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By JOHN KENDRICK, M. A. In 2 vols., 12mo, price $2.50.

"The style of the author is terse, compact, and clear, and he has given us not only an instructive, but a really interesting book."-Christian Review

The ambient of information of ancient life, manners, religion, &c., which has been exhumed from the rubbish of ages, is one of the most signal results of human learning ever witnessed."-New York Evangelist.

These subjects, ably discussed, and presented in every form, are happily illustrated with engravings, and convey to the mind of the general reader, a vast amount of most useful knowledge and research."Albeuy Daily State Register.

"That it has been accurately executed from the abundance of materials at his disposal, the name of the author is a sufficient guaranty."-Mobile Daily Advertiser.


An Introduction to Roman History. By FRANCIS W. NEWMAN, Professor of Latin in the University College, London. 12mo, cloth, 63 cents.

"We deem this little book a valuable contribution to Roman History."-Richmond, Va., Religious Herald.

"It is the work of a scholar and professional teacher, and will prove a valuable auxiliary to the Latin scholar, the student of archæology and ancient history in general."-Cincinnati Journal and Messenger.

"One of the most valuable aids to Roman history that has issued from the press since Arnold's History."-Detroit Daily Advertiser.

"A work of great erudition and power, vividly reproducing the wonderful era of Roman history under the kings. We greet it as a work of profound scholarship, genial art, and eminent interesta work that will attract the scholar and please the general reader."-N. Y. Evangelist.

The book. though small in compass, is evidently the work of great research and reflection, and is a valuable acquisition to historical literature."- Courier and Enquirer.


Of the Mississippi Valley. With the Original Narratives of Marquette, Allouez, Membré, Hennepin, and Anastase Douay. By JOHN GILMARY SHEA. With a fac-simile of the Original Map of Marquette. 1 vol., 8vo, cloth, antique. $2.00.

"A volume of great and curious interest to all concerned to know the early history of this great Western land."-Cincinnati Christian Herald.

"We believe that this is altogether the most thorough work that has appeared on the subject to which it relates. It is the result of long-continued and diligent research, and no legitimate source of infor mation has been left unexplored. The work combines the interest of romance with the authenticity of history."-Puritan Recorder.

"Mr. Shea has rendered a service to the cause of historical literature worthy of all praise by the excellent manner in which he has prepared this important publication for the press."-Boston Traveller.


Or, a Voice from St. Helena. Being the opinions and reflections of Napoleon, on the most important events in his Life and Government, in his own words. By BARRY E. O'MEARA, his late Surgeon, with a Portrait of Napoleon, after the celebrated picture of Delaroche, and a view of St. Helena, both beautifully engraved on steel. 2 vols. 12mo, cloth, $2.

"Nothing can exceed the graphic truthfulness with which these volumes record the words and habits of Napoleon at St. Helena, and its pages are endowed with a charm far transcending that of romance." -Albany State Register.

"Every one who desires to obtain a thorough knowledge of the character of Napoleon, should possess himself of this book of O'Meara's."-Arthur's Home Gazette.

"It is something indeed to know Napoleon's opinion of the men and events of the thirty years preceding his fall, and his comments throw more light upon history than anything we have read."-Albany Express.

The two volumes before us are worthy supplements to any history of France." Boston Evening



By ARSENE HOUSSAYE. With beautifully-engraved Portraits of Voltaire and Mad. Parabère. Two vols., 12mo, price $2.50.

"We have here the most charming book we have read these many days-so powerful in its fascination, that we have been held for hours from our imperious labors, or needful slumbers, by the entrancing influence of its pages. One of the most desirable fruits of the prolific field of literature of the present season."-Portland Eclectic.

"Two brilliant and fascinating-we had almost said, bewitching-volumes, combining information and amusement, the lightest gossip, with solid and serviceable wisdom."-Yankee Blade.

"It is a most admirable book, full of originality, wit, information, and philosophy. Indeed, the vividness of the book is extraordinary. The scenes and descriptions are absolutely life-like."Southern Literary Gazette.

"The works of the present writer are the only ones the spirit of whose rhetoric does justice to those times, and in fascination of description and style, equal the fascinations they descant upon."-New Orleans Commercial Bulletin.

"The author is a brilliant writer, and serves up his sketches in a sparkling manner."--Christian Freeman.


By CAROLINE CHESEBRO', Author of "Isa, a Pilgrimage," "Dream-Land by Daylight," &c., &c. 12mo, cloth, $1.00.

"It is truly an attractive gallery of portraits, vivid pictures of human beings wrought by human hands. The work is admirably conceived, and in every page bears the clear impress of Miss CHESEBRO's keen perceptions, her powerful and original intellect, and a depth of sentiment and feeling that are only developed and made useful by the highly gifted and the pure in heart."-Albany State Register. "To those of our readers who desire a good book-one for the most part not filled with the common trash of the times, and which is the production of a perfect woman nobly planned'-we would commend the Children of Light.'"-N. Y. Truth-Teller.

"The work is characterized by great boldness of thought, elegant diction, and vigorous tone."Greene County Whig.


By W. HUNTINGTON, author of "Lady Alice," "Alban," &c., &c. 1 voi. 12mo, cloth, $1.25.

"The author gives us an exceedingly vivid description of forest-life, and has worked up the incidents of his story so happily, that the interest of the reader is sustained unflagging to the close."-Portland


"The author is a passionate lover of Nature, and is distinguished for the philosophic beauty and accuracy of his descriptions. The tone of thought pervading the book is quite elevated and healthy." -Cincinnati Journal and Messenger.

For dramatic effect the plot and incidents are well managed, the narrative is sustained with spirit, and several of the characters are sketched with a vigorous hand."-Protestant Churchman.

"The work abounds in graphic portraitures of our glorious forest scenery, and in sharp delinea tions of character."-N. Y. Evangelist.

The style of the work throughout is one which can not fail to claim the attention of the reader, and win for him an unreserved approval."-Syracuse Daily Journal.


A Fresh Bundle. By LEWIS MYRTLE. 1 Vol. 12mo, cloth, $1.00.

"If one wants a book to read when he goes home and sits down by his fireside at night, wearied and careworn with the toils and buffetings of life, this is just the one for him."-Syracuse Daily Journal. "It is a book for a minute, an hour, or a day. Throughout its pages are distributed chaste and tender thoughts, glowing imagery, and high moral influences."-Philadelphia City Item.

There is a rich vein of simplicity, and naturalness, and true feeling, running throughthi volume. The author evidently carries a well-practised pen, and speaks from a gifted and well-furnished mind and a full heart."-Albany Argus.

In fact, it is a delightful book-hearty in tone and healthy in morality, and we bespeak for it the favor which its merits wherever it goes will be sure to command."-Temperance Courier.

"This is a collection of light stories and graceful sketches, which must have proceeded from a warm and affectionate heart. The volume is earnestly commended to the perusal of the reader."— Lowell Journal and Courier.

"It is truly American in its style and spirit, but full of healthful, republican feeling, and quite idiomatic in its exuberant fancy and homely characterization."-Christian Inquirer.

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JUN 28 1900


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