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in season, and out of seafon, by gentleness, by terror, by argument, by persuasion, by reason, by interest, by every motive, and every inducement, he strove with unwearied assiduity to turn men from the error of their ways, and awaken them to Virtue and Religion. To the bed of fickness or the couch of prosperity, tu the prison or the hospital, the house of mourning or the house of feasting, wherever there was a friend to serve, or a foul to fave, he readily repaired, to administer aslistance or advice, reproof or consolation. He thought no office too humiliating, no conde. scension too low, no undertaking too arduous, to reclaim the meanest of God's offspring. The souls of all men were precious in his fight, and the value of an immortal creature beyond all estimation. He penetrated the abodes of wretchedness and ignorance, to rescue the profligate from perdition; and he communicated light to those who fat in darkness, and the shadow of death. He changed the outcasts of society into useful members, civilized even favages, and filled those lips with prayer and praise, that had been accufgomed only to oaths and imprecations.

But as the strongest religious impressions are apt to become languid without discipline and practice, he divided his people into classes and bands according to their attainments. He appointed frequent meetings for prayer and conversation, where they gave an account of their experience, their hopes and fears, their joys and troubles; by which means they were united to each other, and their common profession; they became centinels upon each other's conduct, and securities for each other's character. Thus the seeds he lowed sprang up and flourished, bearing the rich fruits of every gracę and virtue ; thus he governed and preserved his numerous focieties, watching their improvement with a pa


ternal care, and encouraging them to be faithful to the end.

But I will not attempt to draw his full character, nor to estimate the extent of his labours and services : they will be best known, when he shall deliver up his commission into the hands of his: Great Master, Lord here am I, and the chile. “ dren which thou hast given me."

N. B. This most extraordinary man, in the course of the last fixty years, has been the blessed inftrument in the hands of God to revive his. work of True, Primitive Religion, not only in England, Scotland, and Ireland, but in that large Quarter of the Globe, America. In all of these places, he travelled in the greatness of his zeal, in person, by the sweat of his brow, and with his life in his hand ; like his Great Master, delivering the message of the Lord to the poor, but pre-cious and never-dying souls of men..

But glory be to JEHOVAH, his labours did not ftop here, as tens of thousands of poor negroes, (and indeed their masters too,) in the West Indies, both English, Dutch, and Danish Isles can testify. In fine we shall say of him separately, as was said of the holy Apostles, jointly ; viz. That God's, Word, is by him carried through all the Earth ; yea, even to the World's End.-0, that life were like his !


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On the true Glory of an House of GOD.


The Opening of the New-Chapel, in Lowgate, HULL,

On Sunday, Dec, the 23d, 1787.



HAGGAI II. 9. * The Glory of this latter House shall be greater

than of the former, faith the LORD of Hosts : And in this place will I give Peace, faith the LORD of Holts,"

OTWITHSTANDING that the Babylonish

captivity had been a means of humbling that small remnant of Jews that survived it, and of curing the whole nation of idolatry, into which (it seems) they never afterwards fell; yet we have reason to believe that the generality of them still remained carnal in their views and affections. Hence, like the rest of mankind, while in a carnal state, they were most taken with external things. When, therefore, they saw the house, nearly finished, which was built after their return from Babylon, and compared it with Solomon's Temple, the splendour of which many of them could remember, it appeared in their eyes as nothing in comparison of that former most fumptuous fabric. Hence they were ready to be discouraged, as if the chief glory of a place of worship confifted in the great wealth lavished in the external decorations of it. To prevent this, therefore, and encourage them to go on with their. undertaking, as well as to reprove them for their inactivity and sloth, the Lord raised up and sent to

K 6.


them his fervants Haggai and Zachariah, who both prophesied in the second year of Darius the King of Persia, under whose dominion the Jews then were.

2: “ In the seventh month of that year came the word of the Lord by the prophet Haggai, saying, Who is left among you that saw this house in its first glory? And how do you see it now? Is It not in your eyes, in comparison of it, as nothing? Yet now be strong, O Zerubbabel, and Joshua the High Priest, and be strong all the people of the land, faith the Lord, and work, for I am with you, faith the Lord of Hosts. According to the word which I covenanted with you when ye.came out of Egypt, fo my Spirit remaineth among you; fear ye not. For thus faith the Lord of Hofts, yet once, it is a little while, and I will shake the heavens, and the earth, and the fea, and the dry land ; and I will shake ali nations, and the Desire of all nations shall come, and I will fill this house with glory, faith the Lord of Hofts. The filver is mine, and the gold is mine, saith the Lord of Hofts. The glory of this latter house shall be greater than of the former: and in this place will I give peace, faith the Lord of Hofts."

3. Hence it appears, that though Solomon's temple, which was a great part of it overlaid with gold and silver, and was in other respects, perhaps, the most magnificent structure ever erected upon the earth, far exceeded this latter house in outward ornaments, yet that this should excel it in real glory. The reason was, the Defire of all nations, the Saviour of finners, the Christ of God, the living and true Temple of Jehovah, of which these outward temples were but types and shadows, was to appear in it. Here the true Light was to shine, and disperse the darkness that had covered former nations and ages. Here the power


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