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called your attention to the amazing and everlasting importance of this doctrine, and to have exhorted you diligently to consider and lay it to heart. These things are either true or false. If they be false, let them meet with that inattention and disregard which they merit. But if they be true, as I am confident you know them to be, then how deeply, nay, how infinitely do they concern us all, and especially those of us who have taken upon us the solemn and important office of preaching the Gospel ? Surely we, at least, shall be inexcusable, if we do not profecute this business faithfully, and make it our chief concern every day to win fouls. Added to the obligations that lie upon us, in common with others, to be diligent in this work, you see the nature of our office lays us under other and peculiar engagements. Let us, therefore, especially attend to it. Let it be our sincere and fervent desire, and our daily endeavour, to win souls. That we may but accomplish this great and blessed end of our important calling, let us not account our ease, our honour, our liberty, or even our lives, dear unto ourselves. Let us be willing to engage in any labour, to undergo any fatigue, and to endure any hardship or suffering, so we may but “ fulfil the ministry, we have received of the Lord Jesus," and save immortal souls from everlasting death.

7. Let us regard success in this work above all other considerations whatever. Indeed, other confiderations, in the line of life we have chosen, there are none which can have any weight with a thinking mind. Prospects of gain we have not : our excellent Plan allows us only the supply of qur necessary wants, and indeed, hardly that. Preferment we cannot expect, except from our great Master, in consequence of our discharging our duty faithfully. Honour and applause are equally out of our reach, unless among the few poor pco


ple to whom we minister. We are, therefore, compelled, even by our situation, to act in this business from pure motives, if we act at all, or act rationally, Let these motives, then, the only motives which are justifiable, or worthy of regard, be allowed to have their full weight with us, and let us abandon the very idea of any

other. Let who will enter upon, and pursue this facred calling, with a view to ease, honour, or intereft, let our end be only the glory of God, in the salvation of fouls. This is the only end we can reasonably hope to attain, others being all precluded; and this, which infinitely excels all others, bleffed be God, we may attain. In some, yea, in a great degree, it has been attained already by many of you ; especially by you my Fathers and Brethren, who are old in the work. You have won many souls, and hereby God has been greatly glorified, while thousands of mankind have been, or shall be eternally benefited. Go on then, my dear, and much efteemed brethren, as you have begun and perfevered hitherto; only, if possible, with greater diligence than ever, running faster, as your race grows shorter ; and, as far as the decay of your health and strength will allow, labouring harder, in proportion as your time for labour haftens to a period. And let those of us that are younger, and those that have but lately given themfelves up to the work, emulate the zeal, and activity of our elder brethren, and strive to exceed even them in labours and success. In so doing we Thall provoke, not their envy, but their love. Let us learn of them, and that more and more perfectly every day, the happy art of saving fouls. In order hereto, let us make ourselves better acquainted than ever, with God, ard Christ, and the Scriptures; as also with human nature, the deceitful. ness of fin, and the various wiles of the Devil.



Let us

And as practice makes perfect, let us labour to become, daily, greater proficients in this blessed business of winning souls, by daily endeavouring to win them. Let us “ give attendance to reading, to instruction, to exhortation." “ preach the word; be instant in season and out of season ; convince, rebuke, and exhort, with all long-suffering and doctrine. Let us meditate on these things, and give ourselves wholly to them, that so our profiting may appear unto all."

8. And let us not confine our instructions, reproofs, or exhortations, to the Pulpit, and the large assemblies of God's people; as if souls were only to be won in public, and it were beneath us to labour much to save them, unless we saw a prorpect of saving several at once. Let us remember what pains our Lord and Master took with one, fingle, sinful woman, at Jacob's well, as well as with divers other individuals in private ; and let us teach from house to house, as well as publickly. Let us speak for God as we have opportunity, instructing, advising, rebuking, exhorting, those we come in company with, or can have access to. And let us water the feed fown with continual and fervent prayer, that God may cause it to spring up, and bear fruit to his glory.

9 Upon the whole ; let us all, Preachers and Hearers, see that we have this blessed and important work at heart, and use every mean in our power to promote it ; looking unto God alone, and not to any efforts of ours, for success. Let Parents, Masters, Magistrates, nay, and subjects, children, and servants, conspire together, to help it forward. Let us all endeavour to improve our several stations and situations in life, with the va, rious talents and advantages entrusted to our management, to the attainment of this most desirable end. Let all be pressed into this service, and made


to minister to the falvation of fouls. Whatever influence our piety, virtue, learning, knowledge, eloquence, wealth, honour, pre-eminence, authority, or any other gift or endowment give any of us, let it be employed for this purpose ; let it be laid at the feet of Christ, and dedicated to his praise, in promoting the great work for which he came into the world, and for which he shed his precious blood. Let us not think it too much to bestow a little care, labour, or money, upon that for which he was pleased to give up his life. And let us not fail to second and enforce all our endeavours, this way, by a conduct according to the Gospel. Let our example speak, and shew others, what it is to be won over to God, and how such ought to walk and please him in all things. Thus Jet us “ Thew forth the praises of him who hath “ called us out of darkness into his marvellous light," by imitating him who came to seek ► and save that which was lost, ” and who ' went " about doing good :" And “our labour will not be in vain, in the Lord.” He will, undoubted. ly, give success, more or less; and being the children of God ourselves, we shall rejoice over many loft brethren and sisters in Chrift, brought back to their heavenly Father's family. These will be our companions here, in our way to the kingdom, and our crown of rejoicing in the kingdom itself hereafter. They will surround, with us, the eternal Throne, and spend everlasting ages in fhouting “ Salvation to God and the Lamb," and ascribing “ blessing, and honour, and praise, and “ glory, to him that hath loved them, and washed " them from their fins in his own blood, and * made them Kings and Priests unto God and his 6 Father."


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JULY 26, 1791,
At their first Annual Meeting after his Death,

He being dead yet speaketh.


os Remember them that had the rule over you,

who spake to you the Word of God, whose faith follow, considering the end of their conversation."

1. I

MAKE no apology for reading the passage

thus, tho' not quite according to our common translation, because that must appear improper even to an English reader, as being manifestly contradi ory to itself. For it supposes the perfons, here referred to, to be dead, and yet speaks of them as now presiding over the Hebrews. Bishop Lloyd, in his Funeral Sermon for Bishop Wilkins,



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