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6. Definite units of assignment — focused so as to be well within the grasp of the class. 7. Timely exercises - developed so as to be opportune for

schools having either annual or semiannual promotions.

8. The illustrative models, fresh material of everyday value — selections from newspapers and magazines as well as from books.

9. The use of pictures and devices for teaching purposes.

10. Community interests woven into language work — Health Posters, Fire Prevention, Protecting the Birds, Red Cross, Clean-up Week, Safety First and Scout campaigns, Good-English Drives, Community Guide Book, Junior Civic League, etc.

II. Americanism emphasized from cover to cover - in discussion, assignments, dramatizations.

The selections by Edward Rowland Sill, Thomas Bailey Aldrich, Oliver Wendell Holmes, John Greenleaf Whittier, William Elliot Griffis, John Burroughs, and Dallas Lore Sharp are used by permission of, and by special arrangement with, Houghton Mifflin Company, the authorized publishers of their works. Selections from "Birds through the Year," "Four American

. Inventors,” “Stories from Life," "Stories of Great Americans for Little Americans," "Stories of American Life and Adventure," "The Story of the Forest,” and “Thirty More Famous Stories Retold” are reprinted from copyright books published by the American Book Company.

Grateful acknowledgment is made to Miss Helen Keller, the Hon. Charles E. Hughes, Dr. John H. Finley, Edwin Markham, Juliet Wilbor Tompkins, Hamlin Garland, and William Tyler Page for permission to use extracts from their writings; also to Mr. Thomas B. Harned for a poem by Walt Whitman, and to Mr. James G. Cutler for a poem by Henry Abbey.

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Finding words in dictionary.. 21-22

Declarative, interrogative, and

Project 6

exclamatory sentences . .23-24 Use of colon ....

Form of business letter. 24-26 Unity and order in paragraph...58

Model of business letter.


Kinds of verbs . .

. 59

Independent elements. 27-28 Ways to show possession .....60-62


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Cultivating dictionary habit .. .93-94
Synonyms ...

The danger of slang.

Compound subjects: and .96
Correct usage: and, either,
neither, or, nor .


Half-year review.


I 20


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