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TELEGRAPH RATES TO FOREIGN COUNTRIES. The following table gives the rate per word from New York City. The address and signature are included in the charges, and the maximum length of a chargeable word is fixed at fifteen letters. When a word is composed of more than fifteen letters, every additional fifteen or the fraction of fifteen letters will be counted as a word.

The rates of the several cable companies doing business from New York are practically the same. In some cases, however, there is more than one rate to the same point, depending upon the route selected. For instance, the rate to Japan“ via Northern " route (through Siberia) is $1.76 per word, while the same office here will charge $2.15 if the message is ordered transmitted “via Eastern ” or “ Indo." The rates in table below are the rates by the lowest price route. Per Word Per Word

Per Word Algeria ... ..... 32 Havana ...............

......15 Porto Rico.....


Porto Rico............. .75 Alexandria (Egypt) ..... . 56 Hayti .....

..1.05 Portugal....... Antigua ...... .81 Holland ..........

.25 Queensland (Australia) .. Argentine Republic ..... oo Honolulu (H. I.)... ....66 Řio Janeiro ......... Austria ........ .34 Hungary .........

.34 Roumania ...... ......

..... Barbadoes ............. 01 India ............

.86 Russia (Europe) ....... Belgium ............... .25 .25 Ireland ..........

.25 Russia (Asia, West) ... Bermuda .............. .42 Italy ........

.32 Russia (Asia, East) ... Bolivia ................1,25 Jamaica .......

.48 Santo Domingo.. ........1.32 Brazil ...........85 to 1.40 Japan .........

1.76 Scotland.

........... 25 Bulgaria ....... · 38 Java .......

.23 Servia ........ Burmah ............... .86 Korea (Seoul) .....

.76 Sicily ....... Callao (Peru) ..........1,25 Malta ............

Siam ....... Cairo (Egypt): .. .61 Martinique. ........ 1.00 Singapore. .

e..............I II Cape Colony (S. Africa) . .86 Matanzas .....

..20 Spain ....... Ceylon ....

.... .88 Melbourne (Australia) ...*.99 St. Thomas, W. I. . Chile.........ver

...1.25 Mexico City...1.75, 10 words Sweden.... China ...........56 to 1.60 Nassau (Bahamas) .......35 Switzerland .. Cochin China ......1.35 Natal (S. Africa) ..... Sydney (N. S. W.) Colon ........ ..... .97 New South Wales .....

Tangier ........ Cyprus . ..... ....56 New Zealand .........

Tasmania ......... Demerara..............1.44 Norway ................35 Transvaal ............. .86 Denmark ..

.35 Orange River Colony .. .86 Trinidad........ Ecuador ...............1.25 Panama ................97 Turkey (Europe) ........37 England ................25 Paraguay ..............1.00 Turkey (Asia) ...........47 France .....

5 Penang .......

.......1.II Uruguay ..............1.00 Germany ....

5 Peru . .... .......1.25 Venezuela ......1.50 to 1.60 Gibraltar

3 Philippine Islands (Luzon, Vera Cruz ....1.75, 10 words Greece .......

.38 Manila, etc.) .........1.66 Victoria (Australia) .....*.99 Guatemala ..............55 Other islands ........1.76

* Rates to Australia by the (new) British Pacific Cable (handled only by Postal Telegraph Cable Co.) are 66 cents per word.


· 36

Offices marked * are open at all hours, day and night

(Messenger Service) BOROUGH OF MANHATTAN (Executive Offices, 8 Dey Street) Usual price for messenger service is 30 cents per hour. Messenger call boxes will be found at all first-class Hotels, Cafes, Drug Stores, etc. Produce Exchange *110 West 14th

*2 East 58th Broadway at 120, *195, 296, *233 Grand

*1053,*1369 and 1616 Third ave 407, 487, *599, *854, *1140, 398 East ioth

*123 Columbus ave. *1227, *1398 *201 East 14th

263 Columbus ave. Cotton Exchange 497 Third ave.

*632 Park ave. 120 Front *389 Fifth ave.

*871 Park ave. 134 Pearl *557 Fifth ave.

*985 Eighth ave. 4 Exchange Court *821 Sixth ave.

*426 Columbus ave. 68 Fulton *990 Sixth ave.

*666 Columbus ave. 142 West 70 Eighth ave.

*911 Columbus ave. 319 Greenwich 156 East 23d

*231 West 116th 386 West *8 and *270 West 23d

*153 East 125th 32 Desbrosses 844 Third ave.

273 West 125th Gansevoort Market 270 West 34th

2086 Third ave. 151 Church Manhattan Market

2548 Eighth ave. 255 Church

*Grand Central Station *gth and University Place 42d and Eighth ave.

[blocks in formation]


BOROUGH OF BROOKLYN (Executive Offices, 91 Clinton Street) *168 Montague

132 Flatbush ave. (Open until *77 Seventh ave. 2 Court (Open until 12 night) 9 P. M.)

*1105 Fulton *332 Court *332 Dekalb ave.

*1458 Fulton *7 Greene ave.

Anglo-American—*31 Broad, 16 Beaver, 445 Broome
Bankers' and Brokers' Messenger Co.-48 New
Central and South American-37 Wall

Commercial Cable Co.—253 Broadway, *20 Broad, Stock Exchange, Cotton Exchange, 9 Beaver, 182 William, 442 Broome, Hoffman House, Herald Building, Broadway and 35th

Direct United States Cable Co.-40 Broadway, 51 New, 214 Spruce, 444 Broome

French Telegraphic Cable Co.—*44 Broad, N. Y. Stock Exchange, Pulitzer Building, *I Mercer, 5 East 14th, 581 Broadway, 952 Broadway, Union Dime Building (Broadway and 32d)

Gold and Stock Co.-48 Broad, 195 Broadway
Mexican-37 Wall, Rooms 15 and 16


(Executive Offices, 253 Broadway, Manhattan) This company also furnishes messenger service from all its offices in the Boroughs of Manhattan, Brooklyn and The Bronx. Usual price for messenger service is 30 cents per hour. Messenger call boxes will be found at all first-class Hotels, Cafes, Drug Stores, etc. Telegrams called for without extra charge. Stock Quotation, 54 Broad 76 Park Place

Waldorf-Astoria United States and Haiti Tel. General Post Office

408 Eleventh ave. and Cable Co., 42 Broad 127 Duane

554 Third ave. Ellis Island Church and Worth

Herald Building Governors Island 94 Leonard

1022 Lexington ave. Produce Exchange U11 Hudson

Ist ave. and 45th Broadway at 11, 31, 71, 96, West Broadway and Leonard 1504 Third ave. 203, *253, 320, 346, 385, Wool Exchange

5 East 42d 457, 533,621,703,853, *1269, West and Desbrosses

535 Fifth ave. 1397, 1586, 1947 17 Bloomfield

Hotel Cadillac Cotton Exchange 406 West

274, *450 Columbus ave 47 Exchange Place 317 Greenwich

154 East 54th Consolidated Exchange 5 Beekman

West 57th and Ninth ave. 20 Broad Bennett Building

993 Eighth ave. Queen Insurance Building Park Row Building

70 West 58th 13 Fulton Market World Building

625 Madison ave. Pier 25, East River 58 Bowery

609 West 59th 21 and 24 State 439 Grand

Empire Hotel 46 Maiden Lane Occidental Hotel

94th and Columbus ave. 98 Liberty Brevoort House

104th and Columbus ave. 51 William Hoffman House

2002 Third ave. 108 Fulton Presbyterian Building

157 East 125th 182 William

Siegel-Cooper Company 250 West 116th Potter Building 19th and 4th ave.

278 West 125th 35 and 150 Nassau 147 East 23d

Eighth ave. and 135th 112 and 151 Front 276 Eighth ave

146th and Amsterdam ave. 228 Pearl Bartholdi Hotel

2558 Third ave. 8 and 74 Cortlandt 25 Union Square

3196 Third ave. go West Broadway Townsend Building

713 East 177th 134 West

14 West 27th BOROUGH OF BROOKLYN 77 Seventh ave.

Ryerson and Flushing ave. Washington and Water 332 Dekalb ave.

133 Greenpoint ave. 98 and 1306 Broadway *168 Montague

Cropsey ave. and Bay 17th 1105, 1458 Fulton 2 and 332 Court

BOROUGH OF QUEENS Atlantic and Alabama aves. 132 and 803 Flatbush ave. 203 Manhattan ave.

27 Jackson ave., L. I. City 453 Fifth ave. 746 Flushing ave.

Borough OF RICHMOND 7 Greene ave. 63 North 3d




(Executive Offices, 195 Broadway, Manhattan)

Telegrams called for by A. D. T. Co.'s messengers without extra charge
Ellis Island
Third ave, and 14th

32 Desbrosses Foot of Whitehall

Metropolitan Building, I Madi- 386 West Maritime Exchange

son ave., 156 E. 23d

*West Washington Market Produce Exchange

Ashland House, 4th ave. and 151, 255 Church 24 State


Jefferson Market Broadway at 1, 11, 26, 32, 45, Park Avenue Hotel, 4th ave. 4 Washington Place 60, 71, III, 120, *195, 220, and 32d

Albert Hotel, with and Uni225, 261, 290, 296, 309, 319, East 34th St. Ferry

versity Place 346, 349, 355, 381, 399, 407, Murray Hill Hotel, 4th ave. 110 West 14th 434, 461, 487, *599, 671, 726, and 40th

Fifth ave., 111, 196, 276, 389, 752, 784, 799, *854, 904, *Grand Central Station

526, *557, 621, *cor. 58th, 1140, 1186, 1196, 1202, 1216, Grand Union Hotel, 4th ave. 767, 783 *1227, 1236, 1254, 1354, and 42d

*8 and 270 West 23d 1355, 138, *1398, 1428, Manhattan Hotel, Madison Penna. Ř.R. Ferry, foot West 1440, 1448, 1675 ave. and 420

East of Broadway
428 Lexington ave.

Victoria Hotel, Fifth ave. and
Third ave., 497,844, 992, 1053, 27th
Stock Exchange

*1363, 1500, 1616, 1882, Earlington Hotel, 49 West 27th 30, 44, 46 and 68 Broad

2086, *2610

Sixth ave., 200, 737, *821, 990 Cotton Exchange First ave. and 44th

266 West 330 17, 39 and 56 New Foot of East 63d

Herald Square Hotel, 118 W. Mills Building

Plaza Hotel, 5th ave. and 59th 34th 32 Nassau Park ave., 632, 871

Navarre Hotel, 510 Seventh 18 Exchange Place

Harlem Station, 125th and ave. 51 Wall

Park avc.

Rossmore Hotel, Seventh ave. 120 Front *153 East 125th

and 42d 134 and 221 Pearl

Mott Haven, Harlem R.R. Sta. Grenoble Hotel, 886 Seventh 66 Pine Foot of East 138th

ave. 100 William

Park ave, and East 162d Eighth ave., 70 Fulton Market

Third ave, and East 167th Eighth ave., cor. 34th 41 Fulton

Harlem River, New Haven Sta Eighth ave. cor. 42d 66 Gold

Morrisania, Harlem R.R. Sta. Eighth ave., *985 James Slip Ferry

Fordham, Harlem R.R. Sta. Tenth ave. and 30th st. R.R. General Post Office

Tremont, Harlem R.R. Sta. Sta. Tribune Building

Manhattan Market, ft. W. 34th

West of Broadway Staats Zeitung Building

Eleventh ave., cor. 33d Park Row and Duane 97 Cedar

Eleventh ave., cor. 420 71 Mulberry Liberty Street Ferry

Ferry foot of West 42d Summit Hotel, 65 Bowery Havemeyer Bldg., 26 Cortlandt Gerard Hotel, 123 West 44th , *233 and 521 Grand Cortlandt Street Ferry

Columbus ave., *123, 263, 240 Elizabeth Washington Market

*426, *666 and 911 Pier 50, East River 3 Park Place

Union Stock Yards, foot West Foot of Jackson

Pier 19, N. R., foot of Murray 61st 2 Avenue A

Foot of Chambers (Erie R.R. Majestic Hotel, 4 West 72d 398 East ioth


St. Andrew Hotel, 210 West Cooper Union

Cosmopolitan Hotel, Cham- 720
Union Sq. Hotel, 16 Union sq. bers and West Broadway 231 West 116th
Westminster Hotel, 16th and 152 Franklin

153, 273 West 125th Irving Place

Foot of Franklin (West Shore Manhattanville, ft. West 130th Everett House, 4th ave. and R.R. Ferry)

2542 Eighth ave. 319 Greenwich

1695 and 1928 Amsterdam ave Belvedere House, 4th ave. and Ở Harrison

Columbia University 18th Laight and Varick

155th and Eighth ave. New Amsterdam Hotel, 4th Pier 36, N R., foot Spring 76th and Amsterdam ave. ave. and 2 ist

Desbrosses Street Ferry

Borough of BROOKLYN Penna. Annex Office, foot of 767 Dekalb ave.

*153 and 1444 Broadway Fulton

Fulton st. and Tompkins ave. 2790 Atlantic ave. 17 Adams

Cor. Atlantic and Flatbush 266 Graham ave. *369, 426, 484, *726, 2059 aves.

Cor. Broadway and Flushing Fulton

*319 and 805 Flatbush ave. ave. St. George Hotel, Clark, near Cor. Atlantic and Franklin North 9th and Kent ave. Henry


720 Wythe ave. 359 Court

703 and 1176 Third ave. 154 Greenpoint ave. 71 Hamilton ave. 3d ave, and 73d

Bushwick Junction *348 6th

Fourth ave. opposite tooth *242 and 484 Sumner ave., 414 and 1124 Myrtle ave. Navy Yard

Parkville 520, *1074 and *1211 Bedford Manhattan Crossing

5820 New Utrecht ave. ave.



St. George



Flushing, Boerum ave., near Queens 7 Arverne

Madison ave., and Broad- Ravenswood Bayside

way, cor. College Place Richmond Hill, R.R. Station Broadchannel Hammels

Rockaway Beach College Point, 18th near Fourth Holland's Station

Rockaway Park



Long Island City, 152 Fulton Springfield Edgemere

ave. and 680 Vernon ave. Whitestone Elmhurst Morris Park

Willet's Point
Far Rockaway, Mott ave., near Murray Hill

Grove st.
Ozone Park


New Dorp

South Beach
Pleasant Plains

Port Richmond

Mariners' Harbor
Quarantine Station

New Brighton

West New Brighton LIST OF “ATTENDED” TELEPHONE PAY STATIONS At the Public Pay Stations given below will be found every facility for Local or Long Distance telephoning; sound-proof booths in charge of courteous attendants, who will call the station wanted by the customer. Stations marked * are open at all hours, day and night. When the stations at the principal hotels are closed, customers can secure attention by applying at the hotel office.

Manhattan and The Bronx Staten Island Ferry, foot of Whitehall st. St. James Building, Broadway and 26th st. Produce Exchange Building, Whitehall and Madison Square Garden (when open), MadiBeaver sts.

son ave. and 26th st. Washington Building, i Broadway

Victoria Hotel, Broadway and 27th st. Bowling Green Building, 11 Broadway

Gilsey House, Broadway and 29th st. Morris Building, 68 Broad st.

Holland House, Fifth ave. and 30th st. Columbia Building, 29 Broadway

Grand Hotel, Broadway and 31st st. Hudson Building, 32 Broadway

Hotel Imperial, Broadway and 32d st. Broad-Exchange Building, 25 Broad st. Park Avenue Hotel, Park’ave. and 32d st. Mills Building, Broad st. and Exchange pl. Beringer's Cigar Store, 406 E. 34th st. (L. I. Commercial Cable Building, 20 Broad st.

Ferry) Empire Building, 71 Broadway

Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, Fifth ave. and 34th st. Broadway-Maiden Lane Building, 170 Broad Herald Square Hotel, 116 W. 34th st. way

Normandie Hotel, Broadway and 38th st. Telephone Building, 18 Cortlandt st.

New York Telephone Co. Building, 113 W. Washington Market, Fulton and West sts. 38th st. Bennett Building, 99 Nassau st.

Murray Hill Hotel, Park ave, and 41st st St. Paul Building, 220 Broadway

Rossmore Hotel, 1457 Broadway Astor House, Broadway and Vesey sts.

Schulte's Cigar Store, 1465 Broadway Park Row Building, 13 Park Row

West Shore Ferry, foot of W. 420 st. Schulte's Cigar Store, 39 Park Row

Grand Union Hotel, Park ave. and 420 st. American Tract Society Building, 150 Nassau Schoonmaker's Drug Store, 40 E 420 st. st.

(opp. Grand Central Depot) Postal Telegraph Building, 253 Broadway Grand Central Depot, 420 st. and Vanderbilt County Court House, City Hall Park

ave. Dun Building, 290 Broadway

Grand Central Depot (Annex) Depew ave. Vincent Building, 302 Broadway

and 420 st. Central Bank Building, 320 Broadway

Hetherington's Drug Store, 420 st. and VanCable Building, 62 1 Broadway

derbilt ave. Broadway Central Hotel, 673 Broadway

Hotel Manhattan, 420 st. and Madison ave. Sinclair House, Broadway and 8th st.

Hotel Cadillac, Broadway and 43d st. St. Denis Hotel, Broadway and 8th st.

Sherry's, Fifth ave, and 44th st. Morton House, Broadway and 14th st.

Hotel Winsonia, 123 W. 44th st Westminster Hotel, Irving pl. and 16th st. Grenoble Hotel, Seventh ave. and 56th st. Constable Building, I1 Fifth ave.

Plaza Hotel, Fifth ave and 59th st Continental Hotel, Broadway and 20th st. Savoy Hotel, Fifth ave. and 59th st. United Charities Building, 287 Fourth ave. Netherland Hotel, Fifth ave. and 59th st. New York Telephone Company, 952 Broadway Hotel Empire, Broadway and 63d st. The Chelsea, 222 W. 230 st.

Majestic Hotel, Central Park West and 720 st. Metropolitan Building, i Madison ave.

Hotel Endicott, Columbus ave. and 81st st. Fifth Avenue Hotel, Fifth ave. and 23d st. New York Telephone Co. Building, 616 E. Hoffman House, Broadway and 25th st.

150th st



Brooklyn and Queens Court House, Borough Hall sq.

*1444 Broadway Municipal Building, Borough Hall sq.

359 Court st. Hall of Records, Borough Hall sq.

*319 Flatbush ave, *Post Office, Washington and Johnson sts. 829 Flatbush ave. N. Y. & N.J. Telephone Co., 81 Willoughby st. 726 Fulton st. N. Y. & N.J. Telephone Co., 14 Boerum st. *414 Myrtle ave. N. Y. & N.). Telephone Co., 619 Throop ave. 1124 Myrtle ave. N. Y. & N. J. Telephone Co., 127 Greenpoint 348 Sixth st. ave.

242 Sumner ave. *Clarendon Hotel, 284 Washington st.

484 Sumner ave. *Hotel St. George, 51 Clark st.

In Offices of the Postal Telegraph-Cable Co.: *Hotel Margaret, 97 Columbia Heights

*168 Montague st. *Mansion House, 137 Hicks st.

96 Broadway In Offices of the Western Union Telegraph Co.: 2 Court st. 153 Broadway

132 Flatbush ave. 266 Graham ave.

133 Greenpoint ave. 154 Greenpoint ave.

Abraham & Straus, 432 Fulton st. *369 Fulton st.

Loeser & Co., Fulton st., opp. DeKalb ave. 2790 Atlantic ave.

A. D. Matthews, 398 Fulton st. 1074 Bedford ave.

Long Island Railroad Station, foot Borden *1211 Bedford ave.

ave., L. I. City.

PUBLIC PORTERS Every Public Porter must wear, in a conspicuous position, a badge bearing the number of his license, and is not entitled to receive any pay for services unless such a badge is worn, and if he shall demand a greater sum for his services than accords with the rates below he shall not be entitled to any pay for the service.

Any Public Porter may decline to carry any article, if the distance he shall be required to go shall be more than two miles.

Public Porters shall be entitled to charge and receive for the carrying or conveyance of any article, any distance within half a mile, twenty-five cents if carried by hand, and fifty cents if carried on a wheelbarrow or hand-cart; if the distance exceeds half a mile and is within a mile, one half of the above rates in addition thereto, and in the same proportion for any greater distance

United States Circuit Court of Appeals

Post Office Building.
Term-Last Tuesday in October.

United States Circuit Court

Post Office Building.
Equity Term-- Last Monday in February.
General Terms—First Monday in April and third Monday in October.

Terms of Criminal Court-Second Wednesdays in January, March, May, October, December, and third in June.

United States District Court

Post Office Building.
Stated Term-First Tuesday in every month.
Special Term-Every Tuesday for return of process.

Post Office Building, Washington and Johnson Sts.


Appellate Division of the Supreme Court
First Judicial Department, Madison ave. and 25th st.

Court opens at i p.m. An Appellate Term to hear appeals from the City and the Municipal Courts will sit in the County Court House.

Children's Court

66 Third ave., Manhattan. Held by one of the Justices of Special Sessions in accordance with assignment of Justices. Court opens at 9.30 daily, except Sunday..

City Court

32 Chambers st., Manhattan.
Court of Arbitration of the Chamber of Commerce, New York State

Office, 65 Liberty st. This court was established by an act of the Legislature. Sessions are held at the rooms of the Chamber of Commerce for the hearing and prompt settlement of controversies among merchants, shipmasters and others within the Port of New York,

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