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Balance in Treasury .....


The schools have begun their work, and report To Missionaries and Mission Work....... $2,898 og

much interest. Mrs. Roscoe, at Kadiak Island, " Printing Annual Reports......

87 50
= $2,985 59

Alaska, sends a very interesting letter from St. Paul,

where she is laboring. She tells of little accom$29 71

plished, but the work is going on slowly. The women are degraded and sunken in vice, yet for them Christ died. Mrs. Roscoe speaks of dreading the

cold, dark winter, when they have no mail for six WOMAN'S AMERICAN BAPTIST

months and no American society. She needs much HOME MISSION SOCIETY.

syınpathy and our daily prayers. 14 Tremont Temple, Boston, Mass.

At Tullehassee Mission, Muscogee, Indian Terri

tory, Miss Maggie Baker is filling the place made President, Mrs. Thomas Nickerson, Newton Cen.

vacant by the resignation of Mrs. Dawes. Prof.

Rishel speaks in high terms of her work during the tre, Mass. ; Vice-Pres., Mrs. Anna Sargent Hunt, Augusta, Me.; Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. M.

few weeks past, and we gladly welcome her, although C. Reynolds, Wallingford, Connecticut; Treas.

a stranger to our Society. urer, Miss Margaret McWhinnie, 14 Tremont Tem.

Miss Lillian Van Cleef, of Hartshorn Memorial ple, Boston, Mass.

College, Richmond, Va., has sent her first letter to our Society. Miss Van Cleef takes the place made

vacant by the resignation of Miss Caroline Loomis. The work of this Society has been steadily pro. This letter is deeply interesting, and shows the exgressing during these autumn months. Never in the

cellent work being done by this school. The girls history of the organization has there been such a call

are actively engaged in Christian work. for speakers to represent our work in basket meet.

The aim of the teachers and pupils seems to be to ings, associations, and conventions. We see only

lead those out of Christ into the fold. Sunday school good in this increasing interest, if our circles will

and temperance work outside of the school is a part only remember the object for which we were organ

of their Christian work. Miss Van Cleef speaks in ized. We are simply a helping hand to the Home

highest terms of the work done in Hartshorn MemoMission Society. The existence of the Woman's

rial, and of her great joy in being allowed to labor Society does not, in any sense, lessen our obligation

among this people. to give and pray for the parent Home Mission

A recent letter from Miss Giles, at Spelman SemiSociety. Vermont has done nobly during the past year.

nary, says that ground has been broken for the new Mrs. C. C. Post, as State Vice-president, has effected

building. How much have we for the new building ? a complete organization in the State, and has aroused

We have $3,500 insurance, and $2,500 already enthusiasm by her own earnestness.

pledged, making in all $6,000; $6,000 more has

been pledged, through the generosity of Mrs. Slack, Basket meetings, both home and foreign, have been held for the first time in all but two associations.

of Merrimac, N. H. This is not available at present; In order to save traveling expense, three meetings

$3,000 is promised on or before October 2d, 1888, were held during the second week in October-one

and $3,000 on or before October 3rd, 1889. This in Rutland, Shaftsbury Association; one in Ludlow,

gift is a great blessing to us. We then have $12,000 Woodstock Association; and one in Brattleboro,

for this new building. Windham Association. On the fourth week of Octo. ! There yet remains $3,000 to be raised before the ber a meeting was held at Johnson, Lamoille Asso. building can be completed. Mr. Rockefeller, who ciation, and also at St. Johnsbury, Danville Associ- has so generously given to this school, promises to ation. All of these meetings were seasons of spir. give $1,500 of this $3,000, provided the other $1,500 itual quickening. The warm prayer meetings which can be raised before January 1, 1888. We hope this preceded each session were marked by the Spirit's sum can be raised; it must come, but let it be above presence. Valuable papers were read upon home the regular gifts. Our twenty-nine teachers are lookand foreign work, and addresses by missionaries, and ing to us for their salaries. We must send our gifts the corresponding secretaries of both Home and For. for these salaries to our teachers in all parts of the eign Societies.

land who are laboring for souls. Pastors Reese, of Rutland, Olds, of Ludlow, Crud. ington, of Johnson, and Sanford, of St. Johnsbury, gave much aid by their presence and sympathy in the

RECEIPTS FOR SEPTEMBER. work. The ladies feel that the basket meetings will soon become established. When the women of the Maine............... $374 57 : Miscellaneous........ $353 83

New Hampshire..... 307 or Young Volunteers... churches are so interested as to attend in large num Vermont.......

159 56 Precious Jewels..... bers, the question of time at associations and conven.

conven ! Massachusetts.......

545 42 Rhode Island...

Total ......... $1,865 61 tions will be answered.

43 50


80 47


What a blessed work that of laying the foundation of Maine............... $ 83 29 Connecticut......... $200 03 the Christian religion in the hearts of those people so New Hampshire..... 122 80 Miscellaneous....... 247 92

long groping in darkness. Vermont ........ 49 O3 Young Volunteers

50 Massachusetts.... 834 441

At our annual meeting a very interesting paper, Rhode Island ....... 184 25 Total.........$1,722 26

entitled “ To day's Demands," was read by Mrs. G. P. Durham. We hope soon to have it printed and

put in the hands of our sisters, and trust it will arouse WOMAN'S BAPTIST HOME MISSION a deeper interest in mission work, showing what is UNION OF CONNECTICUT. possible for woman to accomplish, both in her own

home and in carrying the gospel to others.

In a letter recently received from Mr. Clafford, now President, Mrs. Francis Wayland ; ist Vice-Presi

in Sweden, he says : dent, Mrs. Wm. E. Disbrow; 2d Vice-President,

The Lord's work in this country goes on successMrs. E. S. Wheeler; 3d Vice-President, Mrs. G. H.

fully in spite of all obstacles thrown in its way-ob. Smith; Secretary, Mrs. Wm. H. Elkins; Treasurer,

stacles of poverty, of opposition from the State, Mrs. J. V. Garton.

•Church, and other quarters, and of recent financial

failure of some of our wealthy members. In the The Fisth Annual Meeting of the Woman's Baptist Christmas vacation I visited a church in the country, Home Mission Union, of Connecticut, was held in the and the good Lord blessed our humble efforts with First Baptist Church, New Haven, October 13. It the conversion of nearly two hundred souls, who prowas a beautiful autumn day, and there was an un fessed lise in the faith of Jesus. That more than paid usually large number of women present. We were for the trouble we had when going across. So if you able again to rejoice that our receipts exceeded our continue your prayers in my behalf, I am sure it will pledges.

not be in vain. Total cash receipts for the year were $761.41. From a letter recently received from Mr. Sloan, we Value of boxes and barrels sent, $394.15, making a quote the following: “As to Bible work I could extotal cash value of work done by the Union $1,155.56. pend to good purpose an appropriation of $150 to Nine life members were made by the payment of $25 $200 per year. I would not recommend it all being each.

given to one person, but placed in the hands of the It is with much pleasure that we have continued | missionary, to be used at his discretion in supplying the support of Mrs. C. E. Becker at Benedict Insti- | helpers. There is still another need-a young wo. tute, Columbia, S. C. Three hundred dollars was man teacher for the city of Aguas Calientes, under also sent Mr. Sloan for work in the City of Mex- the direction of Rev. S. Gorman. He has started a ico. Fifty dollars was contributed by one of our school for girls, and has a Mexican woman engaged mission bands for the support of two young lady in teaching, but he wants an American. He also students at Benedict Institute. The quarterly meet. wants a school for boys. Oh! the work is growing, ings have been held during the year with profit bless the Lord. Everywhere the harvest is ripenand interest. Addresses and papers have been ing." given showing the importance of Home Mission In closing our Annual Report, we would earnestly work in America, and necessity for woman's work. recommend the use of the Mite Box. Let it be placed

We have been reminded of the different nationalities in every home. Also let our women interest themto whom we should carry the gospel, that for our selves in the “ Baby Band," thus sowing the seed for own preservation and safety it would admit of no future usefulness. delay. From the Indian we have taken carnal things; Let the seed sowing be broadcast o'er our land. we should return spiritual things. Education, tem Some will be sure to fall into promising soil. Let us perance, and all other moral forces are excellent, but i pray that the work may take firmer hold of the churches nothing but the power of the gospel of Christ can save the coming year. Let each woman ask herself,' Have this nation. At our meeting in July we regretted to I done what I could ?”. be obliged to accept the resignation of our first Vice- In addition to the officers named at the beginning President, Mrs. T. S. Samson, owing to her removal of this article, the following committees were elected: from the State. Mrs. Becker was with us, and gave us a thrilling

Executive Committee. account of the earthquakes in the vicinity of Columbia,

Mrs. C. E. Rich, Mrs. M, F. Morris, Mrs. W. H. and the effect they had on the students. But gather

Butrick, Mrs. E. M. Jerome, Mrs. C. H. Butrick, ing them together in a prayer meeting she was able

Mrs. J. L. Richmond, Mrs. J. G. Ditmars. to lead them to a more perfect faith and trust in God; so when another earthquake came, and the cracks

Publication Committee. opened wider, and the plastering fell in places, they were calmer, and, with the exception of two, remained Mrs. G. P. Durham, Mrs. W. H. Elkins, Mrs. P. in their seats.

I S. Evans.

Sfinisterial and Church Record.

Oct. 17

Oct. 19.

Oct. 6

Oct. 19

Point Enterprise, Texas,

Oct 16
Joaquin, Texas,
Nescoop Prairie, Ind. Ter.,

Oct. 9
Detroit, Mich., Warren Avenue Church,

Oct. 24 Milwaukee, Wis., Second German Church,

Aug. 30 “The word of God grew and multiplied." -Acts 12: 24.

Attic, Mo.,

Audubon, Iowa,

Fort Downes, Kansas,
Alhambra, Calif.,



Redlands, Calif.,

Oct. 13 John M. Foster, Waterville, Me.,

Perrydale, Oregon, Robert W. Van Kirk, Fall River, Mass.,

Oct. 14 Williain W. Hackett, Pocasset, Mass.,

Nov. I


Date. Edward P. Smith, Vineyard Haven, Mass., Nov. I

Bar Harbor, Me.,

Oct. 20 Ackland Boyle, Rockville Centre, N. Y., Sept. 27 Boston, Mass., First German Church,

Oct. 30 Chauncey R. Webb, Moriah, N. Y.,

Sept. 21
Auburn, N. Y., First Church,

Oct. 9 Joseph R. Very, Well's Bridge, N. Y., Oct. 13

Nov. 2

Brooklyn, N. Y., Hope Mission Chapel,
A A. Phelps,
Buffalo, N. Y.,

Oct. 16
Brooklyn, N. Y., West End Church,

Oct. 31 Samuel White,

McGrawville, N. Y., William B. Olin, Clarksville, N. Y.,

Oct, 19

Claysville, Pa.,
Franklin, Md.,

Sept. 18 J. W. Crawford, Jackson, Pa.,

Nov. 1
Bacon Castle, Va.,

Nov. 6
T. Leigh West,
West Point, Va.,
Lexington, Va.,

Oct. 17 George Winebrenner, Poole, W. Va.,

Simpson, W. Va.,

Oct. 2 J. H. Smith, New Kuntuck, W. Va., Oct. 30

Oct. 9 M. L. Brown, Biddeford, W. Va.,

Cedarville, W. Va.,

Oct. 11 Salem W. Glispy,

Sept. 25
Paint Lick, Ky.,

Sept. 25
Dover, Ky.,

Oct. 2
Milton Chiles,
Keene, Ky.,

Lockport, Ky.,

Sept. 27
R. A. Stephens, Mt. Carmel, Ky.,

Louisville, Ky, Walnut and Twenty-second St. Church, Oct. 9
Philpots, Ky.,

Oct. 16 James Chester Rockwell, Whiteville, N. C.,

Sept. : 9
New Hope, Ky.,

Oct. 3ი
T. B. Phillips,
Olive Branch, N. C.,
Ansonville, N. C.,

Oct. 9
Thos. Callaway,
West Point, Ga.,

Sept. 25
Roanoke Island, N. C.,

Oct. 16
A. Heinbree,
Little Vine, Ga.,

Oct. 1

Bethel, N. C., N. A. Williams, M.D., Hebron, Fla.,

Beaufort, S. C., New Zion Church (Colored),

Oct. 30 G. W. Cox, Tuskegee, Ala., Flint, Ga.,

Sept. 25 J. G. Apsey, Macedonia, Ala., Locust Grove, Ga., Indian Creek Church,

Oct. 9
R. W. Colman,
Aberdeen, Miss.,

Sept. 15
Oveido, Fla.,

Oct. 30
B. E. Lucas,
Carmichael, Miss.,
Girard, Ala.,

Oct. 2 john P. Hickman, Stump Bridge, Miss.,

Oct. 9

Newton, Ala.,
D. A. Given,
Sandy Creek, La.,

Aug. 14
U. 0. Owens,
Wattensas, Ark.,
Oregon, Ind.,

Oct. 16

Mentone, Ind., Herman J. Powell, Spring Lake, Mich.,

Carrier's Mills, III.,

Oct. 30 C. L. Fisher, Evanston, III., Herman, Minn.,

Oct. 23 James E. Millard, York, II.,

Berryman, Mo.,

Sept. 25. J. S. Hutchinson, Decatur, III., Sept. 20

Oct. 9
F. M. Masters,
Auburn, III.,

Fayette, Mo.,
Sept. 29
Berlin, Mo.,

Aug. 28 J. E. Worthy,

Middle Creek, III., Aug. 28
J. Tague,

Greenville, Texas,
Middle Creek, III.,

Aug. 28
L. M. Waterman,

Grand Center, Kansas,
Wheaton, Ill.,

Oct. 27
George P. Wright, Dundee, III.,

Nov. 3
Marion, Kansas,

Oct. 30
Cooperstown, Dak.,

Sept 28 T. Vassar Caulkins,

Oct. 28
Chippewa Falls, Wis.,
East Oakland, Calif , Tenth Ave. Church,

Oct. 9
Will P. McKee,
Minneapolis, Minn.,

Sept. 25
Frank Dunn,
Le Roy, Minn.,

- l'horp,
Delphos, Iowa,

Oct. 2


DATE. Claude Raboteau, Red Wing, Minn.,

Oct. 7

Heman Lincoln, D.D., 66, Newton Centre, Mass., Oct. 18 A. J. Ogle, Newport, Mo.,

Hezekiah A. Spencer, 37, Milford, Mass., Oct. 18 G. W. Hill, East Portland, Oregon, Sept. 20

Albert K. Potter, D.D., 55, Springfield, Mass., Nov. 3 Robert Garside, Toronto, Ontario,

William Douglas, 74,

Providence, R. I., Sept. 29 CHURCHES ORGANIZED.

Charles Hibbard,

Providence, R. I., Sept. 30 Place.

Date. | Samuel W. Field, D.D., 74, Providence, R. I., Oct. 28 Boston, Mass., Baptist Tabernacle,

Charles N. Pattengill, 66, Whitestown, N. Y., Oct. 7 Kirkham, Md., Colored Church,

Aug. 28 ' Robert A. Pinn, - Philadelphia, Pa., Oct. 16 Winchester, Ky., Second Colored Church,

E. M. Alden,

70, Richmond, O., Sept. 12. Racine, Ky.,

Joseph H. Wilson, 46, Centreville, O., Oct. 17 Louisville, Ky., Walnut & Twenty-second St. Church, Oct. 16 S. F. Hull,

Prospect, O.,

Nov. 3 Mt Vernon, Tenn.,

W. T. Williams, 26, Fall Creek, Tenn., Sept. 29 Pine Forest, N.C.

M. A. Cathcart, - Jackson, Tenn., Mountain Valley, N. C.

Oct. 7 George W. Hufham,

Warsaw, N. C., Oct. 3 Triangle, S. C.,

Oct. 30 Williamson Askew,

Elizabeth City, N. C., Oct. 19 Augusta, Ga , Mt. Canaan Church (Colored),

Oct. 5 E. A. Best,

- N, C., Norwood, Ga.,

Sept. 15 John A. Dill,

Bellevue, S. C., Sept. 18 Lincoln, Ala.,

Patrick Smalls.

Ga., July 21 Wignne, Ark.,

L. J. Robert, M.D.,

Albany, Ga.,

Oct. 13

Sept 17 1

Oct. 9.

Oct. 14

Oct. 5

Oct. 15

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The following new appointments were made:
Rev. A. Rohnström, Swedes in Campello, Mass.

“ Andrew F. Borgendahl, Swedes in Connecticut.
" Charles Davis, Buckhannon, W. Va.
R. R. Sadler, Wayne, C. H., and Cerede, W. Va.
Ludwig Lanyi, Bohemians in Chicago, III.
“ Richard De Baptiste, Second Church (colored) Galesburg,

III. “ J. M. Floyd, Welsh Church, Braceville, Ill. .“ G. Koopman, Germans in Pekin, III. " Charles E. Lee, Marinette, Wis. “ T. Vassar Caulkins, Chippewa Falls, Wis. E. Hallgren, Swedes in Alexandria, Minn. “ Israel Bergstrom, Swedes ir. Brainerd, Minn. “ T. S. Leonard, Spring Valley, Minn. N. J. Thornquist, Swedes in Grass Lake, Minn. “ C. T. Hallowell, Immanuel Church, St. Paul, Minn.. " L. M. Stolberg, Swedes in Tower, Minn, " Claude Raboteau, Red Wing, Minn. C. Smith, Swedes, Tamarac River, Minn. “ W. H. Beeby, Canby, Balaton and vicinity, Minn. J. M. Wood, Herman, Minn. Zenas C. Hall, Granite Falls, Minn. " Edward P. Savage, Philadelphian Church, St. Paul, Minn. “ W. C. Shepherd, Clearfield and Tingley, Iowa. “ N. F. Pierson, Swedes in Lucas and Creston, Iowa, " J. F. Hoefflin, Germans iu Fulton, Iowa. “ James H. Wells, New Hope Church (colored), Ind. Ter. “ R. W. Arnold, Armourdale, Kans. “ John H. Mize, Pratt, Kans. Jerome Shaw, Hill City, Kans. “ Charles Palm, Swedes in Saline and McPherson Counties,

Kans. “ W. Ward Willis, Garden City and Syracuse, Kans. J. G. Smiley, Lyons, Kansas. " Z. C. Rush, Albion, Neb. “ M, H Perry, Hartington, Neb. Andrew H. Law, Filley, Neb. " David S. Hulburt, Gordon, Neb. “ Lewis Llewellyn, Rushville and Hay Springs, Neb. “ Edward A. Abbott, Nelson and Oak, Neb. “ Edwin 1. McKeever, Aberdeen, Dak. “ Frank M. Horning, Blunt and Miller, Dak. “ William Achterberg, Germans in Carrington, Dak. " Harrison W. Stearns, Cheyenne, Wyoming.

James J. Taylor, East Los Vegas, New Mexico. " T. H. Lydston, Payette and Payette Valley Churches,

Idaho. " E. K. Cooper, Colton, Calif. “ C. M. Nelson, Swedes in Oakland and San Francisco

Calif. “ T. M. Merriman, Santa Cruz, Calif. Lum Chan, Chinese in California under direction of Dr. J. B.

Hartwell. The following re-appointments were made: Rev. J. C. Grimmell, General Secretary for German Missions.

“ Isaac B. Le Claire, French in Holyoke, Mass. “ W. E. Powell, General Missionary for W. Va. " W. H. Adams, Ansted and vicinity, W. Va.

Rev. J. M. Shulene, Swedes in Princeton, Ill. D. E. Halteman, General Missionary for Wis. “ Charles Wassell, Swedes in Sister Bay, Wis. " Anton Brandt, Scandinavians in La Crosse, Wis. " Gustav Lundquist, Swedes in Ogema, Wis. L. Jacobsen, Danes in Waupaca, Wis. Louis C. Knuth, Sheboygan, Wis. “ Christian J. Olsen, Scandinavians in Oconomowoc, Wis. " George D. Stevens, Cassville, Wis. G. S. Martin, Wausau, Wis. Jonathan Staley, Antigo, Wis. “ Charles H. Haas, Portage, Wis. George A. Cressey, Second Church, Oshkosh, Wis. " Silas Eber Price, Second Church, La Crosse, Wis. “ Theo. B. Caldwell, Filth Church, Milwaukee, Wis. S. Augustus Abbott, New Richmond, Wis. Enoch Pickering, New Lisbon, Wis. James M. Coon, Whitewater, Wis. “ Frank Sprague, Sun Prairie and Waterloo, Wis " J. Sunderland, General Missionary for Minnesota. " R. Christophersen, Danes in Albert Lea, Minn. “ F. M. Archer, Albert Lea, Minn. “ Myron Cooley, Battle Lake, Minn. " W. H. Brodt, Bird Island and Hector, Minn. E. J. Brownson, Brainerd, Minn. “ Michael Johnson, Swedes in East St. Cloud, Minn. John Holstrom, Swedes in Eagle Lake, Minn. " James F. Hill, Breckenridge, Minn. D. Sheldon Fletcher, Money Creek and vicinity, Minn. " William D. Athearn, Waseca, Minn. “ J. B. Sunth, Danes and Norwegians in St. Paul, Minn. “ George H. Gamble, Hebron Church, St. Paul, Minn. " Edwin C. Sanders, Sleepy Eye, Minn. " R. R. Coon, Jr., St. Cloud, Minn. " S. G. Adams, Pipestone, Minn. • A. G. Hall, Swedes in Fergus Falls, Minn. C. R. Sargent, Northeast Church, Minneapolis, Minn. “ James F. McNamee, Le Sueur, Minn. Thomas Baldwin, Second Church, Duluth, Minn. " C. H. Meby, Danes and Norwegians in Mankato, Minn. “ Frank L. Sullivan, Fergus Falls, Minn. “ Harold Kennedy, Northfield, Minn. “ J. S. Festersun, Brown's Valley and Beardsley, Minn. “ Iver Larsen, Danes and Norwegians in Minneapolis,

Minn, “ 0. A. Weenolsen, Tabernacle Mission, Minneapolis, Minn. “ J. W. Luke, Moorhead, Minn. " Russell S. Sargent, Long Prairie and Sauk Centre,

Minn. “ N. B. Rairden, General Missionary for Iowa. “ H. H. Clouse, Oskaloosa, Iowa. “ Wm. C. Pratt, Sheldon, Iowa. “ L. F. Compton, Killduff, Iowa. “ Henry A. Reichenbach, Danes in Council Bluffs, Iowa,

and Omaha, Neb. “ W. L. Wolfe, Algona, Iowa. " Charles A. Sandvall, Scandinavians in Kansas City, Mo. Adam L. Lacie, Cherokee Indians, Ind. Ter. " Henry A. Barden, Russell, Kans. “ W. W. Dewey, St. John, Kans. " William Wilbur, Sterling, Kans. " James B. Ward, Ponca, Neb. “ Thornton K. Tyson, Valparaiso, Neb. " Thomas Stephenson, Weeping Water, Neb. " George W. Read, Chadron, Neb. " Axel B. Nordberg, Swedes in Gothenburg, Neb. “ William G. Denio, Oxford, Neb. “ A. W. Clark, Calvary Church, Omaha, Neb. “ Frank C. Bingham, Plainview, Neb. “ Francis W. Foster, City Missionary, Omaha, Neb. • Moses Barker, Chamberlain, Dak. John Crawford, St. Thomas and Crystal, Dak.

Church Edifice Grants.

Rev. Nis Tychsen, Scandinavians in Dell Rapids, Dak.

" Edwin N. Elton, Fort Collins, Colo. " Jesse M. Green, Prescott, Ariz.

“ M. T. Lamb, Itinerant in Utah. .L. L. Shearer, Weiser, Idaho.

“ A. B Banks, Puget Sound Association, Wash.
" W. H. Latourette, General Missionary for Calif.

" A. W. Webb, Tulare and vicinity, Calif.
Mrs. Elvira I. Bradway, Chinese in Oakland, Calif.

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The following teachers were appointed :
At Roger William University, Nashville, Tenn.-Charles C.
Phillips; Miss Rhoda A. Denman.

At Creek Freedman School, Tullehassee, Ind. Ter. - Miss
Maggie Baker.

At Sa-sak-wa School, Seminole Nation, Ind. Ter.-Rev. W. P. Blake.

At Indian University, Muscogee, Ind. Ter.-Miss Anna

At Salt Lake City, Utah.--Miss Mary E. Pearce.
At Aguas Calientes, Mexico.-Miss Chavez,

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