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And we will cast our worthless grandeur from us,
As 'twere a cumbrous robe –Why, thou art one,
To whose high nature pomp hath ever been
But as the plumage to a warrior's helm,
Worn or thrown off as lightly. And for me,
Thou knowest not how serenely I could take
The peasant's lot upon me, so my heart,
Amidst its deep affections undisturb’d,
May dwell in silence.


Father doubt thou not But we will bind ourselves to poverty, With glad devotedness, if this, but this, May win them back-Distrust us not, my father! We can bear all things.

GONZALEZ. Can ye bear disgrace XIMENA. We were not born for this. GONZALEZ. No, thou sayst well ! Hold to that lofty faith.-My wife, my child ! Hath earth no treasures richer than the gems Torn from her secret caverns f—If by them

Chains may be riven, then let the captive spring
Rejoicing to the light!—But he, for whom
Freedom and life may but be won with shame,
Hath nought to do, save fearlessly to fix
His stedfast look on the majestic heavens,
And proudly die!


Gonzalez, who must die
goNzALEz (hurriedly).

They on whose lives a fearful price is set,
But to be paid by treason —Is 't enough
Or must I yet seek words

el, MiNA.

That look saith more 1

Thou canst not mean
I do why dwells there not

Power in a glance to speak it?—They must die!
They—must their names be told—Our sons must die
Unless I yield the city'

Ximen A.

Oh! look up !
My mother, sink not thus !—Until the grave

Shut from our sight its victims, there is hope.

ELMINA (in a low voice). Whose knell was in the breeze?—No, no, not theirs : Whose was the blessed voice that spoke of hopef —And there is hope —I will not be subdued— I will not hear a whisper of despair : For Nature is all-powerful, and her breath Moves like a quickening spirit o'er the depths Within a father's heart.—Thou too, Gonzalez, Wilt tell me there is hope goNZALEZ (solemnly). Hope but in Him Who bade the patriarch lay his fair young son Bound on the shrine of sacrifice, and when The bright steel quiver'd in the father's hand Just raised to strike, sent forth his awful voice Through the still clouds, and on the breathless air, Commanding to withhold!—Earth has no hope, It rests with Him. ELMINA.

Thou canst not tell me this Thou father of my sons, within whose hands Doth lie thy children's fate.


If there have been

Men in whose bosoms Nature’s voice hath made
Its accents as the solitary sound
Of an o'erpowering torrent, silencing
Th’ austere and yet divine remonstrances
Whisper’d by faith and honour, list thy hands,
And, to that Heaven, which arms the brave with strength,
Pray, that the father of thy sons may ne'er
Be thus found wanting !


Then their doom is seal’d'
Thou wilt not save thy children f
Hast thou cause,

Wife of my youth ! to deem it lies within
The bounds of possible things, that I should link
My name to that word—traitor?—They that sleep
On their proud battle-fields, thy sires and mine,
Died not for this '


Oh, cold and hard of heart!

Thou shouldst be born for empire, since thy soul
Thus lightly from all human bonds can free
Its haughty flight!—Men men too much is yours

Of vantage; ye, that with a sound, a breath,

A shadow, thus can fill the desolate space
Of rooted up affections, o'er whose void
Our yearning hearts must wither —So it is,
Dominion must be won —Nay, leave me not—
My heart is bursting, and I must be heard
Heaven hath given power to mortal agony
As to the elements in their hour of might
And mastery o'er creation'—Who shall dare
To mock that fearful strength 2–I must be heard
Give me my sons!

That they may live to hide
With covering hands th’ indignant flush of shame
On their young brows, when men shall speak of him
They call'd their father —Was the oath, whereby,
On th' altar of my faith, I bound myself,
With an unswerving spirit to maintain
This free and christian city for my God,
And for my king, a writing traced on sandf
That passionate tears should wash it from the earth,
Or e'en the life-drops of a bleeding heart
Efface it, as a billow sweeps away
The last light vessel's wake?—Then never more

Let man's deep vows be trusted —though enforced

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