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and we may add, to those who cherish a tended for more juvenile readers than its taste for the old English writers. Within predecessors, is equally ingenious and sach narrow limits we cannot trust our useful. selves to descant upon Tasso and his noble epic, although the theme is both fruitful and inviting; yet, does not the world—or

A Practical Treatise on Healthy Skin ; that portion of it endowed with imagina

wilh Rules for the Medical and Domes. tion and sensibility-know it by heart?

tic Treatment of Cutaneous Diseases. The romantic love, the moral suffering,

By ERASMUS Wilson, F. R. S. Illusand the triumphant death of the bard of

trated with six Steel Engravings. NewPalestine, have endeared a name which

York; D. Appleton & Co. poetic genius and the award of centuries This is one of the most valuable works has consecrated. Fairfax, as a translator, yet published on this subject. has become classical, and, as is observed in prises the author's own, and the discovethe introduction to these beautiful volumes, ries of others, a new clsssification of cutaranks with Chapman, whose English ver

neous diseases, and a treatise on their diag. sion of Homer is soon to follow in the se- nosis, pathology and treatment. It emries. A life of Tasso, and one of Hunt's braces a scientific and popular description dainty criticisms-exhibiting the beauties of the skin, discusses at length its funcof the Jerusalem Delivered-are very ap tions, gives a full and interesting exposipriately published by way of introducing tion of the influence of diet, clothiug, exthe reader to the poem itself. There could ercise, ablution and bathing on the healih not have been selected a better work for of the skin, with directions upon each the Foreign Series, of the Publisher's topic, and also all the diseases to which, “ Library of Choice Reading,” than this. under any circumstances, it is exposed. Life in California. By AN AMERICAN.

OUR PORTRAITS. · Messrs. Anthony, New-York; Wiley & Putnam. 1846.

Clark & Co. 247 Broadway, from whose Many of our readers doubtless remem

beautiful daguerreotypes our engravings ber the interesting descriptions of Califor. have been made, have recently added i nia, contained in *Two Years before the their national gallery some of the most Mast.” The subject was, then, quite no

perfect specimens in this line of art, which vel. We perceive, however, that it has are probably to

be found in this country recently been made the subject of a popu

or in Europe. Among these are the likelar lecture, by a Boston merchant-the nesses of the lamented INMAN, (a beautisame gentleman to whom this book is de ful collection of whose works are now dicated—who was one of the first explorers exhibiting at the “ ART Union,” for the of the region for purposes of trade. The benefit of his family,) the artist Weir, neat duodecimo volume mentioned above and others of the distinguished citizens comprises a very intelligent, and, we

of New-York. We refer to these artists should judge, faithful account of a resi- in connection with the expensive endence of some years in California. The gravings which have recently embellished author who modestly withholds his name,

the Review, both as an evidence of their is, we understand, Mr. Robinson, one of success in bringing the art to a high degree our most enterprising merchants. He has of perfection, and as an inducement to our done the public good service by this use friends, in view of the promise to continue fal work. He describes the country ela- these portraits, to engage actively in exborately, narrates many striking incidents, tending the circulation of the work. Many and gives a detailed account of the mission of these will prove to be the only faithful ary labors in that part of the world. The and life-like representations of these men value of the book is much enhanced by in existence, as was the case with our the addition of an ingenious manuscript, venerable and departed Jackson. This translated from the Spanish of a Francis- firm have now the most extensive and can monk, giving an historical account of complete arrangements for taking dathe Indians of California—their origin, cus guerreotypes of any size-for a locket, toms and present condition.

breast-pin, or large frame; and their ra

pidly increasing patronage from our citiThe Cousins. By the author of Con. zens and distinguished visitors in New

QUEST and Self-Conquest. New-York; York is evidence of their success. Ju force, Harper & Brothers. 1846.

beauty, and truthfulness of expression, Here is another well-written and useful their likenesses are unsurpassed. story for the young. The previous books ? We have remaining on hand a few of this writer placed her in the same rank of the proof portraits of Gen. Jackson, with Miss Sedgwick in the same depart- printed on large paper, and designed for ment. She has now realized the popu- framing—a life-like and almost speaking larity she deserved. “Praise and Princi- likeness, taken just before his death, which ple" had an extensive sale, and is followed may be had by any of our friends at $2 by the present story, which, although in- each, in current funds, remitter! post-paid.


THE HARPERS, 62 Cliff-st., have recently issued by Rev. Dr. Barnes, of Philadelphia, on the “ Vir. The History of Cotton, Woollen, Silk and Flax, an tues and Public Services of William Penn":cient and modern. 1 large 8vo. vol. Also, other Horace Mann's Lectures on Education ; Fowle & valuable works, which we have not space to notice. Capen, Boston. The ninth volume of Sparks' AmeThey have also issued The Robber-a tale, by G. rican Biography; Little & Brown, Boston. Dr. P. R. James; 2 vols. in 1, 12mo.-The Cricket on Sprague's Lectures to Young Men ; new edition, the Hearth-a fairy tale of Home. By Chas. Dick 12mo. 75 cts. Dr. Wan's Life of Henry Ware, Jr. ens.-The Wandering Jew, illustrated-in large Youаtt on the Horse, with a general history of the type, at 25 cts., has reached the 11th No. Their Horse-a dissertation on the American trotting. Bible, and Shakespear, both superbly illustrated, horse, how trained, &c., and an Essay on the Asy are nearly completed.

and Mule, by J. S. Skinner, 1 vol. 8vo.-Clater and THE APPLETONS have now ready, the first and Youatt's Cattle Doctor-or, Diseases incident to second Latin Book of Arnold's series. Arnold's Cattle, Sheep, and Swine, with ag Essay on the Im. method of teaching and acquiring languages is sub provement of Oxen, and the improvement in stantially that of Ollendorf, the principle of which breed of Sheep, by J. S. Skinner, 1 vol. 12mo.-Clais presented in a brief paragraph in their Bulletin: ter on the Diseases of the Horse, with notes and ad.

• Mr. Arnold, in fact, has the good sense to adopt ditions, by J. S. Skinner, 1 vol. 12mo. Philad., Lea the system of nature ; a child learns his own lan & Blanchard. 1845. guage by imitating what he hears, and constantly Am rican Military Law and Courts Martial, with repeating it, till it is fastened in the memory ; in suggestions for their improvement. By John O' the same way, Mr. A. puts the pupil immediately to Brien, Lieut, in the U. S. Navy. Lea & Blanchard, work at Exercises in Latin and Greek involving the Philad. 1846. elementary principles of the language-words are Fowler': Phrenological Journal-issued monthly, supplied--the mode of putting them together is told 32 pages in each No. $1 per annum in advance.the pupil-he is shown how the ancients expressed Love and Parenlage, applied to the Improvement their ideas; and then, by repeating these things of Offspring-including important directions and again and again, iterum iterumque, the docile pupil suggestions to lovers and the married. By 0. S. has them indelibly impressed upon his memory and Fowler, Practical Phrenologist. Fowler & Wells, rooted in his understanding."

151 Nassau-st., New-York. They have in preparation “ Tasso's Jerusalem WILEY & PUTNAM have recently issued Tasso's Delivered,” translated into English Spenserian Jerusalem --Godfrey of Bolloigne, or the Recovery verse, by J. H. Wiffen ; “History of the Later Ro of Jerusalem, done into English heroical verse. By man Commonwealth,” by Thos. Arnold, D. D.--the Edward Fairfax-1st American from the 7th Lontwo 8vo. vols. of the English edition to be publish- don edition, to which are prefixed an Introductory ed in one 8vo. vol., uniform with the same author's Essay, by Leigh Hunt, and Lives of Fairfax and “Early History of Rome," recently printed in two Tasso, by Charles Knight, in two parts, 50 cts each, vols. ; A second edition, in large type, of “The Life or bound in red cloth® $1 50-- forining the Library and Correspondence of Thos. Arnold, D. D.," by the of Choice Reading Nos. 48-49.-Oliver Cromwell's Rev. A. P. Stanley, M. A. The first edition of this Letters and Speeches, with elucidations and conadmirable biography, (printed in small type,) being necting Narrative. By Thomas Carlyle-complete exhausted, the publishers, from the increasing de in four Nos., printed on fine paper, forming Nos. mand, and in conformity with a desire expressed by 39 to 42 of the Library of Choice Reading, $2–in many, that it should be re-issued in a larger and extra cloth $2 50, Library edition in 2 large vols. more readable form, will shortly issue the new edi 8vo., in extra cloth $3 50 — also, a cheap edition.tion, in 1 vol. 8vo

The Pilgrim in the Shadow of the Jungfrau Alp. By A'new " Life of Martin Lutner," by M. Michelet, the Rev. Geo. G Cheever, D. D. 1 vol. 12mo., Prof. of History, and Historian of the History of beautifully printed, forming No. 11 of the Library France. A life of this great reformer, from so able of American Books, price

50 cts. Life in Califor. a writer as M. Michelet, will be read with deep in nia, during a residence of several years in that ter. terest; A History of the English Revolution of 1668, ritory, comprising a description of the country and by M. Guizot, Prime Minister of France, and author the Missionary establishments, with Incidents, Obof “ General History of Civilization in Europe.”— servations, &c. &c., illustrated with numerous enCarpenter's Manual of Physiologv;" Dr. Royle's gravings. By an American-to which is annexed « Manual of Materia Medica and Therapeutics ;" a historical account of the origin, customs and tra« The Life and Letters of Robert Campbell," by

ditions of the Indians of Alta-California, translated Dr. Beattie; “A Standard Pronouncing French from the original Spanish manuscript. 1 vol. 12m0., Dictionary of the French and English Languages," with engravings, $1 25.-A Sequel to Vestiges of in two parts, 1 vol. 12 mo. by Grabreil Surrenne. the Natural History of Creation. By the author of

The same house have just issued Dr. Arnold's that work. 1 neat vol. 12mo., uniform with the “Rugby School Sermons." 1 vol. 12mo., 75 cts. A Vestiges. 50 cts.—The American House-Carpen, volume of Sermons from the pen of Dr. Arnold, ad ter-new edition, enlarged and improved--a treadressed, as these were, to his pupils, on practical

tise upon Architecture, Cornices and Mouldings, snbjects, and in illustration of the great princi- Framing doors, windows and stairs-together with ples which must enter into the formation of

the most important principles of practical Geomeevery good and substantial character, will be widely try. By R. G. Hatfield, Architect. 1 handsome read, and with interest. We commend it to all vol. 8vo., beautifully printed, and well bound in who are engaged in the instruction of yonth. Since extra cloth. Price $2. the days of Roger Ascham, no man has given himself with more assiduity and energy to the high and responsible duties of the teacher, or has done more We would call attention to the advertisement in to ennoble and dignify the office, than Dr. Arnold. this No. of GAYLOR's Double Patent Salamander - They have also published "New Netherland ; or, Safe-one of the oldest Safe Makers in the cityNew-York under the Dutch." By E. B. O'Callaghan to the testimony of merchants present at the burn-a handsome 8vo. vol. $2 50; and “ The Historying of Iron safes, at Vauxhall Garden, in January of Rome from its Earliest Period," by Dr. Arnold, last, as therein stated, and to the opinion of these in two 8vo. vols., $5. Notices of both will be given merchants as to the fairness of the trial, and the suin another number.

periority of this safe. We hope hereafter to issue The following are valuable works recently issu an advertising sheet of this nature, of matters which ed :-The Attractions of the Cross ; designed to may prove to be of value to our mercantile friends. elucidate the leading truths, obligations and hopes We refer, also, to 2d and 3d pages of the cover, of Christianity, by Gardiner Spring, D. D. 1 vol. and to the new invention described in one of the

M. W. Dodd, publisher, N. Y.-A Discourse, advertisements,

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Plata, to narrower considerations, for the American Congress of Panama.

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