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Memoirs of Distinguished Scottish Female Characters, embracing the Period of the Covenant and the Persecution. By Rev. JAMES ANDERSON. One vol.,

12mo, price $1.25.

"It is written with great spirit and a hearty sympathy, and abounds in incidents of more than a romantic interest, while the type of piety it discloses is the noblest and most elevated."-N. Y. Evangelist. "It is a record which, while it confers honor on the sex, will elevate the heart, and strengthen it to the better performances of every duty."-Religious Herald. (Va.)

"It is a book of great attractiveness, having not only the freshness of novelty, but every element of historical interest."-Courier & Enqutrer.

"The author delineates with great fidelity the struggles and sufferings of the noble female worthies of Scotland in the cause of civil and religious liberty. It is refreshing to read these actual and heroic lives of Christian women in both the higher and lower walks of life."-Prairie Herald.


Illustrating Phases of Character at the Present Day. By Rev. E. H. CHAPIN, One vol., 12mo., price 50 cents. (Second edition.)

"As we read his pages, the reformer, the sensualist, the skeptic, the man of the world, the seeker, the sister of charity and of faith, stand out from the Scriptures, and join themselves with our own living world."-Christian Enquirer.

Mr. Chapin has an easy, graceful style, neatly touching the outlines of his pictures, and giving great consistency and beauty to the whole. The reader will find admirable descriptions, some most wholesome lessons, and a fine spirit."-New York Evangelist.

The work is done with a skilful hand, and in a style attractive and impressive. The book furnishes not only agreeable, but very useful and instructive reading."-Boston Traveller.

"We commend this volume to those who imagine that the teachings of the pulpit are nothing if not dull. Its brilliant vivacity of style forms an admirable combination with its soundness of thought and depth of feeling."-Tribune.


BY HENRY JAMES. One vol., 12mo., cloth, price $1.25.

"A series of essays by one of the most generous thinkers and sincere lovers of truth in the country. He looks at society from an independent point of view, and with the noblest and most intelligent sympathy."-Home Journal.

"This is the production of a mind richly endowed of a very peculiar mould. All will concede to him the merit of a vigorous and brilliant intellect."-Albany Argus.

"A perusal of the essays leads us to think, not merely because of the ideas which they contain, but more because the ideas are earnestly put forth, and the subjects discussed are interesting and important to every one."-Worcester National Egis.

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They have attracted much attention both here and in Europe, where the author is considered as holding a distinctive and prominent position in the school of modern philosophy."-Albany Atlas. "The writer wields a masterly and accurate pen, and his style is good."-Boston Olive Branch. "It will have many readers, and almost as many admirers."-N. Y. Times.


By Archdeacon RICHARD C. TRENCH. One vol., 12mo., price 75 cts.

"He discourses in a truly learned and lively manner upon the original unity of language, and the origin, derivation, and history of words, with their morality and separate spheres of meaning."Evening Post.

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This is a noble tribute to the divine faculty of speech. Popularly written, exact in its learning. and poetic in its vision, it is a book at once for the scholar and the general reader."-N. Y. Evangelist. "It is one of the most striking and original publications of the day, with nothing of hardness, dullness, or dryness about it, but altogether fresh, lively, and entertaining."-Boston Evening Traveller. "This volume will be found exceedingly useful, not alone for what it teaches, but as a stimulus to thought and study, and opening wide a suggestive field for pleasing and beneficial investigation."Troy Daily Times.


Complete in Three Volumes, with a Portrait; a Memoir by James Russell Lowell, and an Introductory Essay by N. P. Willis. Edited by Rufus W. Griswold, D. D. 12mo, price $4.00.

"Poe's writings are distinguished for vigorous and minute analysis, and the skill with which he has employed the strange fascination of mystery and terror. There is an air of reality in all his narrations -a dwelling upon particulars, and a faculty of interesting you in them, such as is possessed by few writers except those who are giving their own individual experiences."-Philadelphia Ledger.

"We need not say that these volumes will be found rich in intellectual excitements, and abounding in remarkable specimens of vigorous, beautiful, and highly suggestive composition; they are all that remains to us of a man whose uncommon genius it would be folly to deny."-New York Tribune.

"Mr. Poe's intellectual character-his genius-is stamped upon all his productions, and we shall place these, his works, in the library among those books not to be parted with."-N. Y. Com. Advert'r. "We feel, however, that these productions will live. They bear the stamp of true genius; and if their reputation begins with a 'fit audience though few,' the circle will be constantly widening, and they will retain a prominent place in our literature."-Rev. Dr. Kip.


By THERESA PULSZKY, with a Portrait of the Author. One vol., price $1.25. The above contains, in addition to the English publication, a NEW PREFACE, and TALES, now first printed from the manuscript of the Author, who has a direct interest in the publication. "Strikingly illustrative of the manners and customs that have prevailed in different periods of her history, it is written with graceful yet dignified freedom."-Albany Argus.

"The stories are of a wild and fanciful character, which will cause them to be read with interest by all, while they really throw light upon the early history and manners of Hungary."-Albany Express. "Some of them are exceedingly beautiful, and indicate the character and habits of thought of the people better than anything we have seen."-N O. Journal and Courier.

This work claims more attention than is ordinarily given to books of its class. The tales contain highly suggestive illustrations of national literature and character."-London Examiner.


Or, the Times of the Revolutions of 1642 and 1688. By HENRY WILLIAM HERBERT. One vol., 12mo, price $1.25.

"They are graphic stories, and in the highest degree attractive to the imagination as well as instructive, and can not fail to be popular."-Commercial.

These tales are written in the popular author's best style, and give us a vivid and thrilling idea of the customs and influences of the chivalrous age."-Christian Freeman.

"His narrative is always full of great interest; his descriptive powers are of an uncommon order; the romance of history loses nothing at his hands; he paints with the power, vigor, and effect of a master."-The Times.

"They bring the past days of old England vividly before the reader, and impress upon the mind with indelible force, the living images of the puritans as well as the cavaliers, whose earnest character and noble deeds lend such a lively interest to the legends of the times in which they lived and fought, loved and hated, prayed and revelled."-Newark Daily


They are partly the romance of history and partly fiction, forming, when blended, portraitures aluable from the correct drawing of the times they illustrate, and interesting from their romance."Albany Knickerbocker.

"They are spirit-stirring productions, which will be read and admired by all who are pleased with historical tales written in a vigorous, bold, and dashing style."-Boston Journal.

"These legends of love and chivalry contain some of the finest tales which the graphic and powerful pen of Herbert has yet given to the lighter literature of the day."-Detroit Free Press.

"Mr. Herbert has a quick and accurate eye for the picturesque features of the romantic past. He pursues the study of history with the soul of the poet, and skilfully availing himself of the most striking traditions and incidents, has produced a series of fascinating portraitures. Whoever would obtain a vivid idea of the social and domestic traits of France and Great Britain in the olden time, should not fail to read the life-life descriptions of this volume."- Harper's Magazine.


History of the War in the Peninsula and in the South of France, from the Year 1807 to 1814. Br W. F. P. NAPIER. C. B., Col. 43d Reg-, &c. Complete in one vol., 8vo, price $3.00.

*Yapier's history la repanded by the crimes as one of the best narratives that has recently been His style a direct formidle mi impersona carrying the reader along then in epiz self throuz't scenes of the most KILI BET and adventures full of extrement"-Erming Mirror. - The Literature of War has not received a more valuation the century than Col Napier's Though a plenereltant in the fold, he la an impartial migra—Trine

- Naglers Entory, in addition to be experior Cerary menina, and tryiful dietry, presents strong claims upon the attention of all American cuma berause the author is a large-scaled polanthropist and an liberish enemy to ecclesiastical tyranny and secular despots"-F

-The excelenty of Naplers History reavica from the writer's cappy thens for impetsons, straight forward, acerring narrative and pustering forth of characters. The may more, mus, and Sery onset the whole whirlwind vicissitudes of the desperate fight, be describes with dramatic force.-Merchants Magazine.


The Uses and Abuses of Air: showing its Influence in Sustaining Life, and Producing Disease, with Remarks on the Ventilation of Houses, and the best Methods of Securing a Pure and Wholesome Atmosphere inside of Dwellings, Churches, Shops, &c. Вy Joнs H. GRISCOM, M. D. One vol. 12mo. $1.00. "This comprehensive treatise should be read by all who wish to secure bealth, and especially by those constructing churches, lecture-rooms, schock-houses, &c.—It is undoubted that many devases are created and spread in consequence of the little attention paid to proper ventilation. Dr. G. writes knowingly and plainly upon this all-important topit."-Newark Advertiser.

The whole Cook is a complete manual of the subject of which it treats; and we venture to say that the builder or contriver of a dwelling, school-house, church, theatre, ship, or steamboat, who neSlects to inform himself of the momentous truths it asserts, commits virtually a crime against society and his fellow-creatures."-N. Y. Maropolis.

When shall we learn to estimate at their proper value, pure water and pure air, which God provided for man before he made man, and a very long time before he permitted the existence of a detor? We commend the Uses and Abuses of Air to cur readers, assuring them that they will find it to contain directions for the ventilation of dwellings, which every one who values health and comfort should put in practice."-N. Y. Dispatch


In language adapted to common readers. By W. W. HALL, M. D. One vol. 12 mo, price $1.00.

"It is written in a plain, direct, common-sense style, and is free from the quackery which marks many of the popular medical books of the day. It will prove useful to those who need it."—Ch. Herald. "Those who are clergymen, or who are preparing for the sacred calling, and public speakers generally, should not fail of securing this work."-Ch. Ambassador.

"It is full of hints on the nature of the vital organs, and does away with much superstitious dread in regard to consumption."-Greene County Whig.

This work gives some valuable instruction in regard to food and hygienic influences."- Nashua Oasis.

REICHENBACH ON DYNAMICS. Physico-Physiological Researches on the Dynamics of Magnetism, Electricity, Heat, Light, Crystallization, and Chemism, in their relation to Vital Force: By Baron CHARLES VON REICHENBACH. With the Addition of a Preface and Critical Notes, by JOHN ASHBURNER, M. D. With all the Plates. In one Volume, 12mo, 456 pp. Price, $1.25.

"This book is a vaiuable addition to scientific knowledge upon subjects that have been involved in obscurity and mysticism. Charlatans have so long availed themselves of a slight knowledge of the phenomena of magnetism for mercenary purposes, that discredit has been thrown upon the whole subject, and men of science have been deterred from pursuing, or at least from publishing their rescarches. The work before us gives the result of a vast number of experiments conducted with great philosophical acumen, testing the truth of both modern theories and ancient superstitions. Phenomena attributed in past ages to a supernatural agency, and by the superficial skepticism of later times dismissed as mere impostures, are in many instances traced with great clearness to natural and explica. ble causes. It requires, and is eminently worthy of an attentive perusal."- City Item.






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In One Vol., 12mo, containing nearly Nine Hundred Biographical Sketches,

PRICE $1.50.

"I am glad to learn that you are publishing this work. It is precisely that kind of information that every public and intelligent man desires to see, especially in reference to the distinguished men of Europe, but which I have found it extremely difficult to obtain."-Extract from a Letter of the President of the United States to the publisher.

"It forms a valuable manual for reference, especially in the American department, which we can not well do without; we commend it to the attention of our reading public.'"-Tribune.

"It is a book of reference which every newspaper reader should have at his elbow-as indispensable as a map or a dictionary-and from which the best-informed will derive instruction and pleasure."— Evangelist.

"This book therefore fills a place in literature; and once published, we do not see how any one could do without it."-Albany Express.

"It is evidently compiled with great care and labor, and every possible means seems to have been used to secure the highest degree of correctness. It contains a great deal of valuable information, and is admirable as a book of reference."-Albany Argus.

"For a book of reference, this volume will recommend itself as an invaluable companion in the library, office, and studio."-Northern Budget.

"We know of no more valuable book to authors, editors, statesmen, and all who would be 'up with the time,' than this."-Spirit of the Times.

"Men of all nations, creeds and parties, appear to be treated in a kindly spirit. The work will be found a useful supplement to the ordinary biographical dictionaries."- Commercial Advertiser.

"The value of such a work can scarcely be over-estimated. To the statesman and philanthropist. as well as the scholar and business man, it will be found of great convenience as a reference book, and must soon be considered as indispensable to a library as Webster's Dictionary."-Lockport Courier. "It is a living, breathing epitome of the day, a directory to that wide phantasmagoria we call the world."-Wall Street Journal.

Or, Life in the City.

Life on the Farm."


By DAY KELLOGG LEE, author of "Summerfield, or
One vol., 12mo, price $1.00.

"He is a powerful and graphic writer, and from what we have seen of the pages of the Master Builder,' it is a romance of excellent aim and success."-State Register.

"The Master Builder' is the master production. It is romance into which is instilled the reality of life: and incentives are put forth to noble exertion and virtue. The story is pleasing-almost fascinating; the moral is pure and undefiled."-Daily Times.

"Its descriptions are, many of them, strikingly beautiful; commingling in good proportions, the witty, the grotesque, the pathetic, and the heroic. It may be read with profit as well as pleasure."-Argus. "The work will commend itself to the masses, depicting as it does most graphically the struggles and privations which await the unknown and uncared-for Mechanic in his journey through life. It is what might be called a romance, but not of love, jealousy and revenge order."-Lockport Courier.


By ALICE CAREY, author of " Clovernook," "Lyra, and Other Poems," &c. One vol., 12mo, price $1.00.

"Hagar' is destined to have a greatrun among the readers of romantic fiction; in its kind, it is the book of the season; and it has the merit of conveying, with a fearful impressiveness, a lesson in morals as just and as striking as the speculation and tendencies of the time have made it necessary."-Home


"The story is written in a beautiful style, and is worthy of being read in every well-regulated domestic circle, for while it calls up the finer feelings of the soul, it guides the reader to the superior blessings of a reliance on Divine Providence."-Brooklyn Journal.


Or Resemblances between Men and Animals. By J. W. REDFIELD, M. D. In one vol., 8vo, with several hundred illustrations, price, $2.05.

"Dr. Redfield has produced a very curious, amusing, and instructive book, curious in its originality and illustrations, amusing in the comparisons and analyses, and instructive because it contains very much useful information on a too much neglected subject. It will be eagerly read and quickly appre ciated."-National Egis.

"The whole work exhibits a good deal of scientific research, intelligent observation, and ingenuity." Daily Union. "Highly entertaining even to those who have little time to study the science."-Detroit Daily Advertiser. This is a remarkable volume, and will be read by two classes, those who study for information, and those who read for amusement. For its originality and entertaining character, we commend it to our readers."-Albany Express.

"The plan is a novel one; the proofs striking, and must challenge the attention of the curious."— Daily Advertiser.



From the Crusaders to the Mareschals of Louis XIV. By HENRY W. HERBERT, author of "The Cavaliers of England,” “Cromwell,” “ The Brothers," &c., &c. 1 vol. 12mo, $1.25.

"The series of works by this author, illustrative of the romance of history, is descrvedly popular. They serve, indeed, to impart and impress on the mind a great deal of valuable information; for the facts of history are impartially exhibited, and the fiction presents a vivid picture of the manners and sentiments of the times."-Journal of Commerce.

"They are written in a dashing, sprightly, and taking style, well calculated to entertain and instruct the reader."-Troy Daily Times.

"It is enough to say that they are written in Mr. Herbert's usual fervid and glowing style, and exhibit his skill in the picturesque to fine advantage."-Yankee Blade.

"His style is full, nervous, perspicuous, and forcible. Indeed, we know few writers for whom we have greater admiration."-Southern Era. Richmond, Va.


Speeches on the Legislative Independence of Ireland, with Introductory Notes. By FRANCIS THOMAS MEAGHER. 1 vol. 12mo, cloth, portrait, $1.

"The volume before us embodies some of the noblest specimens of Irish eloquence not florid, bombastic, nor acrimonious, but direct, manly, and convincing."-New York Tribune.

"There is a glowing, a burning eloquence, in these speeches, which prove the author a man of extraordinary intellect."-Boston Olive Branch.

"As a brilliant and effective orator, Meagher stands unrivalled."-Portland Eclectic.

"All desiring to obtain a good idea of the political history of Ireland and the movements of her people, will be greatly assisted by reading thesc speeches."-Syracuse Daily Star.

"It is copiously illustrated by explanatory notes, so that the reader will have no difficulty in understanding the exact state of affairs when each speech was delivered."-Boston Traveller.


A new and beautiful juvenile.
1 vol. 16mo, cloth, gilt, 63 cts.
"We venture to say that no reader, great or small, who takes up this book, will lay it down unfinish-
ed."-Courier and Enquirer.

By JOHN VINCENT. Illustrated by Darley.
Extra gilt edges, 88 cts.

"This is an elegant little volume for a juvenile gift-book. The story is one of peculiar instruction and interest to the young, and is illustrated with beautiful engravings."- Boston Christian Freeman. "One of the very best told and sweetest juvenile stories that has been issued from the press this seaIt has a most excellent moral."-Detroit Daily Advertiser.


"A nice little book for a holyday present. Our little girl has read it through, and pronounces it first rate."-Hartford Christian Secretary.

"It is a pleasant child's book, well told, handsomely published, and illustrated in Darley's best style."-Albany Express.

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