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Did you ever stop to think that your employer constantly weighs his men, balancing one

against the other?

of two men, you and another, both equally faithful and energetic, the thing that decides in your favor or against you is training,

The untrained man kicks the beam-weighs light; the trained man outweighs him, always. He must be kept, promoted, pushed ahead.

The International Correspondence Schools are organized to give you the training that makes you indispensable to your employer. During November last year I. C. S. training turned the scale in favor of 337 men, bringing them promotions or increased salaries. It would have been easy for you to have been one of them.

Within the next month hundreds more will be advanced as the result of I. C. S. training. Will you be one of them? You can be, without leaving your home or present work. It makes no difference where you live, what you do, or how little you earn.

Fill out the attached coupon and get the training on your side with which you must always outbalance your competitor.

Secure the added weight with your employer which enables you todemand an advanceand get it.

Facts are facts. You are being weighed every day. Don't be found lvanting! Fill out the coupon at once.

Act NOW!

358 H Dearborn Street, Chicago, Illinois
FREE-An Etching entitled (The First Monday) (or Mother
Eve's Washing on the Line) given free with each order.
This picture alone sells for 250 everywhere. It's a good one.

1 Bookkeeper

19 Civil Engineer
9 Stenographer

20 Building Contractor
8 Advertisement Writer 21 Architec'l Draftsman
4 Show Card Writer 22 Architect
5 Window Trimmer

28 Structural Engineer
6 Commercial Law

24 Bridge Engineer
7 Illustrator

25 Mining Engineer
8 Civil Service
9 Chemist
10 Textile Mill Supt.

International 11 Electriciar

Correspondence 12 Electrica Engineer 13 Mechanica. Draftsman

Schools, 14 Telephone Engineer 15 Electric Lighting Supt. Box 1016, SCRANTON, PA. 16 Mechanical Engineer 17 Surveyor

Please explain, without further 18 Stationary Engineer obligation on my part, how I can

qualify for a larger salary in the position numbered


Street and No.



Mention Technical World Magazine

ONE MILLION DOLLARS offered for one invention, $16,000 for other.

Send model or sketch for free report as to Patentability. Send for finest publications ever issued for

free distribution “HOW TO OBTAIN A PATENT." with 100 MECHANICAL MOVEMENTS illustrated and described, and “WHAT TO INVENT,"containing valuable LIST OF INVENTIONS WANTED.

Patents advertised free in "WORLD'S PROGRESS." Copy free. EVANS, WILKENS & CO.. 615 F Street, WASHINGTON, D, C.

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Mention Technical World Magazine



Are the fastest and Safest Boats Built They are built of smooth, pressed steel plates, with air chambers in each end like a lifeboat. The smooth, steel hull has handsome lines, and glides through the water with the least possible resistance-they are faster, more durable and safer--they don't

crack, leak, dry out,or sink.and are elegantin design and finish. The Mullins Steel Motor Boats have revolutionized motor boat building, and are superior in every way to wooden motor boats. They are equipped with Mullins Reversible Engines, so simple in construction, and so dependable that a boy can run them, and the Mullins Improved Underwater Exhaust, which makes them absolutely noiseless. Every boat is absolutely guaranteed.

See echibit N. Y. Motor Boat Show, February 17-26.
THE W. H. MULLINS CO., 330 Franklin St., SALEM, OHIO.

Write for catalogue of Motor Boats-Row Boats -Hunting and Flshing Boats.

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Cyclopedia of Engineering

Five volumes, 2,500 pages, fully indexed, size of page 7 x 10 inches, bound in three quarters red morocco leather. Over 2,000 full page plates, diagrams, sections, tables, formulæ, etc. Written by the foremost authorities and especially prepared for Home Study, after a careful study of shop needs and conditions. Years of experience in shop, laboratory and class room required in its preparation. Each section tested by actual use for its practical value to the man who desires to know the latest and best practice in shop and engine room. Numerous explanatory examples. Complete sets of test questions and reviews in every volume, thus combining the best features of a text book and a reference work. It is easily understood by the man who has little time to acquire the fundamental principles of Engineering.

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Just the set of books for the Engineer, Boller-maker, Machinist, Tool-maker, Pattern-maker, Sheet Metal Worker,

Gas Engineer, and persons coming in contact directly or indirectly with machinery, The Cyclopedia is compiled largely from our instruction books, which have been tested by thousands of practical men. Each volume contains a series of test questions to emphasize vital points. Prepared especially for home study in a plain, understandable manner. This liberal offer is made for 30 days only to acquaint the readers of the TECHNICAL WORLD with the practical character of our correspond

PARTIAL LIST OF CONTENTS ence instruction. Look them over for five days. Il satisfac- Principles of Heat - Chemistry – Boilers- Calorimeterstory, send us $2.00 down and $2.00 per month thereafter until the

Steam Pumps-Elevators. Steam Engines-Steam Engine Indi

cators-Valve Gears-Thermo-dynamics- The Steam Turbinespecial price of $19.80 is paid; otherwise, notify us and we will

Refrigeration-Ammonia Compression System and Absorption transfer the books absolutely free.

System-Gas and Oil Engines. Marine Boilers-Marine Engines

-Condensers-Navigation Locomotive Boilers and Engines AMERICAN SCHOOL OF Valve Motions Types of Locomotives Air Brakes - Automobiles.

Machine Shop Work-The Lathe-The Planer-The Shaper-Ven

tilation - Heating - Mechanical Drawing - Air Compressors. CORRESPONDENCE Theory of Dynamo-Electric Machinery-Direct Current Motors

Electric wiring - Electric Bell Wiring - Electric Lighting

Storage Batteries. 3322-28 Armour Avenue ... CHICAGO, ILL.

Please Mention Technical World Magazine, Feb. '07

Mention Technical World Magazine

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