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Drawing Paper Fast- A board is pierced, as indicated in the

illustration, to receive a metal bolt or pin, ener

topped with a plate. At its base the pin is AN improved fastener for attaching threaded. A spiral spring, enclosing the

paper to a drawing board has lately pin, is inserted between the plate and a been patented by an ingenious inventor. thumb-nut. The purpose of the thumb

nut is to vary the tension of the spring. The plate is raised by forcing the spring, through the medium of the nut, against it. The paper may then be inserted, and the plate, lowered to its former position, acts as a firm but gentle fastener.

Attached to drawing board, prevents puncturing of paper.

A Popular Song in Esperanto That new universal language, Esperanto, is getting a firm grip on humanity in all parts of the world. Some readers may not know what it looks like and sounds like. The following translation of the chorus of "Everybody Works But Father” may enlighten them:

"Cui labores sed patro
Li sidas cirkau vio tago
Kun lia piedoj sur des fijaro-loco.
Fumiant lia argila pipo,
Patrimo emprenas des lavo,
Tiel faras filino Anne.
Cio laboras en mia domo
Sed mia maljuna viro."

-Chicago News.

The thing that distinguishes this particular fastener from every other is, that the sheet of paper may be held securely in place without its being punctured or otherwise mutilated. The construction of the device is as follows:

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1. Revised up to December 1, 1906.
2. You examine the book FREE.
3. The most practical Electrical Library

yet written,

Cyclopedia of Applied Electricity

GIVE large volumes,-2,500 pages,-2,000 full page plates, --size of page 7x10 inches,-bound in three-quarters

red morocco leather,--fully indexed, Diagrams, Descriptions, Formulæ, Sections, Tables, supplemented by practical test questions,-prepared especially for practical men who have no knowledge of advanced

mathematics by such noted authorities as F. B. Crocker of Columbia University and the Crocker Wheeler Company, Prof. Esty, Head of the Department of Electricity Lehigh University and others.


At your request we will send the complete set to you by prepaid express. Look the books over for FIVE
DAYS. If satisfactory, send us $2.00 and $2.00 each month thereafter until the SPECIAL PRICE of $19.80 is
paid. If you do not wish to keep the books, notify us and we will order them back, paying all expense,
Investigating is not subscribing.

Magnetism, Measurements, Wiring, Telegraphy, Direct Cure

Write us, mentioning Technical World and

receive FREE our 200-page hand-book, full of rent Dynamos and Motors; Électric Lighting, Railway Power,

information, and fully describing 60 Courses Arc Lamp Development, Electrical Construction, Management

in Engineering, including Electrical, Mechanical of Dynamos and Motors, Power Station, Alternating Cur- Engineering, Alternating Current Work, Cenrent Machinery, Power Transmission, Telephone, including tral Station Work, Electric Lighting, Electric Common Battery System, Automatic Telephone and Wireless Rallways, Telephone Practice, Telegraphy. Telegraphy. AMERICAN SCHOOL OF CORRESPONDENCE

3322-28 Armour Avonuo, Chicago, Ill.

Mention Technical World Magazine

This Always Keen $1.00 Safety Razor

will enable you to shave cleanly and comfortably within three minutes after
lathering, and all without a cut or scratch. It is so siraple and strong in construc-
tion that it cannot get out of order, and a dash of hot water cleans it perfectly.

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When the Gem junior with seven exceptionally high-grade, wonderfully fine-edged blades can be bought for $1.00—the time-and-money cost of four shaves, how can you afford to be without it? Why continue the risk and inconvenience of the barber-shop habit?

GEM JUNIOR is our latest product of a quarter century's experience in the manufacture of safety razors, and like all the previous products of this company, it is a step in advance of all competitors.

The secret of its supremacy lies not alone in the patented blade holder and guard that provides absolute protection against cutting the face, but especially in the blades, made of special steel selected by razor experts, and tempered by our own secret process. They are so hard - the edge so keen-you can use them again and again before dulling. You may resharpen them, the same as any other razor, if desired, by using the sharpening handle, or exchange for seven new keen blades for 25c.

Just One of Hundreds of Unsolicited Letters Received Every Week: THE BROWN PALACE HOTEL,

Denver, Colo., Nov. 10, 1906. GEM CUTLERY Co.-Gentlemen: After having tried every well-known make of Safety Razor and meeting with poor success, I was prevailed upon to try your Gem Junior Dollar Razor. I am happy to say that the results were very gratifying, and I shall not hesitate to recommend the article to any gentleman wishing a smooth and comfortable shave.

Wishing you success, I am very truly yours, C. H. CHURCHILL, Chief Clerk, The New Brown Hotel Company

GET ONE TODAY If none of our dealers is near you, send us $1.00 and the name of your nearest dealer and we will promptly send you prepaid, a tested GEM JUNIOR with seven perfect blades, and sharpening handle-all in a compact, velvet-lined leatherette case, also our guarantee that the razor must please you better than any other make of razor regardless of price-or money back.

Special Set No. 12: GEM JUNIOR razor, with twelve blades, in extra fine case with automatic lock, $1.50. GEM CUTLERY CO., 34 Reade Street, New York Originators of Safety Razors Makers of ZINN, GEM and GEM JUNIOR Safety Razors

Good Dealers Wanted in Every Locality not yet covered.

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How I was saved by Mrs. Eddy and Christian Science


C. Charles Klein, whom everyone knows as the playwright-author of "The Music Master," which has captivated every theatre-goer in the country, has contributed to February Cosmopolitan an article on his own experience with Christian Science. He states how he was saved by the doctrine of Mrs. Eddy, the founder of this cult which has spread over the length and breadth of this land-even the world-in but a few years. Mr. Klein gives his impartial opinion of Christian Science based on experience. Coming in the midst of a season of so-called exposés of Christian Science, his article is indeed refreshing and has in it the tone of an authoritative statement.


The Pool-Room Vampire and its Money-Mad Victims


In this article, Josiah Flynt, best informed of all writers on men and matters of the "under-world," tells of a traffic that has wrecked more homes than Wall Street, that has claimed more victims than the bucket shops, that is conducted by a cluster of trusts more vicious, more rapacious, more absolute than the Standard Oil Company. T This is the criminal enterprise known in common parlance as "playing the ponies"-gambling at the race-tracks and in pool rooms, where the game is in the hand of a comparatively few crooks of varying degrees of assumed respectability. The pool room has not the protection of the statute books, but it has the protection of “the man higher up,” and has infested nearly every good-sized town and city in the country.

February Cosmopolitan

1789 Broadway, New York

Mention Technical World Magazine

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This story is one which is sure to make a big sensation; there will be nothing approaching it in interest in the magazine world in 1907. Competent critics who have read it in manuscript, both here and in England, have pronounced it to be one of the greatest novels published in the last twenty years.

Mr. Vachell" is neither unknown nor inexperienced as a novelist. In Great Britain the sales of his books place him among the first five English writers of fiction; in this respect he takes rank with Mrs. Humphry Ward and Mary Cholmondeley. .

“Her Son" is a story of extraordinary originality, immense dramatic power and intense human interest. It is filled with situations which bring to a climax the conflicts of human emotions. The tone and atmosphere of the tale are pure and elevating because of the character of the heroine; it is powerful and invigorating because of the masculine strength of the hero. It is told with a literary finish and skill equal to that of Edith Wharton or Robert Hichens.


On Sale Everywhere
January 15, 1907

7th Avenue and 15th Street,

New York City

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