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He is at the present time in this city, and we are in ployer, who is his father-in-law, is a Roman Catholic, formed that this is not his first expedition. Well, turned him off, and told him that he'd see him starve, now, Master B., we want you to understand that you and would not give him an hour's work. This the are here dealing with a people intelligent and Catholic, young man expected before taking the step. His and you have not the slightest chance of success. It wise is boginning to be interested although she does might be preferable for you to disappear and evange. not come to the meetings yet. Last Sunday was the lize somewhere else."

best yet for us. I think that this is encouraging. The devil is mad for once.

Mexico. - Brother Williams tells us how the prayers of a Roman Catholic Church was answered:

The last issue of El Mexicano Bautista, edited by Sabbath, at mass, in N. the priest asked the prayers Rev. T. M. Westrup, abounds in good things. It of his congregation for a man whose faith was waver- cannot fail to be very helpful in edisying our churches ing and who was in danger of going over to Protest in Neuvo Leon. A paper of this character is needed, antism and being forever lost. The Monday follow

not only for the information imparted concerning the ing we commenced a series of evangelical meetings ; progress of the Gospel, but that those just rescued he was there, an attentive listener. Wednesday he from error, and still surrounded by it, may be able to brought his daughter along with him. This we took give a Biblical reason for the faith and the practices as a sign that his wife was relenting somewhat in they have adopted. her opposition, which thus far had made his home

The editorial on ecclesiastical government is very miserable. Thursday he almost persuaded her to ac

lucid and able. It is the first of a series. This deals company him to the meeting, and Friday his whole with the Presbyterian form of government, showing family was with him, and the poor man was so joy.

on what a slender text it is based and how unrepublifal in the Lord and in the change that had come over

can it is in its workings. We would like to quote his wife that he would have us sing the hymn, “ Jesus portions of it is space permitted. Then follows an of Nazareth is Passing By,” and said that he was

installment of Dr. Tucker's sermon on The Position going to call that meeting, “The Marriage Feast of of Baptism in the Christian System,” as translated Cana." His wife, a very intelligent woman, and into Spanish by Rev. W. II. Sloan; then a transclosely related to priests and nuis, had heretofore lation of a portion of Dr. A. H. Strong's theological thought it her duty to use any and every means to

lectures; then a translation by Bro. Westrup from an prevent him from following the teachings of the Gos: address by Dr. E. G. Robinson on Belief and Author. pel of Christ, but had at last, herself, come under their ity; an excellent rendering in verse of the 84th Psalm blessed influence. Well, we liked the method of the by Bro. Westrup, and other brief articles, original priest to reclaim this man from what he viewed as

and translated. Such food as this must be strengthheresy; it was a decided improvement on their usual ening to the saints in Mexico. They are being rooted methods, but we liked still more the way in which the and grounded in the faith. Lord was pleased to answer their prayer according to - Among the news items in the paper are these : His wisdom rather than according to theirs.

“There are two schools in Monterey and one in suggested that they prayed to the saints and we to each of the following points, to wit: Santa Rosa, Sa. God, and no wonder the result.

lina, Apodaca, Lampazas, and Montemorelos. The Some of our meetings have been largely attended number of pupils is greater this month than in any by Roman Catholics, especially was this the case at one of the seven months past." Marlboro, and some interesting conversions have “ The pastor of the three churches at Monterey, occurred

Salina and Santa Rosa is the esteemed and laborious

Francisco T. Trevino. The three churches are in - Rev. Chas. Chavez, after about four years at St. Anne, III., resigns to labor among the French in good condition to be profited by what he may do for Kansas. He states that while in the service of the

them, and his qualities are well known. There are Society he has baptized fifty-seven persons; thirty

good meetings in each place.” five in St. Anne and twenty-two in Goodland. The

Bro. Trevino, just returned from a visit to Lamchurch is in peace, prayer meetings well attended, pazas and Laredo, reports good meetings, one baptism and Sunday school in good condition.

and others nearly ready at Laredo, and a hopeful state

of things at Lampazas, where the school is doing well -Rev. Eusebe Leger, of Waterville, Maine, writes : under the care of our Sister, Francisca Salas, who is

The work is going on splendidly here now. The also an excellent laborer in the Gospel, being occumeetings are well attended. I count already seven-pied on the Sabbath in visiting and exhorting the teen who are coming forward; most of these I expect families of the place. to baptize soon. I never was more encouraged. One I went to Santa Catarina in company with Senorita case, especially, of a young man who has renounced Epifania Trevino and my wise, where we had two Romanism, who had to lose his job because his em meetings for prayer and preaching. We have there

It was

two members of this church, and three believers

Revivals. nearly ready to receive baptism. I think that soon we shall organize there a Christian church, which,

Idaho-Rev. Geo. H. Newman reports nine ad. with the aid and blessing of God, will be as a city set

ditions to the church at Boise City-one man who a on a hill."

few months ago did not believe there was a God and Rev. Quirino Montes, of Montemorelos, reports a

ridiculed those who did believe. A Young People's recent visit to Ebanos, where we have a church of Union has been organized, which is doing well. eighteen active members and eleven children in the North Dakota-Rev. Peter Grant, of Park River, Sunday school. I held three meetings with them- writes of many who have found the Saviour. We two at Carmen, another at San Jose, and several at have never had such a wide-spread interest in religiGran Teran. I believe that in a little while we shall ous subjects in this town and surrounding country have there a religious revival.

since it was settled. We have set before us the “ The church at Montemorelos prospers. It has bringing of the gospel message to every home in the fifty-two members in communion; January 30th wo community. united by baptism. The Sunday school consists of At Lampton I went from house to house, and often forty members, boys, girls, and adults, with three had to sit up to one o'clock in the morning, explaining teachers. A special fund is being raised for a house the way of salvation. During the day we had prayerof worship.”

meeting in the houses and preaching in the school.

house in the evening. The work has been most -Rev. Merced Flores has been transferred from arduous yet most pleasant. I believe this new west. Apodaca to Lampazas and Laredo, much larger fields,

ern country is one of the best missiou fields in the in the northern part of Neuvo Leon.

world, and I am more and more convinced that the -Rev. Thomas M. Westrup, who for so long a

way to reach people successfully is to come into pertime has been pastor at Monterey, leaves that par.

sonal contact with them. Were I to give you a full ticular charge in order to devote his time and energies account of our work it would keep me writing all as general missionary in the states of Neuvo Leon day. and Tamaulipas, strengthening the churches and vis. Kev. A. M. Allyn, of Tower City, writes : iting places where inquirers are known to be. Re.

We have been having a quiet work of grace since cently, the enraged Catholics, in a town he visited, early in January. most shamefully maltreated his horse and that of his

Several backsliders have been reclaimed and twenty co-laborer. But the Lord will make the wrath of or more have prosessed conversion. The church has man to praise Him, and the remainder he will restrain.

never been in so good a spiritual condition as now. -Rev. Samuel Gorman, who was appointed to

Our work has been mainly among the young Aguas Calientes, nearly 400 miles northerly from people. I have baptized one man about fifty years of Mexico, after a short visit to the City of Mexico, age, however, one of our leading business men; an has begun work on his new field, where he arrived ex-legislator. I expect to baptize again next Sunday. accompanied by Bro. Sloan, Feb. 16th. While in the Brothur A. specially desires that the public should City of Mexico he preached in Spanish to our Bap. know that Tower University is in operation and its tist church, surprising all by his command of the lan. prospects are bright. Rev. W. T. Williams, has guage. Though now seventy years old, he is as charge, and is assisted by Prof., J. Heaton, a graduate enthusiastic as a young man in perfecting himself in of the Michigan State University. School opened the knowledge of the Spanish language, which he ac. December 1, 1886. We need money, and I b pe quired twenty years ago, when first appointed mis

some person who sees this article will be moved to sionary to New Mexico. He asks no higher privilege help us secure books for a library or even money to than to spend the rest of his days in leading the be. pay our very able and hard worked teachers. nighted people of Mexico into the truths of the Gos

Southern Dakota.- Rev. G. S. Clevenger has been pel. Aguas Calientes has a population of about greatly blessed at Brookings. He says: “We have 32,000, and is one of the finest cities in the Repub. just passed through the most extensive revival that As the name signifies, it has warm springs, are still in its midst, as there are constantly new in

has ever been in Brookings, and we may say that we which make it a favorite health resort.

quirers. From eighty to one hundred have arisen -Central Mexico, the district of which Rev. W.H. for prayers, mostly students. Up to this time thirty. Sloan is the Society's Superintendent of Missions, three have united with the church. What I want 10 embraces the States of Mexico, Tlaxcala, Puebla, speak about now is our outlook and our financial conOajaca, Morelos, Guerrero, Michoachan, Hidalgo, dition. Our house is packed to its utmost capacity, Queretaro, Guanajuato, Aguas Calientes, San Luis and people go away for want of room oftentimes. Potosi, Vera Cruz. This district adjoins that of Bro. The congregation has been growing gradually. I Westrup in Northwestern Mexico, which includes have had no one to help me." much of the States of New Leon and Tamaulipas. He has a large attendance of students from the


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State institution located there, numbers of whom Wisconsin.-Rev. H. C. Leland, of Appleton, has have been converted and united with the church. been greatly blessed the past winter. In about Enlargement of this house is a necessity.

three years he has baptized over sixty persons. The

hurch, he believes, is coming rapidly toward self-Rev. A. F. Brauus, Carrington :

support. “May the Lord bless the Society for its “I send my first report about the work among the help which contributed so much toward our present German Roumanians at Carrington, Dak. Three victories.” months have passed, and I am glad to say the Lord -Rev. L. M. Newell, Elroy : hath done great things for us; whereof we are glad ' “ Last Spring this church numbered but twenty(Psalm 126:3). Ten souls have been converted and five members; now sixty-nine, and nine more are re. four others have joined the church since the 1st of ceived now for baptism, and others have expressed December, 1886. The members of the church are

their purpose to join soon." very poor, and many of them are only a short time

Montana. Rev. G. R. Darrow, upon arriving at here from Roumania. They are poor in this world, Butte City, Jan. 14th, found sincere revival meetings but rich in faith, and hope that this field will be a

in progress. He says: “I preached to a packed grand field in the future.

house-aisles and all-last evening, and from fifteen “ Several of our Roumanian brethren have been in

to twenty came forward for prayers. Some are reprison on account of their religious opinions.

joicing in the new-found love." Minnesota.Rev. R. W. Bell, Hamilton :

- Rev. George D. Downey, of Miles City, has “Since I last wrote you we had a wonderful mani. been assisted in special meetings by Rev. C. C. Frost, festation of God's approval of the work in Hamilton. of Butte. As a result, several have already united We thought that our edifice would not cost us more

with the church, Bro. Downey has labored indefati. than $1,400; but instead we have a house that will gably for five years on this field. cost $1,800 when finished. We built from one of the Iowa.-Rev. Henry Williams, of Burlington, replans furnished by the Society, and we think that for ports twenty-one baptisms, several reclaimed, and a country church it is a model of neatness.

others added by letter and experience.
We had a beautiful day for the dedicatory services.
A full house both morning and evening. Rev. J.
Sunderland, Minneapolis, preached for us, and raised

Field Notes. the amount of our indebtness $1,015. This amount has been secured in promissory notes, due October California.- Rev. W. H. Latourette, general mis15th, 1887—so our church to-day stands virtually free sionary for the State, has something to say about our from debt.

interests and needs there : We also began a series of meetings which have had Immigration is coming to California at a rate a good effect, resulting not only in the awakening of unprecedented. In this part of the State the rate is a the church spiritually, but souls have been converted hundred per cent. greater than last year, and in to God. Upon the whole, we are better equipped Southern California it is five hundred per cent. for aggressive work now than ever before; and our greater. Until five years ago our denomination was united thanksgiving is, “The Lord has done great chiefly engaged in quarrels among themselves. things for us; whereof we are glad.”

Much of our wealth was driven into other denomi

nations. Our churches were left weak, and the Missouri.—Rev. C. A. Sandvall, of the Swedish heart to try to do anything was taken out of them. church, Kansas City, says:

But we are slowly gaining ground in these matters. “About the middle of January a dear sister of our The past five years have been spent in welding the country people came to us, remarkably gifted as an broken fragments. We have only held our own in evangelist. She stayed with us for ten days only. numbers. Before that we did not hold our own. We had meetings every evening and some believe But all the time, both before and since five years ago, that about forty or fifty embraced Christ. I have immigration has been steadily increasing. To day never heard such preaching as hers nor seen the we are thus at least ten years behind our work. We masses so completely moved as at those meetings. are not doing what we ought for ourselves. But is our Of course our house was crowded every night; but Board doing what it ought for us? I am looking now the other denominations murmured. The Lutheran to the coming year-after the May meetings. Much priest once said, openly, I have heard, “That Satan money has been spent here, some has been wasted ; had come in the shape of a woman to the city.' So but will not the Board give us a chance once more for you may think, dear Bro, we have difficulties to con- our lives? While population is flocking hither whole front everywhere from the Lutheran priests.

scores and scores of villages should be occupied now, “ Last Sunday we baptized eight of the new con while our coming is awaited in fifteen towns of 1,000 verts. For next Sunday we have two more candi. to 2,000 inhabitants, in ten towns of 2,000 to 6,000, dates for baptism.

and in two others of 10,000 each, while we must not


let go of the stations already occupied-can't the So. - Rev. E, D. Phillips, Franklin: ciely, I say, in view of these things, give us one more “When I look about me, my soul goes out to the trial and stand by us stronger for the next five years

destitute places of this broad field. It is thirty-five stand by us just as it has stood by Bro. Baker in Ore. miles east to Red Cloud, the first Baptist church in gon-until churches have been established at almost that direction. West, it is twelve miles to Naponee, every cross-road? Can't the Society do this? There where is an organization, almost extinct. About forty are fifty-two counties in California-twenty-six county miles northwest in Holdridge, where is another Bapseats have no Baptist church. Fifteen other towns, tist church. Mercy knows where are any more.

I of 1,000 to 10,000 each, but no Baptist church. The have been out eight miles south, and preached to them proportion of Baptists to the whole population is i in a few times. They are hungry for the Gospel.” 250 in California; 1 in 40 in New York; 1 in 20 in Oregon.-Rev. Geo. W. Black, Rogue River AsMissouri; 1 in 5 in Georgia. What we want is sociation : enough aid, regardless of the old basis of co-oper- This is indeed a needy field. In many places by ation, to reach these growing towns and cities during giving a few weeks' work we can organize churches the next two years.".

and build meeting-houses. I hope we shall be able Nebraska-Rev. J. J. Keeler, district missionary

to build meeting.houses this year at several places. in Northern Nebraska, gives a few facts about that

A house of worship is assured at Medsord to be field, which is not half occupied by us, because we erected early the coming spring. have no funds for the purpose.

Idaho.--Rev. L. L. Shearer, Weiser : During the quarter I have written many letters in “ We are beset with the most active and inveterate regard to the work in various places upon my field, enemies of the Gospel I ever met, men well skilled in and have traveled upward of 2, 300 miles, attending to infidel literature. They boast their reason and liber. the needs of various fields.

ality, yet they are as uncompromising and unreason. “Have assisted one of our pastors in a series of able as it is possible for rational beings to be. meeting. Had a series in another place aided by a ". However, we are fully assured from observation ministering brother. Both very profitable meetings. and experience that this word of life accomplishes that

“Have had the privilege of opening three churches whereto it is sent, when persistently preached in and seeing them supplied with regular services; accordance with our Lord's directions and command. while one point under my direct care has had regular “Our next quarter's report will show some encourservices through the quarter.

aging results, since we are now engaged in a series of “Out in Custer County, at Anselmo, I secured two meetings in which there is much interest manifested. lots for church and parsonage, and am endeavoring to Six have professed conversion, all grown except one, get a man to go there and preach, while holding the and several are earnestly seeking. A principal small churches of Merna and Ortello.

feature of the revival is the scouring up of five old I am going slow in organizing churches, because backsliders whom we have dug out of the rubbish of it is so hard to secure men to hold them. Am plan- this community. ning to organize only at most important places and “ The little church is very much revived and enhave them supplied at once with preaching."

couraged. Don't fail to offer an earnest prayer for us.

Our enemies are correspondingly active, but we know --Rev. J. D. Burr, Fairmont :

on whom we depend." “The work here is promising. All are active and

IowaRev. E. Halvarson, Swedes in Des Moines : happy. Excellent system prevails in all departments.

“A new Baptist church was organized by me in The Sunday school is prospering: Our services are

Sheldahl, Iowa, the 16th of this month, with fourteen held in the Opera House--a bad place, but we have

members, under the name of The First Swedish no other. I preach every Sabbath evening, and Baptist Church in Sheldahl, Iowa.' They were all meet the church for prayer and Bible study on Wed

members of our church. They are farmers, and well nesday evening. We are working and praying for off, and I think the little church will grow up very better things."

quick among the farmers out there. Bro. Johnson, a -Rev. C. W. McConnell, Kearney :

student from our seminary in Stromsburgh, Neb., is “Our house was well filled Sunday at both preach there preaching." ing services, and we had 139 at Sunday-school, which Kansas.-Rev. A. D. Abrams, Council Grove: is about as many as we can accommodate. I found 37 “I enclose herewith final report of the quarter members when I came in December, 1885. Counting which closes my missionary year. The year has not on from that, we have passed 100, having received been an easy one. It has been very difficult to get about 70. We expect to begin special meetings. I through the year financially. The church is comhave no doubt that we will number 125 in March, and posed of men and women in very moderate circumought to gain largely in the summer. If we can be stances. It has required no small amount of sacri. helped now, I have no doubt that we will more than fice on the part of both church and pastor. It has pay it back in five years."

sometimes seemed as though we would have to:


and run' from so many discouragements. But we are to the Mission Tabernacle, both in spiritual and still here by the grace of God and the aid you have temporal blessing. Many souls have been saved by been enabled to give us, and now, as the year closes, faith in the living Christ, and the indications all we can say, “Hitherto hath the Lord helped us.' around us are such that the Lord will open the winAnd it has paid, for while the figures don't indicate dows of heaven and pour out even greater blessings mach growth numerically, yet we have made a de. upon us. We have now one of the largest Sunday cided advance in point of real strength. A year ago schools in the city of Minneapolis. We have a we had but three members in the whole church who meeting house to accommodate 900 people, with a could be induced to pray in public, and one of those free dispensary for the poor, a Sunday school library lived five miles away. Now we have a dozen. A of 575 volumes, a good staff of officers and teachers, year ago we had but one on whom we could depend and every thing which is needed to carry on an to sing. Now we have an excellent choir--equal to aggressive Christian work. The Mission Tabernacle any in town—and that is high praise. Now we have property is worth $15,000, with but $6,000 debt. a Baptist Church in Council Grove that has no little The Memorial Mission, in the northern part of the aggressive power in it, while a year ago the Baptist city, was opened the latter part of July, and is a very Church really amounted to but little more than a house prosperous and promising field, with a Sabbath with a mortgage on it and a list of names.

school of sixty scholars; and, all in all, the Baptist “ This week the church meets to consider whether city mission work in Minneapolis is in advance of we cannot support ourselves the coming year. It's a other denominations, so we have very much to be desperate undertaking, considering the “hard times,' thankful for to God, and also to your society, for hat I'm encouraged to believe that we shall be able your aid and coöperation in this work, and seeing to do it.

that God has done so great things in two years, have * Bat for the aid furnished by the Home Mission

we not a right to expect much in the future? May Society we should never ha reached this point. God bless you in your efforts to help those who are God bless you and your work. If you receive no spreading the Gospel.” more Quarterly Reports' from this field, be sure --Rev. O. Lindh, our missionary in New York you will hear from us in the way of contributions." City, reports the organization of a new Swedish BapUlah.-A note from one of the leading members

tish Church in Meriden, Conn., on Feb. 23d: of the Ogden church, Utah, says: “Our church and

“ The work among the Swedes in Meriden was Sunday school, with God's belp, is doing splendidly begun by Rev. T. Clafford while he was pastor of the Attendance at Sunday school last Sunday, 144; col. Swede Church in New Britain, and many members lection, $3.25. Bro. Barnett and the two lady mis- of the new organization were baptized by him. The sionaries, Miss Parsons and Oberg, are doing a good

new church starts with twenty members, and is full work, and all are well-liked by the community.”

of hope for the future. Rev. O. F. Loun, pastor of

the New Britain Church, conducts their services Indian Territory. — Prof. Bacone writes of the death every Wednesday and one Sunday in each month. A of Nathaniel Potts (Wal-le-lu), which occurred Feb. building fund has already been started." 9th. He will be remembered by many as the one who spoke with such effect at the jubilee meeting of the Society in New York in 1882. He was pursuing “Never Heard Preaching Before." advanced studies at Madison University, when pul. monary troubles developed and compelled him to

Rev. William M. Wells gives an illustration of the leave. Prof. Bacone says: “I am not sorry for the paganization of the neglected regions in some portions labor that has been bestowed upɔn Brother Potts, for of the West. His field of labor is at Gardner and the it hai not been in vain, nor has he lived in vain, region round about in Oregon : although he has been cut off so soon. He has done much here to awaken among his friends and associates destitution of this part of Oregon. Twenty miles

“I can not tell you all I want you to know of the an interest in a higher life. He has done much East north of Gardiner, at Sinslaw, there is a large settleto awaken an interest in Christian work for the ment. I was told by a man living there they had only Indians, and especially in our work here.

heard two sermons there in five years; no preaching closer than Gardiner. Scotesburg, twenty miles east from Gardiner, at head of Tide Water, on the

Umpqua-a small town. They have only heard Scandinavians.

preaching two or three times for five or six years. I

preached there three evenings. Ten asked for Minnesota .- Rev. 0. A. Weenolsen, missionary to prayers. I only found two professors there, and they the Scandinavians in Minneapolis, rejoices in the ladies. I hope to go there again soon. Eighteen blessings they have received.

miles further up the river, at Elkton, we have dedi. · The last year has been one of marvelous prosperity cated a house worth $800-a debt on it of $150.

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