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factory and fleeting glitter of golden ore, can recompense you for the shame and contempt which will then overwhelm you with eternal confusion, and that pain and anguish which the scorching and fiery lake will pour like water into your bowels, and like oil into your bones ? Unthinking and deluded mortal! The praises of thy fellow-finners will then be turned into infulis and hisses, thy cup of pleasure into a draught of wrash, and thy glittering treasures into fiery streams of brimftone and torture. Streams these, which will for ever deluge thy desolated nature ; a draught this, which will intoxicate thy soul with eternal horror; and hiffes and insults those, with which, as with whips and scorpions, the fiends of hell will perpetually lash thy guilty and self-accusing confcience! Believe me, my poor fellow-mortal, thou canst not, indeed thou canst not bear this devouring fire! Thou canst not dwell with these everlasting burnings ! If thou thinkest otherwise, it is because thou hast not counted the cost, but haft rafhly credited the devil and thy own deceitful heart, which were both liars from the beginning, and have not abode in the truth. They have agreed to make thee drunk with sensuality and fin, to put out thy eyes, and then to lead thee blindfold into endless ruin, a ruin from whence thou shalt not escape.

3. Oh! think, man, before the intoxicating cup of sin renders thee incapable of thinking, in what a wretched condition thou art foon likely to be, if divine grace prevent not! Oh! look, be: fore the god of this world hath closed thy eyes in eternal darkness, into that tremendous ocean of fiery and unfathomable wrath, into which the: stream of time will soon hurry thy frail and leaky veffel!llow intolerable and lasting thy misery! Oh! think of eternity! Canst thou number the


stars in the firmament, the drops of rain, or the sand on the sea shore ? Make the experiment; and when thou hast finished the calculation, fit down and reckon up the ages of thy woe! And see that thy account be just. Let every star, every drop, every grain of sand, represent one million of tormenting ages. And when thou hast ascertained the fum, know that as many more millions still remain behind, and yet as many more behind there, and so on without end! Poor infatuated wietch! My heart bleeds for thee!--Gladly would I warn thee that thou come not into this place of torment. Oh! that at length thou would'st take warning! Oh! that thou would'st imitate the example of Noah, “who being warned of God concerning things not seen as yet, was moved with fear, and prepared an ark for the faring of his house."

4. I warn thee, thou unholy and ungodly foul, who doft not know God, nor obey the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, of things not seen as yet : of the glorious coming of that adorable Saviour, whose salvation thou hast rejected, whom thou halt refused to reign over thee, and whom, by fin, thou hast crucified afresh ; I warn thee of an approaching and inexorable Judge, who, (if thou repent not) will summon thee, with all thy fins about thee, to his bar, and pass an irreversible sentence upon thee. I warn thee of a descending deluge of divine and infinite wrath, which will speedily drown an impenitent and unbelieving world with a fiery and unfathomable sea of misery! I call upon thee without delay to prepare an ark for the saving of thy soul. Nay, for thy encouragement I tell thee, the ark is already prepared. The almighty Love of God, directed by infinite wisdom, hath prepared it: An ark this, which will defend thce against all the storms of wrath,


and which will bear thee up above all the waves of misery. Yes, I point thee to that man “ who is as an hiding-place from the storm, a covert from the tempeft, as rivers of water in a dry place, and as the shadow of a great rock in a weary land.” I bid thee look unto Jefus, and be Javed !

5. Oh! hide thyself, by faith in him, from the wind of temptation and sin; let his blood fprinkled upon thy guilty conscience, and his righteouf. ness put upon thy naked foul, cover thee from the tempeft of divine indignation: Let his Spirit, flowing into thy heart as a river, refresh and water thy fcorched and barren foul; and repose thyself under his cooling shade, till the burning sun of persecution fhall go down, and the fiery heat of pain and affliction shall finally ceafe! Flee for refuge to this hope set before thee, and all shall be well.-Forfake all known fin, use every appointed mean of grace, and be also careful to maintain and excel in good works. But yet reft not there. Oh! “ tarry not in all the plain" of duty, but “ escape to this mountain left thou be confumed.” And thus like juft Lot, thou fhalt be delivered from the common overthrow of the impenitent and unbelieving, and fhalt sing the praises of thy Deliverer and Saviour world without end.





2 THESS. I. 9.

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" Who shall be punished with everlasting de

struction from the presence of the LORD, and

from the glory of his power." 1. OW

ingly grand and striking, are the events presented to our view by the Apostle in this alarming passage of holy writ! How well worthy the serious attention and devout contemplation of all who love the appearing of our Lord Jesus Christ, yea, and of all mankind ! And yet (amazing it is !) they are in general overlooked and disre. garded, even by those who profess to be afsured of them!

2. The revolutions which are continually happening in the petty states and fluctuating affairs of this world ; the accession of temporal princes to their transitory dignities and corruptible crowns; the poor and insignificant conquests obtained by worms of the earth over their fellow-reptiles ; the approach of earthly judges, and the trial, condemnation, and punishment of the violaters of human laws, these are events which shortfighted mortals deem of consequence enough to occupy their thoughts in private, to employ their tongues in conversation, and to dignify the annals.

of history. They think, they talk, they write of these.

3. In the mean time, the grand revolution of universal nature ;' the glorious exaltation of the Prince of the kings of the earth; his complete and everlasting triumph over principalities and powers, and all the potent enemies of his government; the coming of the final Judge of angels and of men ; the decisive trial of he whole world at his bar : and the rewards and punishments then to be dispensed to immortal souls, united to incorruptible bodies ;-these fubjects, tho' interesting beyond thought, and grand beyond comparison, are, alas! too generally treated with indifference and neglect! There are judged unfit for meditation in secret, left they should make us melancholy; unworthy of a place in polite and genteel company, for fear they should damp their mirth and spoil their pleasure ; and sure it is, he who means to gain either honour or profit by his pen, must take care not to employ it on these dreary and puritanical (not to say methodistical subjects, for which this light and airy age has no relish.

4. Blessed be God, that these heart improving subjects have any place left-whither to retire ! Blessed be God, that they are not yet quite banished out of the world! They are still (thanks to Divine Providence !) allowed to remain in our Bibles, and now and then (altho' not often) to ascend the pulpit, and give serious instructions to a few of the poor and illiterate, who are not yet : arrived at such a pitch of refinement as to think it beneath them to attend their lectures. But who knows how soon they will be forced from this their last retreat ? Who knows how foon this jovial and licentious age, will forbid us to mention death and judgment, heaven and hell, even in the pulpit, and confine us to discourse on sub.


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