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Chinese kindly loaned me), while we were surrounded time permits, with the readers of the Home Mission by such a congregation as I never before beheld. MONTHLY. On the evening of our arrival at Minne. Chinese of all grades of intelligence and personnel, apolis we were permitted to address a goodly number Americans the same, with a sprinking of young of the members of the First Swedish Baptist Church. women, old in sin, and unmistakably from the lower This church is under the pastoral care of Rev. Peterranks of society. While Christ was being lifted up son and is the largest Swedish Baptist church in the on that corner, to the very dragon himself, as far as United States. Our mission in Minnesota was human hands can make one-passed by alternately neither to collect money nor organize societies, but rising and bowing, and halted nearly opposite. The these Swedish friends are not sufficiently Americanized din of their unearthly music mingled with the voice to stay at home when there is any reason to anticipate of the preacher for some time, but at length, compar- a collection, and are' so unsophisticated as regard ative quiet prevailed, and the people seemed to listen, "giving" as a religious service inseparable from a first to the Doctor in their native tongue, then Rev. missionary appeal. As a consequence they, on this J. C. Jordan in English. I hope next year,

I occasion, testified to their desire to have the Gospel give you an account of how the Chinese Christians preached in America, by a generous contribution, a spent their New Year in Fresno."

free will offering to the Lord. May they continue 10 Surely such dark accounts of heathen life in our abound in this grace. own America, should stimulate every Christian woman The next day but one, we met the sisters of this to increased activity in giving the Gospel to the church in their Mission Circle. The meeting was perishing.

held at the house of the pastor, who led the service, The annual meeting of the Woman's American Bap. which was entirely devotional. Scripture reading and tist Home Mission Society will be held upon the first exhortation, prayer and praise, richly filling the hour. Wednesday in May (May 4), in the First Baptist There were about fifty women present. Their pastor Church, Providence, R. I. It is hoped that a large testified to their usefulness as • helpers" in the namber will be able to attend.

Gospel, and emphasized the statement that they be. TREASURER'S REPORT FOR JANUARY.

lieved in prayer and that their prayers had brought

them many blessings. These prayers are not empty Maine..

$57 60 Miscellaneous... $371 23 words, for these women work as well as pray. Coffee New Hampshire. 104 oo Young Volunteers 150 00 Vermont.....

and cake were served at the close of the meeting, and 89 68 Precious Jewels. So Massachusetts... 1045 95

a half hour or so was spent in social converse. Rhode Island... 1603 Total....... 2,066 79

On Saturday morning we started out to visit the Connecticut ..... 231 50

Mission Band connected with this same church, and

conducted by our Swedish Missionary, Miss Anna TREASURER'S REPORT FOR FEBRUARY.

Sandberg. The morning was cold and stormy; the Maine..

$286 14 Connecticut..... $306 90 piercing wind in mad glee filled the air with flying New Hampshire. 126 26 Miscellaneous.. 235 37 Vermon'...

snow. Ignorantly depositing ourselves in the wrong 24 77 Precious Jewels.

10 33 Massachusetts... 716 23

car, we were put off five blocks from the church. We Rhode Island...

157 00
Total. ......$1,863 00 conquered our impulse to return to the car and give

up meeting the Band, and screwing our courage up
to the sticking point, directed our steps into what

seemed to be or to have been a narrow path through THE WOMEN'S BAPTIST HOME MIS. the middle of the sidewalk. At every step we seemed SION SOCIETY.

to sink deeper into the freshly fallen and badly drifted 2338 Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Ill.

snow, until in exhaustion we halted to consider what we could do. We viewed the situation on all sides, and felt as hedged in as were the Israelites when they

faced the Red Sea with the Egyptians in their rear, President-Mrs. J. N. CROUSE, 2231 Prairie Ave., Chicago, and mountains on either hand. We had not strength Corresponding Secretary-Miss M. G. BURDETTE, 2338 Mich- to go back over the path by which we had come, nor

igan Ave., Chicago, Ill. Recording Secretary –Mrs. H. Thane Miller, Cincinnati, coarage to press forward in the same way. On our, Ohio

right hand were fences, and on our left the street Treasurer-MRS. R. R. DONNELLEY, 2338 Michigan Ave., Chicago, III.

toward which we cast longing eyes, but between which and ourselves were interposed heaped up banks

of snow. Could we get over them? We cautiously Among the Swedes in Minnesota. pressed the sloping side of these snow hills and per

suaded ourself that it might bear our slight weight, During a recent visit to Minnesota, it was our and proceeded to climb, one step, two, three, and in privilege to enjoy several experiences in connection we go; had we survived all previous perils to be with the work of the denomination among the Swedes, buried in the snow drifts of Minnesota ? The which we shall be glad to share, as far as space and I Women's Baptist Home Mission Society always keeps


its head above its troubles, and its eyes open, and girls. Miss Johnson, our missionary at Castle Gar. never goes back if any good is to be gained by going den, met her, found her somewhat fearful and forward, and we were not going to prove unworthy her, told her of the friend of the friendless, and gave

troubled, said what she could to comfort and help of the trust reposed in us as its representative. So her a New Testament, ging her to read it, and put we struggled through, and leaving the hill difficulty her trust in Jesus. Afterwards Miss Sandberg met behind, soon found ourselves in the roadway singing the two little girls on the streets in Minneapolis, softly in our heart.

stopped to speak with them, went with them to their

home, found their mother heartsick and homesick in “We'll stand the storm, it won't be long,

this land of strangers, sat down by her side to cheer

and help her, invited the children to the Industrial We'll anchor by-and-by."

and Sunday schools, and the mother to attend the

services of the church. The mother is now a member And anchor we did in the “ Fair haven" of a corner

of the Swedish Baptist Church, and her children are room in our Swedish church, where we found Miss taught and trained for Christian usefulness in these Sandberg in the midst of nearly thirty children, most of schools. This family is but one of many of whom them girls, and some of whom had come several miles,

like sketches could be written, and there would be

very many more were there more missionaries doing walking all the way. Wouldn't we have been ashamed

such work as is done by Misses Johnson and Sandhad we gone back? These young people are called berg, and there would be more such missionaries “Happy Workers” and deserve the name. We

were there more women in our churches who realized found them busy as bees, and sunshiny as June, and

the importance of sending them forth, and were will.

ing to contribute toward their support. learned the secret of their presence and happiness And now just a word concerning St. Paul and our when we discovered that more than a score of them work there. We spent several hours in the family of were truly Christians and were working for and with

Rev. John Ongman, Pastor of the Swedish Baptist Jesus. Most of them are already members of the

Church, and were glad to learn that there had been

a precious in-gathering of souls there during the church,

winter, and were refreshed by his sanguine expecta. Towards evening of the same day we visited with tions that we are on the eve of a wide spread and Miss Sandberg the homes of some of the poor Scandi- glorious revival in our churches. He told us of navian people on her field to whom she has ministered, several hundred men recently from Sweden, who and still does minister, in things temporal and spirit. were now living in tents in the neighborhood of the ual. I saw those whose bodies had been clothed, new stock yards, and we were pleased to know that and beds of sick ones over which had been thrown Mr. Ongman and his people were awake to the warm coverings which had come to Miss Sandberg in opportunity, and were already holding Gospel services boxes and barrels from Mission Branches ard Bands. among them. By and-by these men will bring to We saw the Bible opened, and the whole family gath. them in this land the families they have left in Sweden, ered about the missionary as she read and explained, and a Swedish settlement will lake the place of the sang and prayed the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus camp. Then there will be need among them for the Christ. We noted smiles on the faces and tears in work of Christian women. the eyes of those who welcomed her coming, and were On Arlington Hill, St. Paul, the population is al. impressed with her teachings. In a very poor home, most whole Swedish, there being about four hundredi where for long years the husband and saiher has been families of this nationality in that locality. Truly the a drunkard, a burden, and a disgrace, we heard the field is large, and the opportunity glorious. Shall we grateful testimony of the now happy wise, that owing seize it, or let it pass ? to the faithful labors of our missionary, her husband We found the people, among whom Miss Venny had not only put away the intoxicating cup, but given Schelin has labored, very much attached to her and himself to Christ, and was now seeking to provide greatly desiring her return. It may not be known to for his family the comforts which he had always de- all the readers of the MONTHLY that impaired health nied them. We would be glad to mention details, compelled Miss Schelin to leave her work at St. Paul but must not take the space necessary to do so. and return to Sweden; but we are happy to learn

A treat was in store for us in the evening, when that she is growing stronger and hopes to return dur. again braving the storm which grew more furious, we ing the summer. In the mean while Chrestin Wenwere permitted to look into the faces of about fisty lund, who graduated from the Training school in children belonging to the Industrial School connected December, is doing what she can to supply Miss with the Swedish Mission on the South side, which Schelin's place. As she has but just begun her work Miss Sandberg started about three years ago. You we can make no report of it at present, but know her have seen references, from time to time, to the growth to be a true daughter of the king, earnestly desiring of this mission. It has been adopted by the First to serve Him, and trust that she will prove a minister Swedish Baptist Church, and a very neat chapel is in of mercy to many of her country people who are makprocess of erection and will soon house the Sunday ing homes in our land. May we righly interpret and Industrial schools which have outgrown the old the purpose of God in this flocking of the nations to store-room in which they have been held.

America. The occasion which drew these children together on this stormy evening was an entertainment pro.

Cast thy bread upon the waters, vided by the Scandinavian W. C. T. U., of Minne.

Sow thy seed o'er all the sod; apolis. The exercises of the evening were pleasant,

By the hand of sons and daughters, and the children were evidently very happy. Among

Sow this continent for God. them were two little girls to whom the writer has often referred in public addresses, and this is their

Help us to sow, Oh, Lord, for thee, story:

From North to South, from sea to sea; Somewhat more than a year ago, there came to

Where'er a heart or home may be, Castle Garden among many other immigrants, a

And reap a continent for Thee. woman and her four children, two boys and two

M. G. B.

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“The word of God grew and multipřed."-Acts 12: 24.

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DATE. Feb. 16.

Feb. 1. Feb. 23

Feb. 16.


Dryden W. Phelps, Wilmington, Vt.,
Charles E. Torry, Norwalk, Conn.,
A. B. Sears,

Philadelphia, N. Y., C. A. Schlipf,

Jamesburg. N. J., L. Meyers,

Bethlehem, V. J., J. N. Barcus,

Brownstown, W. Va., Wilson G. Hoover, Brownstown, W. Va., J. H. Coleman,

Salem, Ky., Willard W. Schwardtfeger, Scottsville, Ky., J. D. Duncan,

Pilgrim, Ky., T. J. Acton,

Cane Run, Ky.,
Preston Blake,

Glenview, Ky.,
F. J. Washington, Cedar Grove, S. C.
D. B. Farmer,

Anthony, Fla.,
N. W. Gunn,

Good Water, Miss., H. B. McGehee,

Pittsburg, Texas,
J. R. Cason,

Graham, Texas,
William P. Drew, Dallas, Texas,
T J. Harrott,

Jamestown, Texas,
F. M. Taylor,

New Hampshire, Ohio, W. P. Moore,

New Salem, III, John J. Corwin,

Birch Run, Mich., J. E McIntosh,

Reedsburg, Wis., C. Henningsen,

Waupaca, Wis., James L. Caldwell, Pleasant Grove, Mo., Price McCoy,

Bethlehem, Mo., Thomas H. Boulivare, Hether Creek, Mo., Thomas Baker,

Mount Shiloh, Mo.,

Feb. 23.
Jan. 31. ,
Jan. 31.
Dec. 30.
Dec. 14.

Feb. 4.
Feb. 21.
Jan. 27.
Jan. 30.



PLACE. Lewis Selleck,

67. Hartford, Conn., Burton Noyes Sparry, Boonville, N. Y., S. Dexter Morris, 70. Olean, N. Y., George W. Pendleton, 65. Rahway, N. J., Henry F. Smith, D.D., 58. Mount Holly, N. J., W. S. Walker,

47. New Prospect, Pa., Andrew Heath,

55. Louisville, Ky., J. Davis,

Hampton, S. C., John M. Hoover,


Barnwell Co., S. C., L. S. Owens,

Cherry Creek, Miss., J. G. Bynum,

Trion, Ga., John B. White, D.D., 75. Greenville, III., Ezekiel J. Locke,

77. Marne, Iowa., Nathaniel Barnett,

68. New Hope, Mo., John Sarr,

Chillicothe, M., H. Banta,

Wood Co., Texas, J. B. Rogers,

46. Monticello, Texas, W. D. H. Johnson, 69. St. Libory, Neb.,

[blocks in formation]

Feb. 5.

Feb. 13.

[blocks in formation]


Total number of grants made. Aggregate of Loans,

$1,250 00 Aggregate of Gifts,

1,740 00 LOCATION OF CHURCHES AIDED. Ashland, Va., (Colored).

Hays City, Kan. Ononcock, Va., (Colored).

Mt. Pleasant, Mich. Kulli Inla, Ind. Ter., (Colored).

Livermore, Iowa. Dell Rapids, Dak, (Scan.)

Banning, Cal. Weatherford, Texas, (Colored).

Antigo, Wis.

DATE. Feb.

Feb. 5. Jan. 29. Jan. 29. Mar. 3.

Home P2ission Appointments

Feb. 18. Feb. 6.

PLACE. Swift Creek, Va., Mount Alpha, W. Va., Pigeon Run, W. Va., Union, Ky., Robard's Station, Ky., Alexandria, Tenn., South Memphis, Tenn., Roman Memorial Church, Asheville, N. C., Second Baptist Church, Subligna, Ga., Chipley, Ga., Colored Church, St. Augustine, Fla., Amite City, La., Little Bethel Church (Colored.), East Dallas, Texas, Rose Hill, Texas, Brownstone, Texas, Chico, Kansas, Los Angeles, Cal., German Baptist Church

Jan. 31. Jan. 30. Jan. 27. Feb. 19.


Feb. 19.

The following new appointments were made : Rev. P. S. Sommers, Colored People in Florida.

L. W. Atkins, Baileyville and vicinity, Kans.
E. A. Abbott, Nelson, Neb.
R. Harrison, Cortland, Neb.
J. D. Stapp, Loup City, Neb.

Feb. 20.

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Rev. A. W. Clark, Calvary Baptist Church, Omaha, Neb.

William H. Travis, Fairmount, Dakota.
Peter Mitchell, Galt and vicinity, Dakota.
Nis Tychsen, Scandinavians in Dell Rapids, Dakota.
E. N. Harris, Sioux Falls, Dakota.
T. R. Bowles, Compton, Calif.
J. C. Richardson, Corvallis Association, Oregon.
G. J. Burchett, General Missionary for Oregon.
Robert Whitaker, Mexico.
H. B. Steelman, Mexico.
H. C. Woods, D.D., Superintendent of Missions for Ne-
braska, South Dakota, Kansas, Wyoming and Colorado.

The following re-appointments were made :
Rev. F. X. Smith, French in Woonsocket, R. I. and vicinity.

0. Lindh, First Swedish Church, New York, N. Y.
Peter Grant, Park River and vicinity, Dakota.
C. N. Patterson, Parker, Dakota.
G. W. Huntley, General Missionary for North Dakota.
G. D. Downey, Miles City, Mont.
C. C. Bateman, Sacramento River Association, Calif.
Robert Lennie, New Westminster, B. C.
Francisco F. Trevino, Monterey, Mexico.
T. M. Westrup, General Missionary for Nueva Leon,

[blocks in formation]

$24,172 87

545 50

Received Designated for Debt,

Total for February,
Donations, Legacies, etc., from April 1, 1886, to February 1, 1887,

Total for eleven months,

$24,718 37 $264 884 85

$289,603 22


Donations for Benevolent Fund, Interest


$2,874 96

328 04

$3,203 00 Donations, Legacies, and Interest from April 1, 1886, to Feb. 1, 1887, $32,122 12

35,325 12

Total receipts from all sources,

$324,928 34

Contributions and Legacies. •

950 5 47 10 00

10 30

FOR FEBRUARY, 1887. (Contributions and Legacies not otherwise noted are for general purposes. A * denotes that contributions are for educational purposes, and C. E. F. for Church Edifice Fund.)

NEW HAMPSHIRE, $93.20. Littleton, C. P. Chickering New Boston Church.. Antrim, A Friend. Claremont Church. Designated for Debt:

Hopkinton Church *New Boston Church *For Roger Williams University, Tenn. :

IO oo


MAINE, $9.00. Hancock Point, Mrs. Maria Crabtree. Portland, Cumberland Association. *For Spelman Seminary, Ga:

3 00


Concord, John F. Jones...
C. E, F. Amherst, Geo. N. Shaw.
Designated for Mexico :

Richmond, Mrs. J. H. Merrifield..

12 50

33 00


Hancock Point, Mrs. M. Crabtree

VERMONT, $101.11.
Hayden ville Church..
Ludlow Sunday school.


11 76 21 58

4 00

67 77 Worcester, Pleasant Street Sunday School. C.E. F. Dalton, John H. Smith, for Church at

[ocr errors][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][ocr errors]

12 58 TOO 00 31 00

5 00 50 00 21 00 20 00

7 00 YO OO 75 00 7 75

MASSACHUSETTS, $2,779.40. Boston, per Rev. J. D. Rossier.

Warren Ave. Church

A Friend....
Cambridge, B. O. Pierce, Jr..
Merrick, Miss L. A. Day.
Cambridgeport, First Church.
Chicopee, Children's Mission Band..
West Somerville, Miss E. L. Teele.
Millbury Church, ..
Rutland, G. K. Hadley..
Maplewood, Mrs. James Hunting .
Fall River, First Church
West Somerville Church, Young People's Society of

Christian Endeavor..
South Boston, Fourth Street Church.
Manchester Church.
South Hanson Church
Southbridge Central Church.
East Boston, Central Square Church
Hingham Church..
Holyoke Church.
Granville Church

J.S. Root and Wife

J. S. Root...
Plymouth First Church.
Watertown, Five Ladies, Designated
Weston Church..
North Reading Church
East Gloucester Church.
Old Cambridge Church.
Worcester, Main Street Church
Billerica First Church
Newton Center Church
Designated for Debt:

Needham, Rev. W. H. Clark, balance.. * Winchester Sunday school, for tudent at Creek

Freedman School *For Richmond Theological Seminary, Va. :

Lynn, A. F. Smith.

Worcester, Pleasant Street Sunday school. *For Wayland Seminary, D. C.:

A Friend.

Fall River, Mrs. Boomer *For Roger Williams University, Tenn. :

Beverly Sunday school, Children's Mission


Reading, Dr. and Mrs. J. H. Hanaford. *Fur Cherokee Academy, Indian Territory:

Parks Corners Sunday school.

Beverly, Girls' Mission Band. * For Spelman Seminary, Ga.:

Westminster Church for Student.. *For Shaw University, South Carolina:

11 30 6 25

37 44 15 91 150 OO 20 00 33 41 401 25 10 oo 30 00 10 00 40 00 8


[blocks in formation]

228 50

5 00

35 75

17 65 750 00

10 00 75 00 25 oo

5 oo 14 50 30 OO 20 63 11 oo

100 00 12 50

50 00 5 00

8 36

25 00 25 00

25 oo 158 23

NEW YORK, $3,882.13.
Kingston, First Church.
Deposit Church....
Buffalo, Delaware Ave. Church, in part..

Cedar Street Sunday school..
Oneonta Church..
Troy, Fifth Street Church.

Mission Band.
Fifth Street Church, per Mrs. S. Shepard.
Second Church and Sunday school.

Henry C. Ward, (deceased)
Franklin Church....
Gloversville Church,
Port Jefferson Church.
Brooklyn, Emmanuel Church
Penn Yan, Mrs. Sarah H. Doolittle.
Albany, Cavalry Church

Sunday school.
Batavia, A Friend
Worcester, Second Church, in part..

Rev. J. Powers.
Friendship, Second Church, in part..
Oswego, West Church, in addition,
Hempstead, First Church ..
New York City, Madison Ave. Sunday school, Mission

Association for Sunday school work in City of

Twenty-third Street Church.

Lexington Ave. Church,
Moriah Church..
Rochester, Second Church...
Palmyra, Miss Cornelia Sawyer.
*For Spelman Seminary, Ga.:

New York City, Madison Ave, Sunday school

Mission Association, for Student.. *For Richmond Theological Seminary, Va.:

Sixteenth Church Sunday School, Kincaid

Mission Band...

Insurance Companies on account of loss by fire. *For Wayland Seminary. D. C. :

Syracuse, Mrs. C. P. Hazzard. *For Benedict Institute, North Carolina: Brooklyn Tabernacle Church.

G. B. Forrester.. *For Jackson College, Miss. :

Perry, Mrs. Lydia Bryant...

Greenwich Church, Ladies' Society.. *For Indian University, Indian Territory :

Homer Sunday school...
C. E. F Designated for Mexico :
City, James B. Colgate.

Rev. Richard Hartley.
Williamsburg, Central Church
Rochester, Rev. T. H. Pattison, D.D.
Buffalo, Mrs J. F. Chard..

Mrs. T. Chester .
Albion, An Aged Sister of Church
Flushing. A Friend...

4 20 10 00

51 20

[ocr errors][merged small]

30 00


Elbridge, Estate of Maria Gregory...

NEW JERSEY, $1,604.52.
Piscataway Church.

Friendship Sunday School.
Union Sunday school..

Stelton Bible school.
Morristown, Mrs. C. C. Bishop, for Printing Press in

City of Mexico

Blackfoot, Idaho.. Designated for Mexico:

Fitchburg, Samuel E. Crocker...

12 50

25 00

100 00

50 00 11 00

100 oo


50 00

54 00 200 00 42 77

4 00 10 00

48 94

oo 6 oo

25 00

Fitchburg, Estate of Susan Stone.
Boston, Estate of Andrew Pollard.

Interest on Bequest of John Wood
Danversport, Interest on Estate of Benj. Porter...

RHODE ISLAND, $885.12.
Providence, Union Church

Fourth Church.
Friendship Street Church.

A Friend."
Newport, First Church, George B. Peck
Central Church

Sunday school
Pawtucket First, Church
*For Spelman Seminary, Ga.:

Providence, Branch Ave. Sunday school. *For Roger Williams University, Tenn.:

Providence, First Sunday school...
C. E, F, Designated for Mexico :
Newport, First Church “Hopeful Workers"...

New Haven, per. Rev. K. Newkinst.
Waterbury, Alfred Shipley
Putnam Church
Wallingtord Church.
New London, First Church

266 oo
58 11
88 12
25 oo
20 CO
191 90
40 00
79 99

1,000 00

10 oo 100 00 25 00 5 00 5 00 5 00 5 00

56 oo

50 oo

300 00

10 00

5 54 10 00 113 50 24 95 65 50

93 55 10 00 13 72 25 00

300 00

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