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of instruments used for taking ranges; for

ovation of fire; for transmission of ranges, •ctions, and orders. of giving elevation and direction. o fire series in service practice f. See note. d description of target. *l atmospheric conditions. of all officers, gun commanders, and P. F. overs engaged in the practice.

Year, 190—.
Month, –.

rh. MARKS.

| mwooding Company, Coast - rtillery.

Commauding the Practice.

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This form will be used by the observer detailed for this work.
He will record herein all data derived from observations made
before each shot, upon which the calculations for the angle of eleva-
tion were made, and also any special observation he may be called
upon to make, with explanatory note.
He will date, sign, and deliver this report to the officer in charge
of the firing immediately on closing station.
This report will be filed with the company records.

FORM 31 c.

Observer's Record for Deviation.

Date, –. Company, Coast Artillery.

In rear of gun yards.

Position of instrument:- To right yards.
To left yards.

Deviation Deviation
No. of minutes." yards. 3. Remarks.
fire. -
Left. Right. Left. Right. | Tangent 1'=.000291.


Obserrer. 3–1884

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