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and which every good man will feel himself bound to pay, after the sublime example of him, who though a Jew and residing at Jerusalem, rendered honor and paid tribute to Cæsar at Rome.

I cannot sum up all that I would wish to say to you better than by placing the entire character of JESUS CHRIST before you as a PERFECT MODEL, in the imitation of which, will alike consist your happiness and glory. On every important question, in every trying situation, ask what would have been HIS opinion, what HIS conduct : and let the answer regulate your own.

Methinks your parents, some of whom I see in this assembly, add their sanction to the counsel I am now delivering. Parents whom I cannot but commend particularly to your ingenuousness, and from their kindness and solicitude, derive an argument to enforce all that I have said. You will never know, till the bitterness of filial ingratitude shall teach you, the extent of the duty that you owe them. On you their affections have been placed on you their treasures expended. With what tenderness they ministered to your wants in helpless infancy; with what patience they bore with your indiscretions in wayward childhood; and with what solicitude they watched your steps in erring youth. No care has been too severe; no selfdenials too painful: no sacrifices too great, which would contribute to your felicity. To your welfare the meridian of life has been constantly devoted, and even its cheerless evening is rendered supportable by the prospect of leav

ing you the heirs of their fame and of their fortune. For all this affection and kindness, the only reward they expect; the only requital they ask is, that when you enter on the world you will act worthy of yourselves and not dishonor them.

And shall this requital be denied them? Will you by your follies disturb even the tranquility of age; rob declining life of its few remaining pleasures, and snatching away from the palsied hand of your aged parents the last cup of earthly consolation, bring their grey hairs with anticipated sorrow to the grave!

It was a noble spectacle, amidst the flames that were consuming Troy, and while the multitude were intent only on rescuing their paltry treasures, to see the dutiful Æneas bearing on his shoulder the venerable Anchises, his aged father, to a place of safety. But ah! how rare such examples of filial piety! My God! the blood freezes in the veins at the thought of the ingratitude of children. Spirits of my sainted parents, could I recall the hours when it was in my power to honor you, how diffe. rent should be my conduct. Ah! were not the dead unmindful of the reverence the living pay them, I would disturb the silence of your tombs with nightly orisons, and bedew the urn which contains your ashes with perpetual tears!

It is within your power to prevent the bitterness of such regrets.-But I must arrest the current of my feelings. Your future usefulness, your eternal salvation constitute a motive so vast, so solemn that were

I to yield to its overwhelming influence, I should protract the hour of separation and fill up with counsel and admonition, the declining day.

I shall address you no more. I shall meet with you no more, 'till having past the solemnities of death, I meet you in eternity. So spend the intervening period, I adjure you that that meeting may be joyous and the immortality which shall follow it splended as the grace of that God is free, to whom, surrendering my charge, I now commit you.-Leav ing with you this counsel, I bid you an affectionateand final FAREWELL.








Union College,



JULY 29th, 1807.



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