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said bathhouses persons stopping at any hotel, boarding house, or rooming house which has a drummer or solicitor on trains or the owner of which drums or solicits on trains, or drums or solicits business for doctors, or who has employed in or about such house any inside man or person engaged in drumming or soliciting business for doctors or bathhouses; also the owners or managers and the employees of such bathhouses are absolutely prohibited from either directly or indirectly drumming for doctors or reflecting on or questioning the integrity of the hot-water supply of any other bathhouse, or of claiming superiority of its own supply of hot water over that furnished from the springs on the reservation to other bathhouses. Upon evidence of violation of this rule, the superintendent shall report the facts, with his recommendation, to the Secretary of the Interior, looking to the shutting off of the water from any bathhouse or canceling the lease, as the department may determine.

RULE 6. Owners and managers of bathhouses receiving waters from the Hot Springs Reservation will provide in their respective bathhouses the requisite number of head bath attendants, who, under the supervision and direction of the superintendent of the Hot Springs Reservation, shall supervise the administration of baths, the treatment of patients, matters of hygiene and sanitation in the bathhouses, and the work of bath attendants generally. Bathhouse attendants shall be allowed to charge for their services not exceeding 15 cents for a single bath, $1 per week, or $3 per course of 21 baths, to be collected for the attendant by the bathhouse manager and properly accounted for by him to the attendant. The duties of the attendant shall consist in the administration of the baths in strict accordance with the bathing directions of registered physicians and in lieu of these as ordered by the superintendent. They shall be required to clean and care for such parts of the bathhouse as may be assigned them by the manager, subject to the approval of the superintendent, to keep themselves in a neat and cleanly condition both in person and in dress, and to make good any damages accruing from breakage or neglect of duty. They shall not be required to handle helpless individuals, rub mercury, furnish mops, brooms, or cleaning materials, furnish or launder towels, mitts, sheets, or robes; pay for the services of the porter or perform work which properly belongs to him, or incur any expense whatsoever incident to the operation of the house not specifically authorized. It shall be optional with the bather whether he employ an attendant or not. No person shall be employed or permitted to serve or occupy space in any bathhouse as a mercury rubber or as a masseur without the approval of the superintendent first had and obtained; and every person so employed or serving shall be subject and amenable to the rules and regulations the same as attendants and other bathhouse employees.

RULE 7. The payment of any sum of money or anything of value, either directly or indirectly, by any bathhouse owner, manager, clerk, or attendant as compensation for drumming customers to any bathhouse, or allowing public drummers, drumming doctors, hotel or boarding-house proprietors who are drummers, or persons who work with them as inside men, to bring persons or show them through, or to loiter in or about any bathhouse is positively forbidden. Upon evidence of violation of this rule, the superintendent shall report the facts, with his recommendation, to the Secretary of the Interior,

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looking to the shutting off of the water from any bathhouse or canceling the lease, as the department may determine.

RULE 8. The lessee of each bathhouse shall cause to be kept a full and correct daily register of each bath given, the number and kind of bath tickets sold, and the number of complimentary tickets, if any, issued each day, etc., such form of register to be approved bythe superintendent and a copy therefrom of each day's business to be forwarded to the superintendent daily. No person shall be allowed to bathe without a numbered ticket being issued and a record of the same being kept, and report thereof, duly certified by the manager, filed with the superintendent on the first day of each month as paid, complimentary, or free baths, together with any information he may have showing a violation of the bathhouse rules and regulations which may be susceptible of proof.

RULE 9. All bathhouses receiving deposits of jewelry, money, or other valuables from bathers must provide means satisfactory to the superintendent of the reservation for the safe-keeping thereof. It is to be understood, however, that the Government assumes no responsibility in the premises. All losses must be promptly reported to the superintendent by the bathhouse manager.

RULE 10. An applicant for baths who is under medical treatment shall not be permitted to bathe in any bathhouse supplied with hot water from the Hot Springs Reservation unless said applicant presents satisfactory evidence that he or she is the patient of a physician who is duly registered at the office of the superintendent as qualified to prescribe the waters of the hot

springs, and who is known not to engage in drumming for custom: Provided, That every applicant for baths, not under the care of a registered physician, shall be required to make a certificate to be filed with the bathhouse manager that he or she is not under the care of any physician, and should such applicant subsequently employ, consult, or take treatment from any physician while taking baths, then in such case he or she will immediately notify the bathhouse manager of such fact. The violation of this rule by the owner, manager, or any employee of a bathhouse receiving hot water from the reservation will result in the cutting off of the water from the bathhouse or the canceling of the lease, as the department may determine.

RULE 11. Physicians desiring to prescribe the waters of the hot springs, either internally or through the medium of baths, must first be registered at the office of the superintendent of the reservation, and shall use only such uniform form of bathing directions as meets with the approval of the superintendent. Registration will be accorded only to such physicians as are found by a board designated by the Secretary of the Interior to have proper professional qualifications and character and who do not engage in drumming for custom. No physician who shall engage in the solicitation of patronage through the medium of drummers or otherwise, or who shall engage in unprofessional, disreputable, or dishonest conduct, or is addicted to the drug or other habit which disqualifies him for the performance of his professional duties, shall be or remain registered. In case any person who, in violation of these regulations, bathes or attempts to bathe, or enters or attempts to enter upon the Hot Springs Reservation to bathe, shall have the permit of a physician therefor, such physician shall be liable to the penalties

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LEGEND. The numbers in this list refer to the smaller num

bers on the map; the larger numbers on the map are the numbers of the squares.] 1. Superintendent's office. 2. Lamar bathhouse. 3. Buckstaff baths. 4. Ozark bathhouse. 5. Magnesia bathhouse. 6. Horse Shoe bathhouse. 7. Palace bathhouse. 8. Maurice bathhouse. 9. Hale bathhouse. 10. Superior bathhouse. 11. Arlington Hotel and baths. 12. Government free bathhouse. 13. Imperial bathhouse. 14. Hot Springs bathhouse and hotel. 15. Rector bathhouse and Waukesha Hotel. 16. Rockafellow bathhouse and hotel. 17. Majestic Hotel and baths. 18. St. Joseph Infirmary. 19. Great Northern Hotel and baths. 20. Post office. 21, Business Men's League. 22. Rock Island Station. 23. Iron Mountain Station. 24. Ozark Sanitarium. 25. Alhambra bathhouse. 26. Moody Hotel and baths. 27. City Hall and Auditorium Theater. 28. Electric street car lines. 29. Main entrance to reservation. 30. Park Hotel and baths. 31. Eastman Hotel and baths. 32. Arkansas National Bank. 33. Security Bank. 34. Citizens National Bank. 35. Elks' Home and Masonic Temple. 36. First Baptist Church. 37. First Methodist Church. 38. Episcopal Church. 39. Catholic Church. 40. First Presbyterian Church. 41. Whittington Lake Park. 42. High-school building. 43. County courthouse. 44. Superintendent's official residence.

North, West, and Hot Springs Mountains an! Whittington Lake Park form the permanent Hot Springs Reservation, owned and operated by the Government.

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provided in the act of April 20, 1904, unless he is regularly registered, but the bather or person attempting to bathe shall not be liable to the penalties of said act unless it shall be made to appear that he knew or had reason to believe that the physician giving him the permit to bathe was not regularly registered.

RULE 12. If a charge is made to the superintendent in writing, under oath, supported by the affidavits of two or more witnesses, that a registered physician has violated any of the laws or regulations pertaining to the government of the bathhouses receiving hot water from said reservation, the registered physician against whom the charge is made shall be immediately notified by the superintendent of the fact that affidavits have been made and be accorded an opportunity to cross-examine the witnesses on the subject thereof, in the presence of the superintendent, and the affidavits so filed, with the answers to such interrogatories as may be propounded by the physician, when completed, shall be duly certified by the superintendent and turned over to the Federal registration board, and thereafter, if in the judgment of the board the facts warrant such action, they will immediately cite the physician to appear before such board on a day to be named, within not exceeding 10 days from date of notice, to show cause why his name should not be stricken from the register of physicians authorized to prescribe the hot waters of said springs, and pending the investigation and final action upon such charges the right of such physician to prescribe the hot waters may be suspended by the Federal registration board The physician against whom such complaint is made shall have the right to file further written interrogatories pertinent to the issue to such complaints or witnesses, to be answered by them under oath, and may submit within 20 days thereafter counter affidavits in answer to the charges made in the affidavits of said witnesses.

The complainant witnesses may file rebuttal affidavits within 10 days after the service upon them of said counter affidavits, and the hearing of said charges shall be had on the record aforesaid. An appeal from the decision of said board and upon said record may be taken within seven days from such decision to the Secretary of the Interior.

If upon consideration of the complaint the charge is not sustained, the suspension will be immediately removed. If, however, such charge is sustained, or if default be made, the name of the physician shall be stricken from the registered list.

RULE 13. Persons violating any of the foregoing regulations within the purview of the act of April 20, 1904, entitled "An act conferring jurisdiction upon United States commissioners over offenses committed in a portion of the permanent Hot Springs Mountain Reservation, Ark.," and the act of March 2, 1907, amendatory thereof, will be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and be subjected on conviction to the payment of a fine, as provided in said act of April 20, 1904, of not exceeding $100, and be adjudged to pay all costs of the proceeding

RULE 14. All bathhouses shall be kept in a neat, clean, and sanitary condition, and all sewage and waste water properly conducted away, and all underdrainage kept in perfect order. The waterclosets shall have sufficient and free connection with the public sewers and be kept in the best order and with the best plumbing furnishings

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