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Part 301 302 303

Availability of records of the Peace Corps.
Claims against Government under Federal Tort Claims Act.
Eligibility and selection for Peace Corps volunteer service.




§ 302.1 Introduction.

The regulations of this part are issued PART 302-ORGANIZATION pursuant to section 3 of the Administra

tive Procedure Act, 5 U.S.C. 552, effective Sec. 302.1 Introduction.

July 4, 1967. 302.2 Central and field organization, estab- & 302.2 Central and field organization, lished places at which, the officers

established places at which, the offi. from whom, and the methods

cers from whom, and the methods whereby the public may secure in

whereby the public may secure information, make submittals, or re

formation, make submittals, or request, or obtain decisions; and

quest, or obtain decisions; and statestatements of the general course and methods by which its functions

ments of the general course and are channeled and determined.

methods by which its functions are 302.3 Rules of procedure, description of

channeled and determined. forms available, or the places at (a) The following are statements of which forms may be obtained, and

the central and field organization of the Instructions as to the scope and

Peace Corps:
content of all papers, reports, or

(1) Central Organization (1) Direc302.4 Substantive rules of general applica

tor. As head of the Peace Corps, the billty adopted as authorized by

Director is responsible to the Secretary law, and statements of general pol

of State for all the activities of the icy or interpretation of general ap- agency. He is assisted by a Deputy Direcplicability formulated and adopted tor and several staff units. by the agency.

(11) Regional Offices for Africa; East AUTHORITY: The provisions of this part 302 Asia and Pacific; Latin America; and issued under sec. 4, 75 Stat. 612; 22 U.S.C. North Africa, Near East and South Asia. 2503, 5 U.S.C. 552, E.O. 10501, 18 F.R. 7049, 3 These offices are responsible for the neCFR 1949–1953 Comp., page 979, E.O. 11041 as gotiation, establishment, and operation amended, 27 F.R. 7859, 3 CFR 1959–1963 of Peace Corps projects overseas and for Comp., page 623, State Department Delega- the training of Peace Corps Volunteers tion of Authority No. 85-11A, as amended. for such projects. They also provide, on SOURCE: The provisions of this part 302

behalf of the Director, policy guidance appear at 32 F.R. 9654, July 4, 1967, unless and immediate supervision to Peace otherwise noted.

Corps staff and operations overseas.

(iii) Office of Administration. This office develops management policies and objectives for the Peace Corps and is responsible for auditing, personnel administration, administrative services, and management planning.

(iv) Office of Evaluation and Research. This office conducts a systematic program evaluation designed to strengthen the processes of selection, training, and overseas utilization of volunteers. It also conducts research programs.

(v) Office of Financial Management. This office is responsible for all budget and fiscal matters and negotiates and administers Peace Corps contracts for such purposes as training, the development of training materials, overseas support, and research.

(vi) Office of General Counsel. This office provides advice and opinions on all legal matters with which the Peace Corps is concerned.

(vii) Office of Medical Programs. This office is responsible for providing or monitoring medical and dental evaluation, care and clearance of volunteers and trainees, and maintaining liaison with the Bureau of Employees' Compensation. It is also responsible for developing medical policy, providing technical advice on training and implementation of health projects (including family planning) and recruiting of overseas medical staff.

(viii) National Voluntary Service Programs. This program encourages and assists other countries in the development of Peace Corps-type programs, both for domestic and international service.

(ix) Office of Planning, Program Review and Research. This office is responsible for long-range planning, review of programs and training plans and for research. It advises the Director regarding the world-wide allocation of Volunteers and supervises the integrated planning, programing and budgeting system. It also serves as a staff resource in providing technical specialists, coordinates language training and testing for volunteers and staff, and is responsible for coordinating institutional relations.

(x) Office of Public Affairs. This office makes available throughout the United States knowledge of the opportunities for service and the requirements and

conditions of service of the Peace Corps Volunteer.

(xi) Office of Public Information. This office serves as the central spokesman of the Peace Corps regarding its programs, needs and accomplishments, and responds to requests for information on these subjects.

(xii) School Partnership Program. This program is designed to coordinate and expand the number of partnerships between American schools and communities overseas in a program of self-help school construction.

(xiii) Office of Selection. This office is responsible for the development and implementation of all policy and procedures for the selection of Peace Corps Volunteers, from receipt of application to overseas departure.

(xiv) Ofice of Volunteer Support. This office provides administrative support for and liaison with Volunteers and is responsible for policies related to Volunteer service.

(2) Domestic Field Organization(i) Regional Peace Corps Public Affairs Ofices. Midwest Peace Corps Public Affairs Office,

205 West Wacker Drive (Room 1510),

Chicago, Ill. 60606. Northeast Peace Corps Public Affairs Office,

408 Atlantic Avenue (Room 211), Boston,

Mass. 02110. Southern Peace Corps Public Affairs Office,

275 Peachtree Street NE. (Room B 70),

Atlanta, Ga. 30303. Western Peace Corps Public Affairs Ofice,

681 Market Street (Room 630), San Fran

cisco, Calif. 94105. The above offices, under the direction of the Office of Public Affairs, provide regional recruiting services for the Peace Corps.

(ii) Training Centers. Escondido Peace Corps Training and Develop

ment Center, Post Office Box 2000, Route 2,

Escondido, Calif. 92025. Puerto Rico Peace Corps Training Center,

Federal Government Building (Room 225),

Post Ofice Box 3166, San Juan, P.R. 00904. Virgin Islands Peace Corps Training Center,

Frederiksted, St. Croix (Box 1517), U.S.

Virgin Islands 00840. These centers are operated directly by the Peace Corps, under the direction of the appropriate regional office. These training facilities are designed to pro

vide field experiences in community development, practice teaching, and related activities for Peace Corps trainees.

(3) Foreign Field Organization(i) Africa Region. Botswana, Gaberones. Cameroon, Yaounde. Chad, Fort Lamy. Congo (Democratic Republic of), Kinshasa. Ethiopia, Addis Ababa. Gambia, Bathurst. Ghana, Accra. Guinea, Conakry. Ivory Coast, Abidjan. Kenya, Nairobi. Lesotho, Maseru. Liberia, Monrovia. Malawi, Blantyre. Niger, Niamey. Nigeria, Lagos. Senegal, Dakar. Sierra Leone, Freetown. Somali Republic, Mogadiscio. Swaziland, Moabane. Tanzania, Dar es Salaam. Togo, Lome. Uganda, Kampala. Upper Volta, Ouagadougou.

(ii) East Asia and Pacific Region.
Fiji, Suva.
Korea, Seoul.
Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.
Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands, Saipan.
Philippines, Manila.
Thailand, Bangkok.
Tonga, Nuku'alofa.
Western Samoa, Apia.

(ii) Latin America Region.
Bolivia, La Paz.
Brazil, Rio de Janeiro.
British Honduras, Belize.
Chile, Santiago.
Colombia, Bogata.
Costa Rica, San Jose.
Dominican Republic, Santa Domingo,
Ecuador, Quito.
El Salvador, San Salvador.
Guatamala, Guatamala City.
Guyana, Georgetown.

Honduras, Tegucigalpa.
Jamaica, Kingston.
Nicaragua, Managua.
Panama, Panama City.
Paraguay, Asuncion.
Peru, Lima.
Uruguay, Montevideo.
Venezuela, Caracas.
Windward-Leeward Islands, Bridgetown


(iv) North Africa, Near East and South Asia Region. Afghanistan, Kabul. Ceylon, Colombo. India, New Delhi. Iran, Tehran. Libya, Tripoli. Morocco, Rabat. Nepal, Kathmandu. Tunisia, Tunis. Turkey, Ankara.

(b) Any person desiring information concerning a matter handled by the Peace Corps, or any persons desiring to make a submittal or request in connection with such a matter, should communicate either orally or in writing with the appropriate office. If the office receiving the communication does not have jurisdiction to handle the matter, the communication, if written, will be forwarded to the proper office, or, if oral, the person will be advised how to proceed. [32 F.R. 9654, July 4, 1967, as amended at 34 F.R. 5839, Mar. 28, 1969] $ 302.3 Rules of procedure, description

of formis available, the places at which forms may be obtained, and instructions as to the scope and content of all papers, reports, or exam

inations. Forms regarding the following listed matters and instructions relating thereto may be obtained upon application to the offices listed below.

1. Application for Peace

Corps volunteer

Office of Public


Peace Corps, 806 Connecticut Ave. NW., Washington, D.C. 20525.

Peace Corps

Public Affairs

Midwest Peace Corps Public Affairs Office, 205 West Wacker Dr.,

Room 1510, Chicago, Il. 60606.
Northeast Peace Corps Public Affairs Office, 408 Atlantic Ave.,

Rooi 211, Boston, Mass. 02110.
Southern Peace Corps Public Affairs Office, 275 Peachtree St., Room

B 70, Atlanta, Ga. 30303.
Western Peace Corps Public Affairs Office, 681 Market St., Room 630,

San Francisco, Calif. 94105.

(32 F.R. 9654, July 4, 1967, as amended at 34 F.R. 5839, Mar. 28, 1969)


$ 302.4 Substantive rules of general ap- § 303.2 Availability of records. plicability adopted as authorized by

All identifiable records of the Peace law, and statements of general policy

Corps requested under 5 U.S.C. 552 shall or interpretation of general applica

be made available to the public upon bility formulated and adopted by the

compliance with the procedures estabagency.

lished in this part, except to the extent (a) The Peace Corps regulations pub- that a determination is made, in accordlished under the provisions of the Ad

ance with procedures set forth in § 303.7, ministrative Procedure Act are found in

that a record is exempt from disclosure Part 301 of Title 22 of the Code of Fed

and is to be withheld in the public ineral Regulations and the FEDERAL REG

terest. All applications, publications, ISTER. These regulations are supple- and other documents heretofore provided mented from time to time by amend- by the Peace Corps in the normal course ments appearing initially in the FEDERAL of business will continue to be made REGISTER.

available, without charge, upon request

to the appropriate unit. PART 303—AVAILABILITY OF REC

§ 303.3 Availability of statements of pol. ORDS OF THE PEACE CORPS

icy, interpretations, manuals, opin. Sec.

ions, and instructions. 303.1 Definitions.

Statements of policy, interpretations, 303.2 Availability of Records.

administrative manuals (or portions 303.3 Availability of statements of policy,

thereof), opinions, and instructions to interpretations, manuals, opinions, and instructions.

staff which affect any member of the 303.4 Records which may be exempt from

public will be made available to the pubdisclosure.

lic in the public reading room for in303.5 Authority to release and certify

spection and copying, except to the records.

extent they are determined by the Gen303.6 Public reading room.

eral Counsel to be exempt from dis303.7 Manner of requesting records.

closure under $ 303.4. 303.8 Schedule of fees and method of pay

$ 303.4 Records which may be exempt ment for services rendered.

from disclosure. AUTHORITY: The provisions of this Part 303 issued under sec. 4, 75 Stat. 612; 22 U.S.C.

The following categories are examples 2503, 5 U.S.C. 552, E.O. 10501, as amended, 18

of records maintained by the Peace F.R. 7049, 3 CFR 1949–1953 Comp., page 979,

Corps which, under 5 U.S.C. 552(b), may E.O. 11041, as amended, 27 F.R. 7859, 3 CFR be exempted from disclosure: 1959–1963 Comp., page 623, State Department (a) Records required to be withheld Delegation of Authority No. 85-11A, by Executive order or other authority, amended.

relating to national defense of foreign SOURCE: The provisions of this part 303 policy. Included in this category are recappear at 32 F.R. 9654, July 4, 1967, unless

ords required by Executive Order No. otherwise noted.

10501, as amended, to be kept secret in § 303.1 Definitions.

the interests of national defense or

foreign policy. As used in this part, the following def

(b) Records related solely to internal initions shall apply: (a) The term "identifiable” means, in

personnel rules and practices. Included

in this category are internal rules and the context of a request for a record, a

practices relating to management operareasonably specific description of the

tions which cannot be disclosed to the particular record sought, such as date,

public without substantial prejudice to format, and subject matter, which will

the effective performance of a significant permit its location.

function of the Peace Corps. (b) The term “record" includes all

(c) Records specifically exempted books, papers, maps, photographs, or

from disclosure by statute. Included in other documentary material, or copies

this category are records relating to the thereof, regardless of physical form or officers and employees of the Foreign characteristics, made in or received by Service (sec. 612 of the Foreign Service the Peace Corps, and preserved as evi- Act of 1946, as amended, 22 U.S.C. 986). dence of its organization, functions, (d) Information given in confidence. policies, decisions, procedures, opera- Included in this category are records tions, or other activities.

reflecting commercial and financial in




formation, as well as other information, authentication for and in the name of obtained from any person and customar- the Director or Acting Director of the ily regarded as privileged and confiden- Peace Corps. The form of authentication tial by the person from whom they were shall be as follows: obtained, such as information provided

In testimony whereof, I to physicians or psychologists regarding Director of the Peace Corps, have hereunto Peace Corps Volunteers or Volunteer caused my name to be subscribed by the applicants.

Authentication Officer of the said Agency, at

in (e) Interagency or intra-agency mem

this -----oranda or letters. Included in this cate

day of gory are records such as interagency

(Director of the Peace Corps) communications and internal drafts, memoranda between officials and be

(Authentication Officer, Peace Corps) tween agencies, opinions and interpreta

(3) The Authentication Officer is also tions prepared by staff or consultants; records of the deliberations of staff; and

hereby authorized to issue such state

ments, certificates, or other documents records the premature disclosure of which would interfere with the achieve

as may be required in connection with ment of the purpose for which they were

judicial proceedings or other official matbeing prepared.

ters to show that, after diligent search (f) Personnel, medical, and other files.

of the Peace Corps' records, a requested Included in this category are personnel

record has not been found. (See Rule 44 and medical files for staff and Volunteers

(b), Federal Rules of Civil Procedure for and other files containing private or per

the U.S. District Courts.) sonnel information, the public disclosure § 303.6 Public reading room. of which would amount to a clearly un

A public reading room or area, where warranted invasion of the privacy of any

the records described in $ 303.3 shall be person to whom the information pertains.

made available without charge, is 10(g) Investigatory files. Included in

cated in Peace Corps Headquarters, 806 this category are files compiled for the

Connecticut Avenue NW., Washington, enforcement of all laws, or prepared in

D.C. Inquires as to its location should be connection with Government litigation

directed to the Peace Corps receptionist. and adjudicative proceedings, except for those portions of such files which are by § 303.7 Manner of requesting records. law available to persons in litigation

(a) Requests under 5 U.S.C. 552 for with the Government, in which case

access to Peace Corps records may be such portions shall be made available to

Aled, in person or by mail, with the Disuch litigants.

rector of Public Information at Peace $ 303.5 Authority to release and certify Corps Headquarters, 806 Connecticut records.

Avenue NW., Washington, D.C. 20525. (a) Authority is hereby delegated to

Personal requests shall be received be

tween 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., Monday the Director, Administrative Services Division, Office of Administration, to

through Friday, except oficial holidays.

Records will be made available as furnish, pursuant to the regulations of this part, copies of records to any person

promptly as is reasonably possible under entitled thereto, and upon request to

the particular circumstances involved. provide certified copies thereof for use

(b) Requests relating to any other

Federal agency's records copies of which in judicial proceedings or other official

are on file in the Peace Corps will normatters as provided in this section. (1) Notice is hereby given that no seal

mally be referred to that agency for conhas been adopted for the Peace Corps.

sideration. (2) The Director of the Administra

(c) Personal requests for access to

records shall be made on Peace Corps tive Services Division, and the Deputy Director of the Administrative Services

Form No. 1193. Copies of that form are Division, Office of Administration, are

available in the Office of Public Informahereby designated to act as Authentica

tion and the public reading room or area. tion Officer and, when the Authentica

In the case of requests made by mail, the tion Officer is unavailable, Acting Au- form will be completed by the Office of thentication Officer, respectively. The Public Information. Authentication Officer is hereby author- (d) Upon receipt of a request for a ized to sign and issue certificates of record, the Director of the Office of Pub

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