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Special Sessions

(First Division.) Criminal Courts Building, Centre and Franklin Sts. Court is open daily, except Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Clerk's Office open Saturdays, 9 a.m. to 12 m.

(Second Division)

Borough Hall, Brooklyn.
Meets on Mon., Wed. and Sat. in Brooklyn.' Tues. in Queens. Thurs, in Richmond

Surrogate's Court
County Court House.

Supreme Court
Part 1, Trial Term (the Criminal Term of the Court for the trial of indictments), held by a
Justice of the Supreme Court in the Criminal Courts Building, Centre and Franklin sts.

General Sessions (Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4)—In the Criminal Courts Building, held by the City Judge, the Judges of the Court of General Sessions, and the Recorder.


Manhattan I 128 Prince st. Boundaries, 3d, 5th, and 8th Wards, and all that part of ist Ward lying

west of Broadway and Whitehall st., including Governor's, Liberty, Ellis, and the

Oyster Islands, 2 Grand and Centre sts. Boundaries, all that part of ist Ward east of Broadway and

Whitehall st., 2d, 4th, 6th and 14th Wards. 3 Sixth ave., cor. W. roth st. Boundaries, 9th and 15th Wards. 4 30 First st. Boundaries, roth and 17th Wards. 5 154 Clinton st. Boundaries, 7th, with and 13th Wards. 6 23d st. and Second ave. Boundaries, 18th and 21st Wards. 7 151 East 57th st. Boundaries, 19th Ward. 8 269 Eighth ave. Boundaries, 16th and 20th Wards. 9 170 East 12ist st. Boundaries, all of the 12th Ward north of East 86th st., east of Lenox

ave., and north of W. uroth st. 10 314 West 54th st. Boundaries, 22d Ward, and all of the 12th Ward south of West nioth

st. and west of Sixth ave. II 126th st. and Columbus ave. Boundaries, northern part of 12th Ward. Dist.

The Bronx I Town Hall, Main st., Westchester. Boundaries, all that part of the 24th Ward which was

lately annexed to the City and County of New York by Chapter 934 of the Laws of 1895, comprising all of the late town of Westchester, and part of the towns of East

chester and Pelham, including the villages of Wakefield and Williamsbridge. 2 East 158th st, and Third ave. Boundaries, 23d and 24th Wards. Dist.

Municipal Courts-Brooklyn I Court and State sts. Boundaries, ist, 2d, 3d, 4th, 5th, 6th, 10th and 12th Wards. 2 794 Broadway. Boundaries, 7th, 8th, 9th, 11th, 20th, 21st, 22d and 23d Wards. 3 6 Lee ave. Boundaries, 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th Wards. 4 14 Howard ave. Boundaries, 24th, 25th, 26th, 27th and 28th Wards. 5 Bath ave, and Bay 22d st., Bath Beach Boundaries, 29th, 30th, 31st and 32d Wards. Dist.

Municipal Courts-Queens I 46 Jackson ave., Long Island City. Boundaries, ist Ward. 2 Broadway and Court st., Elmhurst. Boundaries, 2d and 3d Wards,

3 Town Hall, Jamaica. Boundaries, 4th and 5th Wards. Dist.

Municipal Courts-Richmond I Lafayette ave. and 2d st., New Brighton. Boundaries, ist and 3d Wards. 2 Village Hall, Stapleton. Boundaries, 2d, 4th and 5th Wards.

Dist. Manhattan and The Bronx

I Criminal Court's Building, Centre and 4 6 Lee ave.
Franklin sts.

5 Ewen and Powers sts. 2 125 6th ave. (Jefferson Market)

7 31 Grant st., Flatbush 3 69 Essex st.

8 Coney Island (Police Headquarters.) 4 151 East 57th st


Queens 5 170 East 121st st. 6 East 158th st., cor. Third ave.

1 Long Island City (St. Mary's Lyc. Bldg.)

2 7 314 West 54th st.

Town Hall, Flushing

3 Far Rockaway Dist.

Brooklyn 1318 Adams st


Richmond 2 Court and Butler sts.

I Lafayette ave., New Brighton 3 Myrtle and Vanderbilt aves.

2 Washington Park, Stapleton




Manhattan Accounts, 280 Broadway

Examiners, i Madison ave.
Aldermen, Room in, City Hall

Explosive Compound, 159 East 67th st.
Appraisal (23d and 24th Wards), 96 Broad'y Finance, 280 Broadway
Art Commission, Room 21, City Hall

Fire Department, 157-9 E. 67th st.
Arrears of Personal Taxes, 280 Broadway Fort George Park Commission, 253 Broadway
Armory, 280 Broadway

Grand Boulevard and Concourse Commission, Assessors, 320 Broadway

90 West Broadway Assessments, 280 Broadway

Hall of Records, 117 Nassau st. (temporary). Aqueduct, 280 Broadway

New Building, Chambers and Centre sts. Borough President, 13 City Hall

Health, Southwest cor. 55th st. and 6th ave. Bridges, 21 Park Row

Highways, 21 Park row Buildings, 220 Fourth ave.

Incumbrances, 21 Park Row Charities, foot E. 26th st..

Jurors, 280 Broadway Chamberlain, 280 Broadway

Law, Staats-Zeitung Building Change of Grade Damage Commission, 06 Licenses, Manhattan and The Bronx, i City

City Clerk, City Hall

Mayor, City Hall
City Paymaster (checks), 83 Chambers st. Parks, Arsenal, Central Park
City Paymaster (cash), 65 Reade st.

Penalties, 119 Nassau st.
City Marshal, City Hall

Police, 300 Mulberry st. City Record, Board of, 21 Park Row

Public Buildings and Offices, 21 Park row City Record, office, City Hall

Public Works, 21 Park row Civil Service Commission, Municipal, 346 Rapid Transit Railroad Commission, 320 Broadway

Broadway Coroners, Franklin and Centre sts.

Sewers, 21 Park row Corporation Counsel, Tryon Row

Sinking Fund, 280 Broadway Correction, 148 E. 20th st.

Street Cleaning, 21 Park row Docks and Ferries, Pier A, N. R.

Street Opening, 90 West Broadway Education, Park ave. and 59th st.

Taxes and Assessments, 280 Broadway Elections, 112 W. 420 st.

Tenement House Department, 61 Irving pl. Engineering, 280 Broadway

Water Supply, Gas and Electricity, 21 Park Estimate and Apportionment, 280 Broadway row

The Bronx
Borough President, 177th st. and Third ave. Parks, Claremont Park
Bridges, 138th st. and Mott ave.

Public Buildings, 177th st. and Third ave. Buildings, 177th st. and Third ave.

Public Works, 177th st. and Third ave. City Clerk (Deputy), 177th st. and Third ave. Sewers, 177th st. and Third ave. Coroners, 787 Tremont ave.

Street Openings, 177th st. and Third ave. Election, 138th st. and Mott Ave.

Taxes and Assessments, 177th st. and Third Finance, 177th st. and Third ave.

ave. Health, 1237 Franklin ave.

Water Supply, Gas and Electricity, Crotona Highways, 177th st. and Third ave.

Park Bldg.

Assessments and Arrears, Municipal Building Parks, Prospect Park
Borough President, Borough Hall

Police, 16 Smith st.
Bridges, cor. Washington and Nassau sts. Public Buildings and Offices, Municipal Bldg.
Buildings, Borough Hall

Public Charities, 126 Livingston st. City Clerk (Deputy), Borough Hall

Public Works, Borough Hall Coroners, Borough Hall

Receivers of Taxes, Borough Hall Corporation Counsel, Borough Hall

Sewers, Municipal Building Corrections, Kings Co. Penitentiary

Street Cleaning, Municipal Building Elections, 42 Court st.

Street Openings, Borough Hall Fire, 367 Jay st.

Taxes and Assessments, Municipal Building Finance, Municipal Building

Tenement House, 44 Court st. Health, 38 Clinton st.

Water Supply, Gas and Electricity, Municipal Highways, Municipal Building

Building Licenses, Borough Hall

Queens Assessments and Arrears, Hackett Building, Elections, 51 Jackson ave., Long Island City Long Island City

Health, 372–4 Fulton st., Jamaica Borough President, Hackett Building, Long Highways, Hackett Building, Long Island City Island City

Licenses, Hackett Building, Long Island City Buildings, Hackett Building, Long Island City Police, Town Hall, Jamaica Bridges, Hackett Building, Long Island City Public Buildings and Offices, Town Hall, City Clerk (Deputy), Hackett Building, Long Jamaica Island City

Public Works, Hackett Building, Long Island Coroners, Borough Hall, Jamaica




Queens—Continued Sewers, Hackett Building, Long Island City Taxes and Assessments, 5th st. and Jackson Street Openings, 21 Jackson ave., Long Island ave., Long Island City City

Water Supply, Gas and Electricity, Hackett

Building, Long Island City

Richmond Assessments and Arrears, Brower Building, Bridges, Richmond Building, New Brighton New Brighton

Buildings, Richmond Building, New Brighton Borough President, First National Bank Charities, County Alms House Building, New Brighton

City Clerk (Deputy), New Brighton

Commissioners of Jurors

District Attorneys-(Continued)
New York, 280 Broadway, Manhattan

Kings, County Court House, Brooklyn
Kings, 5 County Court House, Brooklyn Queens, County Court House, Long Island City
Queens, County Court House, Long Island City Richmond, Port Richmond, Staten Island.
Richmond, Village Hall, Stapleton

Public Administrators
Commissioner of Records

New York, 119 Nassau st., Manhattan
Kings, 7-11 Hall of Records, Fulton st. and Kings, 189 Montague st., Brooklyn
Court sq., Brooklyr

Queens, 103 Third st., Long Island City (County Clerks

New York. 8-11 New County Court House, New York, 116 Nassau st., Manhattan

Kings, Hall of Records, Fulton and Court sq., Kings, Hall of Records, Fulton st. and Court

Brooklyn Sheriffs sq., Brooklyn

New York, 280 Broadway, Manhattan Queens, Jamaica

Kings, Room 14, County Court House, B’klyn Richmond, County Office Building, Richmond,

Queens, County Court House, Long Island City Staten Islandi

Richmond, Richmond, Staten Island
County Jails

New, York, 70 Ludlow st., Manhattan

New York, New County Court House, ManKings, Raymond and Willoughby sts..

hattan Brooklyn

Kings, Hall of Records, Fulton st. and Court District Attorneys

sq., Brooklyn New York, Criminal Court Building, Franklin Queens, Jamaica and Centre sts., Manhattan

Richmond, Richmond, Staten Island




ASSEMBLY DISTRICTS—MANHATTAN AND THE BRONX 1st-Bounded by Canal, Hudson, Dominick, Varick, Broome, Sullivan, Spring, Broadway,

Fulton, William, Wall, Broadway, Whitehall, Hudson River, Govern

or's, Bedloe's and Ellis Islands
Canal, Bowery, Division, Market, Monroe, Catharine, East River, Whitehall,

Broadway, Wall, William, Fulton. Broadway
Barrow, Hudson, Grove, Bleecker, Cornelia, Sixth Avenue, West 3d, Broad-

way, Spring, Sullivan, Broome, Varick, Dominick, Hudson, Canal,

Hudson River
Jackson, East River, Catharine, Monroe, Market, Division, Grand
West 13th, Seventh Avenue, West 15th, Sixth Avenue, 14th, Third Avenue,

West 4th, Broadway, West 3d, Sixth ave., Cornelia, Bleecker, Grove,

Hudson, Horatio 6th

East 4th, Third Avenue, St. Mark's Place, Second Avenue, 2d, First Avenue,

East Houston, Eldridge, Stanton, Chrystie, Division, Bowery, Canal,

West 20th, Eighth Avenue, West 19th, Seventh Avenue, West 13th, Eighth

Avenue, Hudson, Barrow, West, West 11th, North River
Stanton, Eldridge, East Houston, Ludlow, Broome, Norfolk, Division,

Chrystie 9th

West 30th, Seventh Avenue, West 19th, Eighth Avenue, West 2oth, Hud

son River 10th

St. Mark's Place, Avenue A, 7th, Avenue B, Clinton, Rivington, Norfolk,

Broome, Ludlow, East Houston, First Avenue, 2d, Second Avenue 11th

West 36th, Tenth Avenue, West 38th, Eighth Avenue, West 37th, Seventh

Avenue, West 30th, Hudson River 12th

Rivington, Cannon, Stanton, East River, Jackson, Grand, Division, Norfolk 13th

West 46th, Tenth Avenue, West 43d, Eighth Avenue, West 40th, Seventh

Avenue, West 37th, Eighth Avenue, West 38th, Tenth Avenue, West

36th, Hudson River 14th “ East 14th, East River, East uth, Avenue C, West 7th, Avenue A, St.

Mark's Place, Third Avenue



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ASSEMBLY DISTRICTS-MANHATTAN AND THE BRONX—Continued 15th-Bounded by West 49th, Tenth Avenue, West 50th, Ninth Avenue, West 53d, Eighth

Avenue, West 43d, Tenth Avenue, West 46th, Hudson Rive 16th

7th, Avenue C, East uth, East River, Stanton, Cannon, Rivington, Clinton,

Avenue B 17th

West both, Ninth Avenue, West 6 ist, Eighth Avenue, West 53d, Ninth

Avenue, West soth, Tenth Avenue, West 49th, Hudson River 18th

East 19th, Third Avenue, East 23d, Second Avenue, East 25th, First Ave

nue, East 26th, East River, East 14th, Irving Place 19th

West 89th, Amsterdam Avenue, West 86th, Columbus Avenue, West Sist,

Eighth Avenue, West 6 ist, Columbus Avenue, West both, North River 20th

East 39th, Third Avenue, East 37th, Second Avenue, East 38th, East River,

East 26th, First Avenue, East 25th, Second Avenue, East 23d, Lex

ington Avenue 21st

West 119th, Broadway, West 120th, Seventh Avenue, West noth, trans

verse road, West 81st, Columbus Avenue, West 86th, Amsterdam

Avenue, West 89th, Hudson River 22d

East 53d, Third Avenue, East 52d, East River, East 38th, Second Avenue,

East 37th, Third Avenue, East 39th, Lexington Avenue 23d

Harlem River, Fifth Avenue, West 134th, Eighth Avenue, West 12oth,

Boulevard, West 119th, Hudson River 24th

East 64th, Third Avenue, East 65th, East River, East 52d, Third Avenue,

East 53d, Lexington Avenue, Blackwell's Island 25th

East 36th, Lexington Avenue, East 23d, Third Avenue, East 19th, Irving

Place, West 14th, Sixth Avenue, West 15th, Seventh Avenue 26th

East 75th, Third Avenue, East 76th. East River, East 65th, Third Avenue,

East 64th, Lexington Avenue 27th

West 53d, Fifth Avenue, East 54th, Lexington Avenue, West 36th, Seventh

Avenue, West 40th, Eighth Avenue 28th

East 84th, Second Avenue, East 83d, East River, East 76th, Third Avenue,

East 75th, Lexington Avenue 29th

West 97th, Fifth Avenue, East 96th, Lexington Avenue, East 54th, Fifth

Avenue, West 53d, Eighth Avenue 30th

East 92d, Third Avenue, East 94th, East River, East 83d, Second Avenue,

East 84th, Lexington Avenue 31st

West 134th, Fifth Avenue, West 129th, Park Avenue, West 110th, Seventh

Avenue, West 12oth, Eighth Avenue 32d

East nioth, Madison Avenue, East 108th, East River, East 04th, Third

Avenue, East 92d, Lexington Avenue, East 96th, Fifth Avenue, and

Ward's Island
East 119th, Harlem River, East 108th, Madison Avenue, East 110th, Park

Avenue, and Randall's Island 34th

Harlem River, East 119th, Park Avenue, East 129th, Fifth Avenue, and

section generally north of Harlem River and south of 149th 35th

149th, Bronx River, old northern boundary line, Hudson River

ASSEMBLY DISTRICTS—THE BRONX-ANNEXED DISTRICT. 1st-Comprises part of city annexed in 1895 from town of Eastchester. north of Fifteenth

Avenue and west of Hutchinson's River, and a portion of Westchester County. Beginning at intersection of northern line of City of New York and the Bronx River, east to Hutchinson's River, south along Hutchinson's River, west along Givan's and Black Dog Creeks, through centre of Schieffelin estate to Fifteenth Avenue to Bronx River, north along Bronx River to City Line, the Ninth and Tenth Election

Districts of the Annexed District. 2st-Comprises the portions of the towns of Pelham and Westchester annexed to .the city in

1895, also a part of Westchester County. Beginning at Fifteenth Avenue and Bronx River, east along Fifteenth ave., through the centre of the Schieffelin estate, to Black Dog and Givan's Creeks, to Hutchinson's River, north to annexation line, east to Long Island Sound, southwest along Long Island Sound, Pelham Bay, Eastchester Bay and East River to Bronx River, north along Bronx River to Fifteenth Avenue, including the Goose Hunter's, Peal's, the Twins, High, Hart and City Islands. The First to the Eighth Election District, inclusive, and Eleventh of the Annexed District.


ASSEMBLY DISTRICTS-BROOKLYN 1st-Bounded by Foot of Atlantic Avenue to Henry, Amity, Court, Bergen, Fourth Avenue,

Flatbush Avenue, Fulton, Hicks, Poplar, Willow, Middagh, Columbia

Heights, Doughty, Furman, Fulton, East River 2d " Foot of Fulton to Furman, Doughty, Columbia Heights, Middagh, Willow,

Poplar, Hicks, Fulton, Bridge, Johnson, Navy, Navy Yard, East River



ASSEMBLY DISTRICTS—BROOKLYN—Continued 3d-Bounded by Foot of Atlantic Avenue, to Henry, Amity, Court, 4th Place, Coles, Hamilton

Avenue, East River 4th

East River and Division Avenue to Lee Avenue, Rodney, Bedford Avenue,

Flushing Avenue, Sanford, Park Avenue, Nostrand Avenue, Myrtle
Avenue, Bedford Avenue, Brevoort Place, Franklin Avenue, Atlantic

Avenue, Washington Avenue, Wallabout Canal, East River 5th

East River and Grand, to Rodney, Broadway, Flushing Avenue, Bedford

Avenue, Rodney, Lee Avenue, Division Avenue, East River 6th

Lafayette Avenue and Broadway to Flushing Avenue, Sanford, Park Ave

nue, Nostrand Avenue, Myrtle Avenue, Bedford Avenue, Lafayette

Gowanus Canal and 19th, to Third Avenue, 20th, Sixth Avenue, 23d,

Seventh Avenue, 20th to a point 100 feet northwest from corner of
20th and Ninth Avenue, then southwest on a line 100 feet from the
west side of Ninth Avenue to 21 st, Ninth Avenue, 2oth, Tenth Avenue,
22d, boundary line of 29th Ward to boundary line of 30th Ward, then
along the boundary line separating the 31st and 32d Wards, continuing

along the southern boundary line of Kings County Sth

Court and First Place to Smith, 2d, Bond, ist, Gowanus Canal, ist, Fourth

Avenue, Bergen, Court 9th

Court and First Place to Smith, 2d, Bond, ist, Gowanus Canal to Prospect

Avenue, Sixth Avenue, 2oth, Third Avenue, 19th, Gowanus Canal,
Gowanus Bay, East River, Hamilton Avenue, Coles, Henry, 4th Place,

Court 10th

Washington Avenue and East River to Atlantic Avenue, S. Portland Ave

nue, Fulton, Fort Greene Place, DeKalb Avenue, Rockwell Place, Flat

bush Avenue, Fulton, Bridge, Johnson, Navy, Navy Yard, East River 11th

Franklin and Atlantic Avenues to S. Portland Avenue, Fulton, Fort Greene

Place, DeKalb Avenue, Rockwell Place, Flatbush Avenue, Fourth
Avenue, Garfield Place, Seventh Avenue, Carroll, Ninth Avenue, Flat-

bush Avenue, boundary line of 29th Ward, Franklin Avenue 12th " Gowanus Canal and Prospect Avenue to Sixth Avenue, 23d, Seventh Ave

nue, 20th to a point 100 feet northwest from corner 20th and Ninth
Avenue, then southwest on a line 100 feet from the west side of Ninth
Avenue to 22d, Ninth Avenue, 20th, Tenth Avenue, 22d, boundary line
of 29th Ward, Flatbush Avenue to a point on plaza opposite Ninth
Avenue, Carroll, Seventh Avenue, Garfield Place, Fourth Avenue, ist,

Second Avenue, Gowanus Canal
Ten Eyck and Bushwick Avenue to North 2d, Humboldt, Richardson,

Meeker Avenue, Kings County boundary line, Vail, Calyer, Oakland,
Greenpoint Avenue, Manhattan Avenue, Kent, Franklin, Noble, Man-
hattan Avenue, Norman Avenue, Wythe Avenue and N. 14th, then
southeast to Union Avenue, Grand, Hooper, east along S. ist, and

Maujer to Leonard, Ten Eyck 14th "

East River and Grand, to Havemeyer, N. 2d, Marcy Avenue, Ainslie, Rod

ney, Metropolitan Avenue, Union Avenue, Driggs Avenue, N. 14th, Wythe Avenue and Norman Avenue to Manhattan Avenue, Noble, Franklin, Kent, Manhattan Avenue, Greenpoint Avenue, Oakland,

Calyer, Vail, Kings County boundary line, East River 15th " Broadway, Flushing Avenue, Bushwick Avenue, Ten Eyck, Leonard,

Maujer, Hooper, Grand, Union Avenue, Metropolitan Avenue, Rodney.
Ainslie, Marcy Avenue, Metropolitan Avenue, Havemeyer, Grand,

Rodney to Broadway 16th

Lafayette Avenue to Broadway, boundary line of 26th Ward, Atlantic Ave

nue, Schenectady Avenue, Fulton, Stuyvesant Avenue to Lafayette

Avenue 17th

Lafayette and Stuyvesant Avenues to Bainbridge, Sumner Avenue, Mc

Donough, Tompkins Avenue, Fulton, New York Avenue, Atlantic
Avenue, Franklin Avenue, Brevoort Place, Bedford Avenue, Lafayette

Avenue 18th

Atlantic Avenue, from Franklin Avenue to New York Avenue, Fulton,

Tompkins Avenue, McDonough, Sumner Avenue, Bainbridge, Stuyvesant Avenue, Fulton, Schenectady Avenue, Atlantic Avenue, boundary line of 26th Ward, boundary line of 29th Ward, boundary line of 320 Ward, along boundary line of 32d Ward separating the 26th and 32d, continuing along boundary line of Kings County formed by Jamaica Bay and Atlantic Ocean to boundary line separating 29th and 31st Wards, then along boundary line separating 29th and 30th Wards then along boundary line of 29th Ward to Franklin Avenue


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