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Mention Technical IV orld Maggrine

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The King of all. The Companion volume to Modern Wiring Diagrams


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Contains hundreds of easy up-to-date tables covering everything on Electric
Wiring. Bound in full Persian Morocco. Pocket size. Round corners, red edges.

PRICE, NET, $1.50
Tables for direct current calculations. Tables for alternating current calculations.

These tables show at a glance the currents required with any of the systems in
general use, for any voltage, efficiency, or power-factor, and by a very simple cal.

culation (which can be mentally made) also the proper wire for any loss. Tables showing

the smallest wire permiesible with any system or number of H. P. or lights under“National Electrical Code.". Very convenient for Contractors, Tables for calculating the most economical loss. Tables and diagrams showing the proper size of conduits to accommodate all neces

sary combinations or numbers of wires.
Tables and data for estimating at a glance the quantity of material required in

different lines of work.
As this is intended for a pocket hand-book overything

that would make it un. necessarily cumbersome has been omitted. There is no padding. Every page 18 valuable and a time saver. This book can be used every day by the wire-man, the

con. tractor, engineer and architect. All parts are so simple that very little knowledge is required to understand them.

OTHER IMPORTANT WORKS BY THESE AUTHORS Modern Wiring Diagrams & Descriptions, price

$1.50 Modern Electrical Constructions, price

$1.50 The 3 above volumes in a box. Special price complete,

If any of these books are not worth ten times the amount asked, return them and get
your money back. Sent all charges prepaid to any address upon receipt of price.

Our 1907 Catalogue now ready. Sent free.
FREDERICK J. DRAKE & CO., Publishers,
In ordering ple a se mention t h i s paper

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350-352 Wabash Ave., CHICAGO, U. S. A.

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By Harbord and Hall, in the Metallurgical Series Edited by W. Roberts-Austen


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Containing 758 pages, 37 folding plates, 100 microsec-
tions from photographs, and 270 illustrations in the text,

THE OBJECT of the present work is to furnish a full description

of the various branches of steel manufacture, both
from a metallurgical and an engineering standpoint, as well as to discuss the
physics and chemistry of steel in relation to its manufacture. The work has been
divided into four sections: the Manufacture of Steel, Reheating, the Mechanical
Treatment of Steel, and Finished Steel





Mention Technical World Magazine

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THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO Offers “ CORRESPONDENCE COURSES ” in over 30 academic and semi-professional subjects for Teachers, Writers, Social Workers, Bankers, Railway Men and Students desiring to finish either a High School or College course. One-half the work for an A, B., Ph. B., or S. B. degree may be done by correspondence. Work may begin at any time. THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO, DEPT. H,


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PROSPEROUS (The Same as I Have Over 5,000 Others) No matter where you are located or what your former occupation. If you are honest and ambitious, write me at once. I will teach you the Real Estate, General Brokerage and Insurance Business thoroughly by mall and appoint you

Special Representative

A wonderful offer to every lover of music, whether a beginner or an advanced player.

Ninety-six lessons (or a less number if you desire) for either Piano, Organ, Violin, Guitar, Banjo, Cornet or Mandolin will be given free to make our home study courses for these instruments known in your locality. You will get one lesson weekly, and your only expense during the time you take the lessons will be the cost of postage and the music you use, which is small. Write at once. It will mean much to you to get our free booklet. It will place you under no obligation whatever to us if you never write again. You and your friends should know of this work. Hundreds of our pupils write: “Wish I had known of your school before." "Have learned more in one term in my home with your weekly lessons than in three terms with private teachers, and at a great deal less expense." "Everything is so thorough and complete." "The lessons are marvels of simplicity, and my 11-year-old boy has not had the least trouble to learn.. One minister writes: “As each succeeding lesson comes I am more and more fully persuaded I made no mistake in becoming your pupil.'

We have been established seven years—have hundreds of pupils from eight years of age to seventy. Don't say you cannot learn music till you send for our free booklet and tuition offer. It will be sent by return mail free. Address U. S. SCHOOL OF MUSIC, Box 130A, 19 Union Square, New York City.

of my company (the largest and strongest in America) and assist you to become a pros

perous and successful business man with an income of $3,000 to $5,000 annually.

I will help you establish a business of your own and become your own boss.

No business, trade or profession in the world offers better opportunities to progressive men; our practical sys. tem of co-operation bas opened the doors every where to profits never before dreamed of; we furnish our representatives large weekly lists of choice salable properties and actual bonafide customers and afford them the constant advice and co-operation of our powerful organization with over 5,000 assistants.

This is an unusual opportunity for men without capital to become inde. pendent for life. Valuable book and tull particulars FREE. Write today.

Address Either Office EDWIN R. MARDEN, President National Co-Opera

tive Realty Co. 615 Athenaeum Bldg., Chicago 615 Maryland Bldg., Washington, D. C.


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