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Page 10 - It has been moved and seconded that the report of the Committee on Credentials be accepted, and the committee continued until tomorrow morning for a further report.
Page 161 - All in favor of the motion will signify by saying "aye"; contrary, "no.
Page 138 - Gentlemen, you have heard the report. What is your pleasure? (It was moved and seconded that the report be received...
Page 103 - All in favor of the motion signify by saying aye, contrary, no. The ayes have it and it is so ordered.
Page 259 - In the course of a few moments a single fly may crawl over human, or other excrement, sip from a glass of milk or water, and merrily chase across a dish of mashed potatoes, or other human food. It may visit a dead and decaying animal, or sport about the mouth of a reeking sewer, and in the next five or ten minutes sip from the edge of a glass of jelly or alight in the sugar bowl.
Page 145 - All those in favor of the motion signify by saying "aye.
Page 252 - Fore-wings bright reddish-orange, sometimes tinted with yellowish orange, with a black spot at the base above the fold of the wing and a broad, black stripe showing bluish or greenish reflections along the inner margin, extending from the middle of the fold to the tip of the wing and occupying nearly one-half of the breadth of it. Along the costa, about the middle of it, is a shining black stripe, which becomes narrower as it approaches the apical third of the wing. Cilia blackish. Hind-wings shining,...
Page 110 - THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF NEBRASKA. Section 1. (State Fair Grounds, Buildings, Plans.) Immediately after the taking effect of this act, the State Board of Agriculture shall cause to be prepared and presented to the Board of Educational Lands and Funds, plans and specifications for one steel, brick...
Page 95 - If not, you have heard the motion — it has been moved and seconded that we adopt the recommendations of the paper.
Page 110 - Funds, a superintendent of construction shall be appointed, and his compensation, together with all necessary expense, shall be paid out of the appropriation herein made. The said permanent Agricultural, Horticultural and Manufacturers...

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