to a point where the careful student comprehends the complete designing, care and operation of a dynamo or motor, and I chapter on electric

automobiles, outlining their construction, care and operation, and all about storage batteries and how to handle them. Each subject is carefully written and to the point. After a student studies a subject, he is questioned on that subject in such a manner as to bring clearly to his mind the points he needs to know regarding same. A DICTIONARY in back of book will enable him

to learn the meaning of any electrical word, term or phrase used in this book, as well as hundreds of others in common use. All required tables necessary in the study are in it.


$2.00 PER COPY-FOURTH EDITION-16,000 COPIES SOLD. The offer we make of refunding money if book is not satisfactory upon examination is AN UNUSUAL ONE in connection with the sale of a book. But we have no fear of its return. Your decision will be what thousands of others have been. Money would not buy it if it could not be duplicated. We could print testimonials by the hundreds. It is best to order and be your own judge of its merits.

CLEVELAND ARMATURE WORKS, Cleveland, Ohio. AMERICA'S GREATEST REPAIR WORKS. Armatures and Fields Wound-Commutators Filled.

Mention Technical World Magazine

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