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For Sale by Your Jeweler NEW YORK STANDARD WATCH CO. 128 Woodward St. JERSEY CITY, N. J.

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WRITE TO MENNEN if your druggist does not sell Mennen's Borated Talcum Toilet Powder, and receive a free sample.





Not "celluloid” - not "paper collars," but

made of fine cloth, exactly resemble fashionable linen goods, Price at stores, 25 cents for box of ten (24 cents each). NO WASHING OR IRONING When solled, discard. By mail, 10 collars or 5 pairs of cuffs, for 30c, Sample collar or pair of cuffs for 6c, in U.S.stamps. Give size and style. REVERSIBLE COLLAR CO., Dept. W., BOSTON, MASS.

Most dealers do sell Mennen's, because most people know it is the purest and safest of toilet powders-preserves the good complexion, improves the poor one.

Put up in non-refillable boxes, for your protection. If Mennen's face is on the cover, it's genuine and a guar antee of purity. Delightful after shaving. Sold every.

where, or by mail 25 cents. Sample Free. GERHARD MENNEN CO., Newark, N. J.

Try Mennen's Violet (Borated) Talcum Powder. It has the scent

of fresh cut Parma Violets.

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save for old age or provide for healthy middle age, you can not find a more conservative or a more reasonable investment than we have to offer-more pro

fitable than life insurance — safe as city real estate, yet not so costly--bet. ter than a savings bank, for the return is greater.

We have full and complete literature, showing conclusive facts, logical figures and definite reference of good character, proving beyond any

doubt that our proposition is 15 MONTH-OLD TREES bona fide, certain and profit

able. Our booklets give 'rea

sons,''and those who can spare from $5 to $25 a month can provide for old age and protect themselves against the ravages of time, the chances of poverty and the misfortune of ill-health by securing a competent income that will cover all necessary living requirements.

It is worth your time to ask for our booklets -do this to-day in justice to your future. It is not only the man who saves, but he who saves profitably. The demand for rubber can never be fully supplied-a rubber plantation is more hopeful than a gold mine - our booklets tell you the facts that have taken years to prove-write for them to-day.

This company is divided into only 6 000 shares, each one representing an undivided interest equivalent to an acre in our Rubber Orchard and Plantation Our booklets will prove to you that five shares in this investment, paid for at the rate of $25 a month, will bring you an average return of 25 per cent. on your money during the period of seven years and an annual income of $1,500 for life. This investment insures absolutely the safety of your future. The man or woman who owns five shares in our rubber plantation in tropical Mexico need have no fear of old age, no doubts about illness, no care nor anxiety for after years—you are safe--absolutely and certainly-our booklets will prove these statements -write for them to-day.


A Brand New Book of your own selection will be mailed you prepaid in the combination herein offered. Once you own a Tabard Inn Exchangeable Book, it is your property, but you can exchange it for another as often as you like on payment of a fee of five cents.

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Conservative Rubber Production Co.



609-611 Monadnock Building, SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA

Mention Technical World Magazine

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