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Why don't YOU Trade in New York



and save money on everything

Over 75,000 labor-saving, money-saving articles for the shop, home and farm fully illustrated, described and priced in our Big New



It logue No our Bescriben

told by The American Blacksmith-a magazine just brimful of good, solid, practical, money-bringing

information by such authorities as Markham, Richardson, Bacon Shaw, Woodside, Harnwell, Perrin, Googerty - the pick of the smithing world. Let The American Blacksmith Lolve your problems in tool dressing machine-smithing, ornamental work, painting, repair work, horseshoeing, vehicle work. Let it do for you what it did for Mr. Willis Spense of Chester, South Carolina: "I was receiving $1.75 per day of 10 hours and am now oftered $5 per day of 8 hours. This I consider was accomplished by reading The American Blacksmith and paying strict attention to the instructions."

It contains a larger variety of mechanics' tools of all kinds at lower prices than heretofore shown in any catalogue ever published. No mechanic can afford to be without this up-to-date Buyer's Guide, for we sell at wholesale prices in small quantities

as well as large. This 700 Page Gatalogue Free

Opposite each article in

the catalogue is the low price at which we sell it, the Lowest Price for which it can be bought in any store, big or little, in this or any country on the globe.

You will spend hours of interest over its pages; you will marvel at the wonderful variety all complete in one big book. It makes buying pleasant as well as profitable, no matter where you live. This catalogue costs us 81.00 to print, but is sent post-paid Free of charge to all who ask for itin good faith

Write For It To-day. We will send you our Premium List, containing 100 valuable and useful articles given away FREE. Also our Grocery List, showing how you can save one-third on your living expenses.

We refer by permission to the publishers of this paper as to our absolute responsibility.

We Sell Reliable Coods Only.
Buy of us and secure Best Goods at Lowest Prices; Prompt
Shipments, Low Freight and Express rates, and a Square Deal
every time.

We guarantee satisfaction or refund your money.
We also guarantee safe delivery of all goods ordered of us,

39 Chatham Square

0., Establisbed 1816 The Oldest Mail Order House in America,

New York City

Monthly---One Dollar a Year. American Blacksmith Company 1339 Prudential Bldg., : Buffalo, N. Y.

White, Van Glahn & Co., Established 1818



PRACTICAL series covering every trade, profession or craft: invaluable in any line whether

it be that of student, practical or elementary workman or technical specialist. Strongly bound in cloth with hundreds of photographs, engravings, special designs and colored plates all taken from working illustrations. Among the titles we mention:

The two standard works on this subject are by EMORY R. JOHNSON, Ph. D., of the University of Pennsylvania. AMERICAN



TRANSPORTATION Each illustrated, 12mo, cloth $1.50 net,

(postage 12 cents) Wonderfully comprehensive.”—

Boston Transcript. D. APPLETON & Co., Publishers

Draughtmen's Work
Dynamos and Electric Motors
Practical Perspective
Pattern Making

House Decoration
How to Write Signs, Tickets and Postors
Construction in Building
Bent Iron Work
Graining and Marbling
French Porcelain

Electric Bells



By Paui N, Hasluck will be sent postpaid, and in addition, as we want your name that you may know about these and other valuable books we will send you, if you enclose 2c stamp to cover postage, this handsome oxidized pocket pencil and caso absolutely free.

A dollar in anything get my book "How to indge Investmente" It tells you all about everything you should know before making any kind of an investment, either for a large or small amount. This book gives the soundest advice and may save you many dollars. Send two-cent stamp for a copy. Do it now. TSend your name and address and get the Investors' Review for

3 MONTHS FREE T This will keep you reliably posted on various kinds of investments. Address Editor Investors' Review, 1580 Gaft Bldg., Chicago, Ill.

CASSELL & COMPANY, LTD. 43-45 Eası 19th Street, NEW YORK

Mention Technical World Magazine

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If satisfactory in every way, send us $2.00 and $2.00 a month for FIVE MONTHS. If you don't wish to keep the books notify us and we will send for them, paying all expense. Remember, investigating is not subscribing. You save $12.00 if you order NOW. This liberal offer is made for 30 days only to interest the readers of TECHNICAL WORLD MAGAZINE in the superior correspondence instruction offered

by the AMERICAN SCHOOL. Write today. If you mention the date of this Magasine

AMONG THE CHAPTERS you will receive FREE our 200 page hand-book full of interesting information and describing 60 courses in Engineer

Mechanical Drawing, Architectural Lettering, Pen and ing, including Reinforced Concrete Construction, Car

Ink Rendering, Architectural Drawing, Perspective Drawpentry and Building, Sheet Metal Work, Heating. Venti.

ing, Shades and Shadows, Roman Orders of Architecture, lating, Plumbing, Gas and Electric Lighting, Mechanical,

Working Drawings, Machine Drawing, Shop Drawings,

Machine Design, Tinsmithing. Sheet Metal Work, SkyPerspective, Free-hand Drawing, Pen and Ink rendering, etc. Mechanical, Structural, Steam Engineering, etc.

lights, Roofing, Cornice Work, etc.



3322-28 Armour Avenue, CHICAGO, U. S. A.

Mention Technical World Magazine

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Mention Technical World Magazine

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