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The joy of the Brazilian Slave on finding a Diamond of sufficient weight to ensure his freedom, illustrative
of the state of soul of the Man who finds the Pearl of great price-The Breast-plate of Aaron, glittering
with twelve precious stones, considered in its typical character, Exod. xxviii. 29; Heb. x. 21-
The Lord, as a Refiner, purifies his children, Mal. iii. 3-Job xxiii. 10, opens out the same truth
-The Word of God more precious than Gold, Psalm cxix. 72, 127-Proverbs iii. 14; and viii. 19, on
the same subject-The glory of Jerusalem in the last days set forth under a variety of the Emblems
of this day, Isaiah 1x.-Threatened Judgments on Israel, if disobedient; the Heavens Iron, the
Earth Brass, Lev. xxvi. 19-Israel, cast off from God, compared to reprobate Silver, Jer. vi. 30
-The Lord the Rock of Strength to his People, Deut. xxxii. 4.-The Rock that followed Israel declared
to be Christ, 1 Cor. x. 4-The Lord Jesus also the Chief Corner Stone, 1 Pet. ii. 6; and the Shadow
of a Great Rock in a weary land, Isaiah xxxii. 2-The Wicked call on the Rocks to cover them, Rev.

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Introduction-Anecdote of the little Boy at D. relative to Noah's Ark-The blessing of Judah considered-
Genesis xlix. 9, 10 compared with Rev. v. 1-6-The Righteous bold as the Lion, Prov. xxviii. 1—
Striking passage of illustration in Hosea v. 14-The figure of the Lion sometimes used to denote the
Enemy's power, 1 Pet. v. 8; 2 Tim. iv. 17, 18; Isaiah xxxv. 9, 10-The Lion in the last days shall be
trodden under foot, Psalm xci. 13, and Israel in the last days shall rise into power, and be as the Lion-
The Wolf fearfully descriptive of the power of the Enemy-Jer. v. 6 considered; also Hab. i. 8; Zeph. iii.
3; Acts xx.-But in the reign of peace the Wolf shall feed with the Lamb, Isaiah xi.-The Bear the
emblem of fury, Prov. xvii. 12 considered-The For the emblem of cunning, Cant. ii. 15 examined;
also Luke xiii. 32-The Ox the example of patience and faithful labour, Psalm exliv.-The Lamb-
no emblem in the Scripture of such frequent use-various passages examined into, 1 Pet. i. 19, 20;
Rev. xiii. 8; John i. 29; and many others-The Sheep, the Lord as a Sheep before its Shearers,

Isaiah liii.-The Goat-the Parable of the Sheep and Goats considered-The Camel-Isaiah lx. 6, 7,
quoted and examined, also other passages-The Horse-Prov. xxi. 31, compared with Job xxxix. 19-24—
The Ass knows its master's crib, strong reproof to Israel, Isaiah i. 3—The Lord's riding into Jerusalem
considered-The Swine and Dog awfully alluded to in 2 Pet. ii. 22-The Serpent the emblem of cruelty,
cunning, and deceit, set forth in some striking passages-The Ant, Coney, Locust, and Spider considered
in that most forcible word, Prov xxx. 24-28-The Bees but once alluded to, but with great force-The
Fly, Eccles. x. 1-The Leech, Prov. xxx. 15-The Grasshopper, Numb. xiii. 33; Eccles. xii. 5-The Worm,
Job xix. 26, 27-Conclusion, from Cowper :-

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