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Church of the first born, who in delightful response with the angels of light, chant redeeming love. Against this citadel the tempest beats, and around it the storm rages and spends its force in vain. Immortal in its nature, and incapable of change, it stands and stands firm, amidst the ruins of a mouldering world, and endures for ever.

Thither fly, ye prisoners of hope!-that when earth, air, elements, shall have passed away, secure of existence and felicity, you may join with saints in glory, to perpetuate the song which lingered on the faultering tongue of HAMILTON, "GRACE, RICH GRACE."

GOD grant us this honor. Then shall the measure of our joy be full, and to his name shall be the glory in CHRIST." AMEN




The following paper, in the hand writing of Gen. HAMILTON, was inclosed with his Will, and some other papers, in a packet, addressed to one of his executors, which was of course not to have been delivered but in case of the melancholy event that has happened. As it contains his motives and reflections on the causes that have led to this fatal catastrophe, it is deemed proper to communicate it to the public.

ON my expected interview with Col. Burr, I think it proper to make some remarks explanatory of my conduct, motives and views.

I was certainly desirous of avoiding this interview for the most cogent reasons.

1. My religious and moral principles are strongly opposed to the practice of duelling, and it would ever give me pain to be obliged to shed the blood of a fellow creature in a private combat forbidden by the laws.

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