A Condensed Compendium of Pharmaceutical Knowledge: A Quiz Book

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Gray & Bryan, 1895 - 214 pages

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Page 35 - Avogadro's law states that equal volumes of all gases at the same temperature and pressure contain the same number of molecules...
Page 80 - ... a basin, the specified quantity of menstruum is poured on, and it is thoroughly stirred with a spatula, or other suitable instrument, until it appears uniformly moistened. The moist powder is then passed through a coarse sieve — No. 40 powders, and those which are finer, requiring a No. 20 sieve, whilst No.
Page 80 - No. 30 powders require a No. 15 sieve for this purpose. Powders of a less degree of fineness usually do not require this additional treatment after the moistening. The moist powder is now transferred to a sheet of thick paper and the whole quantity poured from this into the percolator.
Page 81 - To begin percolation, the rubber tube is lowered and its glass end introduced into the neck of a bottle previously marked for the quantity of liquid to be percolated, if the percolate is to be measured, or of a tared bottle, if the percolate is to be weighed ; and by raising or lowering this receiver the rapidity of percolation may be increased or decreased as may be desirable.
Page 80 - The shape of a percolator should be adapted to the nature of the drug to be operated upon. For drugs which are apt to swell, particularly when a feebly alcoholic or an aqueous menstruum is employed, a conical percolator is preferable. A...
Page 87 - One hundred grammes of the powdered drug is moistened with a certain quantity of menstruum, packed in a suitable percolator, and enough menstruum added to saturate the powder and leave a stratum above it; the lower orifice of the percolator is closed when the liquid begins to drop...
Page 151 - Upon its bulk and density. Density is the amount of matter in given bulks of bodies. What is meant by weighing ? Balancing a body of known gravitating force with one whose gravity is not known, for the purpose of estimating the gravitating force of the latter, which is called its weight.
Page 79 - Pharmacopoeia, should be nearly cylindrical, or slightly conical, with a funnel-shaped termination at the smaller end. The neck of this funnelend should be rather short, and should gradually and regularly become narrower toward the orifice, so that a perforated cork, bearing a short glass tube, may be tightly wedged into it from within, until the end of the cork is flush with its outer edge. The glass tube, which must not protrude above the inner surface of the cork, should extend from...
Page 81 - If these conditions be accurately observed, the menstruum will penetrate the powder equally until it has .passed into the rubber tube and has reached, in this, a height corresponding to its level in the percolator, which is now closely covered to prevent evaporation. The apparatus is then allowed to stand at rest for the time specified in the formula. To begin percolation, the rubber tube is lowered and its glass end introduced into the neck of a bottle previously marked for the quantity of liquid...
Page 79 - The glass tube, which must not project above the inner surface of the cork, should extend from 3 to 4 Cm. beyond the outer surface of the cork, and should be provided with a closely fitting rubber tube, at least one-fourth longer than the percolator itself, and ending in another short glass tube, whereby the rubber tube may be so suspended that its orifice shall be above the surface of the menstruum in the percolator, a rubber band holding the tube in position.

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