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The Good Power

Should be simple, easy to run and keep in order, of full rated horse power, economical in fuel and the use of oil, free from the necessity of repairs and so constructed as to endure indefinitely. These power essentials apply in a high degree to the




In addition they are adapted to every power use and requirement. They give per fect satisfaction under proper instalment..

They are made in several styles, Hori. zontal, (like cut here shown) Stationary or Portable, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15 and 20 h. p. Vertical, —2, 3 and 5 h. p.

Buying an I. H. C. Gasoline Engine puts you right and keeps you right on the power question. A complete investigation of these facts will serve your interest well. Better begin at once by writing for our engine catalog.

The International Harvester Company of America


No. 7R Monroe Street,


The Rapid Sketching Device


giveness in graduality



g Enables them to acquire increased speed in drafting and to accomplish more in a given time. This means more rapid progress in gaining the necessary experience to qualify them for actual drafting room work. 9 Not only does the work of T-square, triangles, protractor and scales, but does it quicker, with less manual effort and less attention to tools, thus permitting greater mental concentration and a higher order of work. g The device is also a valuable one for men with ideas-SUPERIN. TENDENTS, FOREMEN and othersenabling them to transfer ideas to paper with much saving of time and effort. 9 The illustration shows the Rapid Sketching Device in use. It consists of a graduated square which can be set accurately at any angle, thus giving parallel lines anywhere on the board. This parallel motion is accomplished by means of an arm which joins the protractor. Spring stops are pro

vided for the zero, 30°, 45°, 60°, and 90° angles. le. furnished in any length and grad haeceipt of $4.75. g if satisfactory selete Information on Application. angles, so these can be obtained without stopping to read the protractor. The scale blades of the square are interchangeable, furnished in any length and graduation. The device is ordinarily used on a 20x27 in. board, with 2 12-in. scales. I This Outfit sent on 10 days Approval on Receipt of $4.75. G If satisfactory, send us $2.00 a month for seven months. Otherwise return the Device and we refund your money. Cash price is $17.75. Complete Information on Application. UNIVERSAL DRAFTING MACHINE COMPANY, 220 - 226 Seneca Street


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Don't Dodge Prosperity

The manufacture of Concrete Building Blocks with an Ideal Concrete Machine is a sure way to prosperity in any locality. Not only are Ideal Blocks adaptable to any building purpose, but they excel all other materials in durability, appearance and fire-proof qualities. One man, without previous experience, can make Ideal Blocks so rapidly and at so little cost, that all other materials may be profitably undersold.

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Makes blocks in countless ornamental designs and natural stone effects. Embodies the only principle (face down), permitting the practical use of rich facing material with less expensive material in back of blocks.

Simple in construction. No springs, chains or gears. Practically everlasting and adaptable to any size within capacity.

Catalogue and valuable facts on Concrete Block manufacture free on application.

IDEAL CONCRETE MACHINERY CO., Dept. U, SOUTH BEND, IND. W. H. C. MUSSEN & Co., Montreal, Canada. Sole Agents for Canada,

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