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Automatic Card. Inside are twenty type wheels, each hay-

ing the entire alphabet on its periphery.

Each key is movable longitudinally in a THE "HE manufacture of penny-in-the-slot slot, and is connected with a correspond

machines has been one of slow but ing type wheel. Opposite each solo on continual improvement since the original the keyboard, is also the entire alphabet. scale made its appearance twenty years To "set up" your name for printing, just ago. The increasing popularity of these pull out the keys in regular order to the machines has brought forth many well- letters of your name. On turning the

handle the type wheels are locked togeth

er, aligning the type perfectly; the ink Your Name

table is revolved and the type inked; the cardboard is fed from a roll, printed, cut into cards, and delivered—all for one cent.

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Tree Grows from

ON Ņ the island of Jamaica is a curious

landmark which can be seen miles away. It is a chimney of an abandoned sugar mill, which rises nearly 75 feet in the air. Years ago, dirt lodged in the top of the chimney, and finally the wind carried there some seed which found root in the accumulated earth and which has actually grown into a large tree as shown



developed devices. One of the latest is a
card printer that prints one's name on five
cards for one cent. Most slot machines
vend a manufactured article. The card
printer makes the article vended.
To print a card, nine simple mechanical

movements are required. All are in plain
view of the operator, thus giving an en- in the picture. The tree is about thirty
tertaining and educational value to the feet in height. The warm moist air of
device. Outside of the case is a keyboard the island is one factor in nourishing the
with twenty keys numbered 1 to 20. tree; otherwise it would probably die.

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was read by more people during the past month than


other single book published this season.

It is working a revolution in man's comfort and safety.

It is, so far as we know, the first scientific text-book ever written on the subject of the care of the face as applied to shaving, and is worth its weight in gold to any man who doesn't wear a beard. It would be worth a great deal to him, too, if he only knew it.

Send for a copy-To-day

Mailed prepaid! Free of all cost to you In the back are some pages about the Gillette Safety Razor which are worth careful reading also A Gillette Safety Razor and

itself will last a lifetime-extra the twelve double-edged blades

blades cost about 2 cents a week that come with it will solve your

--50 cents for package of ten. shaving problem for

If your dealer doesn't months to come. Each No Stropping

Just Lather- keep them, send us $5 blade will give from No Honing

and Shave! for standard "triple15 to 20 clean shaves

silver” plated set in of comfort. When at

handsome velvet-lined, last it commences to "pull" a little, throw

Razor If after 30 days' trial away the blade, like

you are not satisfied an old pen, and slip in a

we will refund your The razor



Safety leather-covered


new one.

Gillette Sales Company

214 Times Bldg., New York

Mention Technical World Magazine

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