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Tuesday night the exhibition of the Academic Depart. ing Lords' day, four ministering brethren being ment was largely attended and highly enjoyed. On present and participating. Brother Hicks is a Wednesday morning, June 22, at 9.30 o'clock, a good | Cherokee Indian, a graduate of Indian University, audience gathered to attend the Commencement ex- and subsequently, also, of Rochester Theological ercises of the University. Year by year the interest | Seminary, New York. He is under appointment by ing and encouraging results of the year's work have the Home Mission Society as a missionary among the been highly appreciated, but those who have attended uncivilized tribes in the vicinity of the Wichita all the closing exercises could heartily say that this Agency, Ind. Ter. Brother Hicks goes to his work one surpassed, in points of excellence, all preceding with many prayers and bright prospects of usefulness. The eleven original productions showed superior It is gratifying to know that the Lord is raising up natural abilities, well trained by study and wise in | intelligent young men in our Indian churches and struction. President Bacone and his corps of efficient preparing them by proper intellectual and religious teachers, a better company than whom have never training to go forth and preach the everlasting been associated in Christian work in this Territory, truths of the gospel, and that these young men have might well feel proud of the young people whom God a missionary spirit. Several now at Indian Univer. in his providence had sent to them for instruction. sity are preparing for the ministry. Brother Hicks Diplomas conferring the degree of Master and Mis- starts at once for his field of labor. As he spent a tress of the Sciences were awarded to the two who vacation two years ago at the Wichita Agency, he is had completed the prescribed course of study, with not an entire stranger to the condition and needs of earnest, wise, fatherly parting words of President the field. He will join in work there with Rev. Bacone-words of weight and influence because James Edwards, a Choctaw and Caddo Indian, who uttered by one whose earnest life-aim and purpose to has been laboring for several months under appoint• help young men and young women to true, earnest, ment of the Baptist Territorial Convention for the noble Christian living, are so well known. During | Indian Territory. We shall look with much interest the year, sixty-nine papils have been in attendance. to the work at the Wichita Agency and vicinity. Two Of these, six have been preparing for the ministry, good, consecrated men, with God's blessing, may one of whom graduates. Four of these have been bring about as a result great changes among the appointed by the Home Mission Society to work as Indians of the plains. May God's people remember missionaries among their people during the coming these Christian workers in their prayers and give them vacation. Thirteen, including one who graduated, their sympathy and aid. have been preparing to teach. Several who graduated from this University in former years are engaged

Catholicism Among the Colored People in in preaching and teaching, thus realizing the desires and anticipations of the friends of this school. The

the Lower Mississippi Valley. report at the meeting of the Board of Trustees, of the financial condition of the University, was a cause Rev. A. M. Newman, who has been our General for gratitude and thanksgiving. The year has closed Missionary in Louisiana, and who has had excellent without the shadow of indebtedness, showing that opportunities for judging what Catholicism is doing there has been wise and prudential management. among his people, favors us with the following:On the whole, the prospects of Indian University | We Protestants are overwhelmingly in the major. were never so encouraging and promising of grand | ity in Louisiana. But whoever reposes on this state. results as at the Commencement day of 1887. Each ment will be startled when he is aroused; for in cer. year places it higher in the esteem of the people of tain localities Catholicism is deep-rooted and it works the Indian Territory and confirms convictions that it

unceasingly. Its votaries are constantly taught that is a divinely directed power for great good.

the Catholic is the great mother church and that there is no religion but hers. All professors save

hers are heretics. The only way to be saved is Indian Territory.

through the Pope, the church, and the priest, and Rev. Daniel Rogers sends the following account of that all persons who are not thus saved will be lost the ordination of Rev. G. W. Hicks :

forever. We have had this kind of doctrine hurled A council, called by the Tahlequah Baptist Church at us more than once. It is a very dangerous docto consider the propriety of setting apart George W. trine, because a person who really believes it is harder Hicks to the work of the gospel ministry, met on the to be christianized than one who makes no profession 30th of June. The council consisted of five ordained of religion at all, and the more truly he believes the ministers and nine lay members, representing six more sure he is to be destroyed. churches. After listening to a very interesting and Catholicism teaches with a zeal that is worthy of a satisfactory statement of the candidate's Christian ex- better cause. The Catholic parent teaches the child perience, call to the ministry and views of Christian the doctrines of the church as early as it can learn ; doctrines, ordination was unanimously recommended. the Catholic nurse not alone teaches children of Cath. The ordination services were observed on the follow. Tolic parentage, but those of Protestants, to be Cath

olics. Wherever it can be done the strong hand of will endeavor to preach to them. Before long we Catholicisin is placed upon the public school. Cath- | hope to be able to have a regular Sunday school. A olics are put in as teachers, and they teach the Cat. few of my pupils have already read well enouglı to echism and bring the child up in the ways of the read in the New Testament, but cannot yet underCatholic church. This work, so persistently urged, stand very much of what they read. There is a vast often culminates in the taking of the first commun- deal of prejudice against learning English among ion and the making of a Catholic. But little is to be these people, the result of the teachings of the Greek feared from the effects of Catholicism on adult Prot. church, and it will require much patient work to overestants. These effects, however, are terrible when come this prejudice. We will do the very best we brought to bear on our children. A priest is repre- | can. sented as having said : “ Give me the first seven

WISCONSIN.-Elroy, under the labors of Rev. L.. years of the child and you may have the remainder.” M. Newell, has been blessed with an extensive reHe tells the truth dreadfully. Nothing can break

vival. the chains of error and falsehood in which the child

Our work here continues to receive tokens of divine is bound by the Catholic instructor but the grace of

favor. On the 22d of May I baptized eight more the Lord Jesus Christ.

persons, in the beautiful stream at Kendall; seven Catholicism repudiates all knowledge save that

were from Elroy. This makes fifty-four additions since which it teaches its worshipers. It does not allow

coming here a little over a year ago, forty-four hy them to read the Bible, nor listen to a Protestant while he reads it. It would take that precious book

baptism. Others are received for baptism who will

go forward soon. At Elroy our work has been much out of every public school in Louisiana where a Prot

opposed. Jealous because of our prosperity, the estant teaches, will not permit its communicants to

people are publically warned that it is their Chiis attend Protestant churches, and in many instances have been known to forbid the giving of the hand of

tian duty to oppose the Baptists. (A relic of days a Catholic in marriage to a Protestant except on the

gone by.) But the Lord is blessing our work. condition that the Protestant consent to be a Catholic,

NEBRASKA.-Systematic giving is making progress Catholicism is gathering our girls for the nunnery

in the State-Rev. J. W. Osborn says : and our lads for the priesthood, for it knows that if

While two years ago not five churches in the State its work among our people is to make further and

had any settled plan, now about ten times that nummore rapid progress such reinforcement is indis

| ber have declared by vote that they will follow a pensable. A divine sense of duty points to the

fixed plan, allowing no agent of any society to inter. homes, the public schools, the Sabbath-school, and

fere. the churches of our people, and many of our Louis-/ KANSAS.-Rev. W. Ward Willis, District Missioniana Baptist Protestants hear a voice ringing out in ary for Southwest Kansas, gives an account of his clear accents : “Go rescue my people and bring pioneer work in that rapidly developing region. them to me.”

During the last quarter he traveled 1,965 miles, mostly

by wagon road, and organized seven churches in the Notes.

places visited. ALASKA-Rev. W. E. Roscoe, in a letter recently After organizing the above churches the question received says:

of pastoral support was pressed upon them, and on We have had about sixty pupils under instruction, nearly all the fields someone is candidating or but our attendance has been irregular in both public settling. and private schools. Many of our pupils have done I find that in this western field there are many open very well both in learning the meaning of English doors, and good opportunities for Baptist work to be words and in learning to read and write the language. done. There are more calls than I can readily attend If I could only have a good attendance I could to; and as fast as I can I am going on to these new achieve a grand success in the educational work, and fields preaching, visiting, and organizing churches. I no doubt in the course of time converts to Christi. find a great deal of struggling among some of our anity could be gained.

people in trying to make themselves a home on the We have very strong hopes of being reinforced by prairies, but an earnest desire to help forward the the arrival of Miss Nettie Parkhurst, of Lafayette, cause of our blessed Lord and Master. Contra Costa County, Cal., whom we expect Dr. Others are listless, careless, and indifferent. They Jackson will send to Wood Island about one and a say they have come to Kansas to rest; and as far as half miles from Kadiak Village. She is a teacher of church work is concerned they are apt scholars. In many years' experience, a Baptist and full of mission. | fact they are hindrances, and are doing damage to our ary zeal. I am on very friendly terms with the Baptist Zion. The Lord have mercy upon them and people of Wood Island. Some of them make fre. wake them to duty. quent inquiries as to when their teacher is to arrive. The needs of this field of about 200 miles east and As soon as I can speak enough Russian, or as soon as west, and over 100 north and south, are great ; and some of the people can understand enough English, I ) instead of one district missionary there ought to be one in every county seat, operating in every part of We are here for that purpose. In our constant per. the county. The people, as a rule, are intelligent, sonal contact with the unsaved we are more and more wide-awake citizens, and ought to be supplied with impressed with the necessity of urging immediate reactive, pushing, and intelligent pastors; and I be pentance, and faith in Jesus by showing the sinner lieve none others can succeed. Would that the funds that he is on the brink of the grave and the border of were increased abundantly, so that missionaries might hell, and his only hope is in a complete surrender to, be secured to labor on this promising field.

and cordial acceptance of Christ as the only Saviour. Other denominations are doing aggressive work, The old, old Gospel wins the people. We need more and are endeavoring to occupy the important towns to preach it to the scattered and perishing here. and cities here. Means are being used to build up While we are planting new churches we are trying to churches; and often ministers and members of other bring all the churches already established into true churches use unfair, tricky means to persuade Baptists organized thoroughly for effective work at home and to unite with Pedobaptist churches. In some cases giving to aid in the work in regions beyond. Houses they succeed, in others they meet with ignoble de- of worship must be built here; we must have a place eat. Oftener the latter. I have met with several for the missionary to preach and for the people to amusing cases where preachers of other names hear the Gospel. have been fairly caught in their own craftiness.

May God abundantly bless the American Baptist Home Mission Society, and supply it with all needed

CHURCH EDIFICE NOTES. funds, and make it a greater blessing than heretofore, and speedily give to them “ North America for Christ."

Almost Safe. -The committee of the Kansas State Board on cooperation with the colored people of the State, recom

The proposition of Mr. J. D. Rockefeller, to give mend such co-operation, and that one representative $6,000 of the $12,000 necessary to secure the erection of the colored Baptists be made a member of the

of thirty chapels in the West, on conditions that others Convention Board. There is a large number of would contribute the other $6,000 by September 1, colored churches in the State, and this proposed

| has not yet been fully met. Mr. W. A. Cauldwell has arrangement gives promise of much good.

kindly promised $2,000; Mr. H. K. Porter, $1,000;

Mr. E. Nelson Blake, $1,000; Mr. S. A. Crozer, $500, MINNESOTA.-Rev. W. D. Athearn writes: and others smaller amounts, until now we lack only

Our little church at Waseca, Minn., is doing good about $1,000 of having the $12,000 secured. These work, bettering its condition continually. It has struggling churches in the West are awaiting with wonderfully improved since 1884, when our good anxious expectation for the reply to their earnest brother

and much loved pastor, Rev. A. M. Torbet, petitions for help. With many of them it is almost a came. Each year shows an advance. This last year

question of church life or death. With a little help our benevolent contributions have doubled. We

they can secure a chapel and have prayer-meeting hope to double them again the coming year. We have and Sabbath schools. Shall we be forced to say to repaired our house of worship to the amount of over these little churches, you must not expect help? We one hundred dollars. Other improvements are much are almost safe, only about $1,000 lacking to secure needed, and we will attempt them as soon as possible. | $12,000 and thirty houses of worship. Who of the

We need very much a new communion service. Master's servants will say to us, put me down on that Our present set is of pewter and saw its best days thirty chapel movement? The time is short. The years ago. Any contribution that would secure to first of September will soon be here. What you do us this much needed service would be very gratefully | do quickly. received. North Dako1A-Rev. G. W. Huntley says:

-Some of our mission churches are not willing to Immigration into this part of the Territory has take all that they can get. We can point to the little been large this spring. New settlements have been

church at Monrovia, California, as an example. A made, new lines of railway have been commenced, and

new town was springing up rapidly and the Baptists unfinished roads are being extended. On the Mani. | needed a house of worship but did not see the way to toba extension west, thousands of men and teams are

obtain it without outside help. They needed $300 employed, and five miles of track are being laid more than they could raise, and our Church Edifice every twenty-four hours. The work goes on nights

Department made an appropriation of that amount. with the aid of electric lights. The increase of popu.

On the day of dedication the little church made an lation demands an increase of Christian work and 1 extra effort and with much self-sacrifice paid the workers. Our prayer to God and the Home Mission whole cost and returned the money to the Society to Society is, six more men for North Dakota. The few be used on some other needy field. All honor to the workers on the field are meeting with encouraging

Baptist Band at Monrovia. success. We have trials and triumphs. God has -Rev. C. W. Gregory, of East Los Angeles, Cali. smiled upon our efforts in bringing souls to Christ. I fornia, writes : “God bless the Home Mission So.

ciety, without which we could not have secured our Hall. This building was one of the most important excellent church property. Our church, with its lot of all those used for school purposes. The dining. of 100 feet square, is free of all incumbrance except room, kitchen, store room, carpenter's shop, nurse's the conditional mortgage to the Society for the $200 training school, model school room, and one or two gift.”

of the teachers' rooms were all in this building. Al. -Two houses of worship in Indian Territory are though an old building, yet it was admirably adapted now nearing completion because of the help given by

for the purposes for which it was used. The work our Church Edifice Department. The Indians do of the school will be seriously crippled until this much of the work themselves, and, with money to house can be replaced. The coal for the next winter purchase lumber and nails, they get up a neat chapel was in the cellar, and some of the supplies. The at a small cost. More houses are needed and could boarding department is an important part of the work be built if the money was in hand to give a little of this school. When we consider that nearly a bar. help.

rel of flour is used at one baking, and a bushel of

potatoes at one meal, we get some idea of the size of -When you make your contribution for Home |

| the school, and also realize the care and planning that is Missions do you think especially of our Church Edifice work? Remember that no funds can be used

' necessary to make this department a financial success. for this purpose except such as are so designated by

Miss Packard is a skilful manager, and has an able the donors. If you intend something to help the little

helper in Mrs. Mallory, the efficient housekeeper. In churches in the West in securing houses, designate

order to bear the expenses of this large family of two for Church Edifice work, otherwise it goes to the Gen

hundred and fifty boarders, much provision must be eral Fund. Some of our churches do not seem to un- / purchased at wholesale. A quantity had been placed derstand this, and, while giving to the Society, never | in the store room of Union Hall for use during the think to say that a part is for Church Edifice work, coming year, but it was lost by the fire. Miss l'ackand so it all goes to the General Fund, and the Church ard and Miss Giles are very weary after the year's Edifice Treasury runs low.

hard work. They need absolute rest. This calamity -Never, perhaps, has the demand upon our Church

recalls them from their Western trip, and much of

the summer must be spent in the hot Southern city. Edifice Fund been so heavy as at present. Population is pouring into the Western States and Territor.

Our Woman's Society cannot put up school build. ies, and towns springing up as if by magic. The new

ings. The insurance upon the old building is $3,500. towns must be helped to chapels where the people

A new brick building, which prudence demands can be congregated for worship and the children

| should take the place of the old wooden one, will gathered in Sabbath schools. We could use $100,000

cost from $12,000 to to $15,000. Are there not some a year very profitably now in this work. Other de.

in the denomination who have means, who will at nominations are helping their people, and too often

once aid in erecting this new building ? the Baptists are left to struggle alone, while the

These faithful, successful teachers need to be re. children are lost to us because they are furnished by

lieved of all anxiety during these summer months. others with facilities for Sunday school service.

Surely here is an opportunity to do much good. We

must not, however, as a Society, interfere with our -Nebraska makes its appeal through Rev. J. W.

distinctive work of supporting teachers. Osborn, who says :

Miss Caroline Loomis, of Hartshorn Memorial Col. “Our Church Edifice work presses hard upon us.

lege, Richmond Va., has resigned her position in It is of little use to spend money on a field or church

order to rest. Miss Loomis has taught twenty years, that has no home. We must build this year at least

and has earned a right to retire from her labor of twelve church edifices, or suffer greatly in our work.

love among the colored people. Miss Lillian Van Small donations of from $200 to $300 would enable us

Clef, of Michigan, has been appointed to fill her place. to do it."

The plan of the new school house at Salt Lake

City has been received by our General Missionary, WOMAN'S AMERICAN BAPTIST

Rev. Dwight Spencer. It was prepared by Messrs.

Jardine, of New York, and the plan donated to our HOME MISSION SOCIETY.

Society by these gentlemen. The specifications have 14 Tremont Temple, Boston, Mass.

also been completed, and work upon the new build.

ing will begin in a short time. President, Mrs. Thomas Nickerson, Newton Cen. Our schools have now closed, and many of our tre, Mass. ; Vice-Pres., Mrs. Anna Sargent Hunt, teachers and home workers are now taking needed Augusta, Me.; Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. Mary rest. The year that is past has brought us many per. C. Reynolds, Wallingford, Connecticut; Treas. plexities. Losses by fire have hindered our work in urer, Miss Margaret McWhinnie, 14 Tremont Tem Kulli Inla, Indian Territory, Salt Lake City, and ple, Boston, Mass.

now at Spelman Seminary. Yet God reigns. The During the past month Spelman Seminary, Atlanta, work is His, and out of seeming disaster He brings Ga., has suffered a great loss in the burning of Union 'grand results. May all those who pray for the ex



tension of the Redeemer's kingdom remember the work of the Society she represented, the speaker rework of our teachers who are leading souls out of

ferred to the multitudes of people in our land whose darkness into light.

women were utterly ignorant of the duties and re.

sponsibilities of motherhood, and showed how the RECEIPTS FOR JUNE.

Society aimed to send among these people intelligent

Christian women to do the training for which the Maine.......... $23 04/Young Volunteers

mothers were disqualified, and in this connection reNew Hampshire. 18 72 Miscellaneous... 67 03 ferred to the department of kindergarten instruction Vermont. ....... 39 68 Precions Jewels. 2 00 which had during the past year been added to the Massachusetts .. 566 79

training school curriculum. The speaker closed by Connecticut..... 133 12 Total. ...... $850 68 saying: God hasten the day when each home in

our land shall become a building stone, and our nation rise a vast cathedral filled with the praise and


Mrs. A. S. Hunt, Vice President of the New EngSOCIETY.

land Society, presented a paper in which, after pleas

| ant greetings and allusion to the true unity of the · 2338 Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Ill. work of the two societies, she proceeded to present

“Our Country" in its aspect as a mission field, and GENERAL Officers.

urged the duty of Christian preocupancy in the openPresident,Mrs. J. N. Crouse, 2231 Prairie Ave., Chicago, ing States and Territories of the vast new West. Corresponding Secretary-Miss M. G. BURDETTE, 2338 Mich

| She referred to the incoming thousands from Europe, igan Ave., Chicago, III.

to Mormonism with its centralized power, to the Recording Secretary -Mrs. H. THANE Miller, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Southland with its 7,000,000 dark-skinned sons and Treasurer_Mrs. R. R. DonnelleY, 2338 Michigan Ave.,

daughters of Ethiopia, to thousands of untutored red Chicago, Ill.

men in wigwam villages in the Indian Territory or

scattered over Western plains, to 10,000,000 MexiReunion.

cans ground down under the heel of priestly despotWe supplement a brief report of the Tenth Annual

ism, to the gleaming pagodas of the heathen Chinese Meeting of the Women's Baptist Home Mission So.

on the Pacific Coast, and to the peoples of Alaska, ciery which will be found in July Tidings, by a short

who sit in darkness. The speaker, having sketched account of the joint meeting of the Woman's Ameri

the field, impressed the fact that in it is a distinct and can Baptist Home Mission Society and the Women's

definite work for the Christian women of the country. Baptist Home Mission Society, with headquarters at

She called attention to the multitudes of women who Boston and Chicago respectively, held between 8 and

have no knowledge of Christ, and yet whose influence, 10 o'clock Monday morning, May 30, at the Hen.

in its way, is as potent as ours. She spoke of the nepin Avenue M. E. Church, Minneapolis, Mrs.

value of Christian schools, and of the importance of Thomas Nickerson, President of the first-named So

direct personal work in the homes of the people. ciety, presiding.

We quote the closing paragraph of Mrs. Hunt's After a devotional service and a short address by

paper. Mrs. Nickerson, Mrs. J. N. Crouse, President of the “The directions of an Athenian general to his Women's Baptist Home Mission Society (Chicago), soldiers going forth to battle seem to come to us with was introduced and spoke especially on the respon. force. He ordered them in time of danger to put sibility of Christian women.

one knee on the ground, and firmly rest their spear She mentioned as the four great factors in the l on the other, and covering themselves with their world's civilization, the State, the church, the school, shields be able to resist the enemy. Are we individ. and the family, and tracing all influences to their ually on one knee in prayer to our Heavenly Father, fountain head found it in the home. The thought that the unseen captain of our host, and does the shield of the destinies of nations are in the hands of mothers, our faith in Him cover us so securely that we shall rolls an awful responsibility on Christian women, and be able to resist any power that would hinder us in the question, “What are we doing to meet it?" is the great work whereunto we are called ? one of great portent. Does the progress of mothers Happy shall we be if we have even the least part in a knowledge of child nature and the best methods in bringing in the day when it shall be said “The of training it aright keep pace with the world's prog. I people which sat in darkness saw a great light, and ress in all directions? is a question which must to them which sat in the region and shadow of death receive a negative answer. No special provision is | light is sprung up." made in our school curriculum to fit our sons and Mrs. M. A. Ehlers, of the Women's Baptist Home daughters for the responsibilities of paternity. The Mission Society (Chicago), spoke from the stand. world's need to day is mothers and teachers who un point of a missionary. She referred to the fact that derstand how to develop the spiritual nature of the many of our women were too busy to find time for child.

reading, that the Bible was almost untouched, and The speaker cited several incidents showing that the Helping Hand, Tidings, and similar publications among the mothers of our land there was great room | not always taken promptly from the wrappers; but for improvement, and then called attention to the dif. that those who did occasionally read the newspapers, ficulty of securing Sunday school teachers who un had doubtless had their attention attracted by the derstood child nature and were skilled in methods of frequent heading, “Home Rule,” or “Home Rule in developing it.

Ireland.” In the speaker's mind our country's great In applying the principle under discussion to the need might be expressed in the words, “ Home Rule

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