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ADAMS, DR. EDWARD P., Cincinnati

Skin-Grafting by Thiersch's Method, 123.
AYRES, Dr. S. C., Cincinnati.

Case of Enophthalmos Traumatica, 442.
BAILEY, DR. G. L., Cincinnati.

Clinical Notes, 394.
BLAIR, DR. B. H., Lebanon, O.

Dislocation of the Cuneiform Bones, 513.
BONIFIELD, DR. C. L., Cincinnati.

Report of Fifty-nine Abdominal Sections,

BROWN, DR. Mark A., Cincinnati.

Specimens of the Malarial Parasite, 326.'
Case of Spleno-Myelogenous Leukemia,

BRUSH, DR. EDMUND C., Zanesville, O.

Removal of Both Mammary Glands for

Carcinoma, 347.
BUCKNER, DR. JAMES H., Cincinnati.

A Fraud, 458.
BULLARD, DR. W. L., Columbus, Ga.

Acute Tonsillitis, Etc.: Treatment and

Prophylaxis, 440.
CALDWELL, DR. C. E., Cincinnati.

Specimens of Diseased Vertebræ, 615.
CALDWELL, JOHN A., JR., B. S., Cincinnati.

Speech and Its Disorders, 413.
CARPENTER, DR. JULIA W., Cincinnati.

Hay Fever: Its Resorts, Victims and

Their Late Conventions; Present

Status of the Disease, 609.
CARSON, DR. Arch I., Cincinnati.

Specimens: Comminuted Fracture of the
Femur; Vertebral Artery Injured by

Bullet, 645.
COLTER, DR. L. S., Cincinnati.

Comparative Safety of Anesthetics, 320.
CRILE, DR. George W., Cleveland, O.

Experimental Research into the Cause of

the Phenomena Attending the Inhaling

of Hot Air and Flame, 639.
DANDRIDGE, DR. N. P., Cincinnati.

Remarks on a Specimen of Stone Re-

moved from a Child Eight Years of

Age, 592.
DEBeck, DR. DAVID, Cincinnati.

Ophthalmic Memoranda, 245, 274, 641.
DEWITT, Dr. W. H., Cincinnati.

Physiology and Hygiene in Our Public

Schools, 108.
Alcoholism, 407.

Contagious Diseases, 603, 646.
DUNHAM, DR. KENNON, Cincinnati.

Experience with a New Intubation-Set,

EVANS, Dr. Otho, Franklin, O.

Uterine Hydatids, 514:
Everts, Dr. Orpheus, Cincinnati.

Intoxicants : Alcohol and Alcoholism,365.
FEID, Dr. Louis J., Cincinnati.

Duodenotomy for Gastric Carcinoma, 73.


Specimen of Cystin Crystals, 104.
FREIBERG, DR. ALBERT H., Cincinnati.

Case of Epithelioma of Left Ala Nasi,397.
Case of Popliteal Aneurism, 449.
Case of. Tuberculous Disease of Elbow

Joint (Operated Upon), 476.
FUNCK, DR. C. J., Cincinnati.

Calomel, 171.
GATHER, DR. ALFRED, Cincinnati.

Instrument for Uterine Irrigation, 561.
GARLICK, Dr. H. Stow, Cincinnati.

Epitheloma of the Tongue in a Young

Man Twenty-one Years of Age, 583.
GILLESPIE, DR. WM., Cincinnati.

Causes and Management of Slow First

Stage of Labor, 533.

A Modern Cyclops.—Massage in Simple

Muscular Atrophy, 518.
HALL, DR. Rufus B., Cincinnati.

Specimen of Ovarian Cyst with Twisted

Pedicle, 36.

Presentation of Specimen, 201.
HEIDINGSFELD, Dr. M. L., Cincinnati.

Case of Lichen Ruber Moniliformis, 35.
Lupus Vulgaris, 77.
Ulcerating Papular Syphilide, 78.
Epithelioma of the Nose, 78.
Erythema Nodosum, 78.
Lichen Ruber Planus, 341.
Cacodylic Acid, 585.

Ulcerative Iodine Eruption, 590.

Presentation of Instruments and Formulæ.

Case of a Foreign Body (Knife Blade)

Imbedded in the Orbital Tissues for

Thirty-two Years, 644.
HUMISTON, DR. WM. H., Cleveland, O.

Primary Sclerosis of the Ovary, 370.

Specimen of Cystic Tumor of Ovary, 646.
Joseph, Dr. E. P., Cincinnati.

Diagnosis and Treatment Wanted, 128.
KEMPTON, Dr. WM. D., Cincinnati.

Interdental Splints, 597-
KENNER, Dr. Robert C., Louisville, Ky.

Treatment of Certain Morbid Conditions,

LESTER, DR. C. A., Bowling Green, Ky.

Correction of Refraction in Myopia , 437.
LYLE, Dr. BENJAMIN F., Cincinnati.

Points on Smallpox, 25.
Specimens of Eruptions of Smallpox Ap-
pearing in an Infant Twenty-one Days

Old, and in a Five-Months Fetus, 37.
MARSH, Dr. F. O., Cincinnati.

Random Observations, 99.
McCORMICK, Dr. W.:B., Higginsport, O.

Specific for Eczema, 5.

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