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this is a book by french writer Michel Onfray.
i read it many years ago and now i read it again in a few days time.
this book is juts brilliant and i liked it.
it is one of the best books i have
read and it is a hard book to read.
it is about atheism and about god.
i have read it two times and it should be read again and again.
it talks about Friedrich Nietzsche and it asks the question "is god dead or alive"? the question is still unanswered.
he talks about different things like the bad things done in the name of religion.
its all about god and different holy books and god.
god does not have any date of birth he says etc.
it talks about many religions and their holy books.
i would love to meet Michel Onfray and have lunch with him.
i hope he writes more books like this.

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Well written, rich with sources unpopular in a judeo christian paradigm. Intellectuals do well to read this book firmly grounded contra mysticism and prevalent zeitgeists like mysticism.

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An outstanding and well written expose of biblical B S. Should be read and studied by members of all monotheistic religions.

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