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Contributions and Legacies. Flor July


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Contributions and legacies not otherwise Natick Ch.

10 00 Wilkesbarre, ist Ch. poled are for general purposes. А * de: *For Benedict Institute, S. C.:

Willistown Ch notes that contributions are for educational Pawtucket, Mrs. B. A.

Wayland Ch., Mission Band...

5 00 purposes; and C. E. F. for Church Edi- Benedict. ...

1,000 00 *For Wayland Seminary, D.C., fice Fund.)

For Purchase of Land:

Upland, Sam'l A. Crozer 100 co
Philadelphia, Dr. W. W.

MAINE, $185.32.
Meriden, First Ch., in add.
5 00

25 00
Rainbow Ch...

Mrs. Grace.

200 Bangor, Second S. S...

Mrs. M. R. Trevor 11 26 So. Woodstock, Second Ch..

5 40 Mount Vernon Ch.. Middletown S. S..

C.E. F. Pughtown, for Ch.

I 68 Portland, A Lady Friend

at Boulder, Montana 10 00 Willimantic Ch. Springvale Ch.

For Bellevue Ch., Idaho. 7 28 Noank, C. B. Fish

1 32 South Penobscot.. 2 20 Mystic, First Ch..

IO Oo .

Pittsburgh, 4th Ave. Ch.
Thomaston Ch..

Saybrook, First Ch..
48 50

1,500 00

4 35 *For Wayland Sem., D. C., for

Tariffville Ch....

5 00 Purchase of Land:

DELAWARE, $160.00, Portland, Edward P. Chase

50 oo

LEGACY. Bangor, Second Ch. S. S.. 10 OO

Wilmington, ad S. S...

50 00 Thompson, Estate of Samuel H.

Delaware Ave. S. S..

25 00

Lincoln St. S. S..

28 oo A. P. Stephenson.

47 00 *Yarmouth, Estate of Mrs. M.

NEW YORK, $522.09.
Camden Ch.

10 oo Prince..

Whitney Point Ch...



Saratoga, First S. S..

14 27 Clifton Park Ch....

22 42 Antrim Ch West Rupert..

Washington, East St. S. S..... 25 00

3 59 Milford, First Ch.

*For Wayland Seminary, Brookfield, First S. S.

3 55 Amherst, Geo. H. Shaw.

For Purchase of Land:
33 00
La Grange Ch.

15 53
Niagara Ass'n..

Washington, Mt. Pleas

73 65 New Rochelle, Salem S. S...

ant S. S..

18 61 VERMONT, $12.50.

5 00 Alps, Mrs. T. E. Saxby...

Lyceum of Wayland

5 00 Grafton Ch.. New York City, Second Ger


5 01 10 50 Pittsford Ch. man Ch.


80 00
2 oo
No. Hebron Ch.

9 00
Rochester, Park Ave. Ch

132 53


Mohopac Falls Ch.. Boston, per H. M. Auger, M.D.

Northport Ch

7 50
Raven's Eye Ch..

4 00
3 64 St. Lawrence Ass'n, viz..
First Ch...

Buckhannon Ch 201 17

31 25 Fort Covington Ch Sterling Ch

4 00 Rusk, North Fork S. S..

25 Lawrenceville Ch.. Framingham Ch., Mrs, E. B.

500 Clarksburgh Ch..

Madrid Ch.

23 oo
Shinnston Ch..

6 18
Nicholville Ch..
Groton Ch

2 50 Barrackville, Bethesda Ch.

2 02 Pitcairn Ch.. Redding Ch

10 00 Worthington Ch..

1 89 5 25 Potsdam Ch. Randolph, First Ch.

10 00 Farmington, Willow Tree Ch.. 100 00 Warren Dyke Brookville Ch

300 Raymond City, Dr. Jas. Stewart 3 00 8 59 Yates S. S. Marlboro Ch

3 30 Baptist State Convention ....

8 oo 25 00 Charlestown, First Ch

Port Jervis Ch..
Norwood Ch

56 24 *For Wayland Seminary, D.C.,
40 00 For Purchase of Land:

SOUTH CAROLINA, $1,198.29.
Grafton, First Ch.

32 22 West Acton Ch

New York City, a friend. .
14 00 C. E. F. Tarrytown.
9 60 Timmonsville Ch....

7 69
Haverhill, Portland St. Ch
100 00 Hamilton, “ Student",

i oo Darlington Ch..

4 00 First Ch. 150 00

Hartsville Ch.

2 62 Cheshire Ch.. 6 50 For Chapel Builders' Fund:

Manning, Rev. L. W. Jenkins.

50 Dighton Ch

TO 20
Palmyra S. S.

*For Benedict Institute: Winchester, First Ch.

Mahopac Falls S. S...

Baptist State Convention..

S oo Newton Center Ch.. 70 00

*Columbia, Benedict Institute : Medfield Ch.. 15 00 NEW JERSEY, $393.80.

Students for Tuition Salern, S. S. Convention,

“ Room Rent... *For Wayland -eminary, D.C.,

Plainfield, Mt. Olive Ch.

2 75
Printing Department.

428 01
For Purchase of Land:
Vineland, Mrs. E. B. Russell..


577 00 Salen, Geo. L Ames 50 00 Fort Monmouth Ch

41 34 Fall River, Mrs. E. M.

North Orange Ch., in add.. Boomer

239 77 50 oo Beach Haven, a friend.

FLORIDA, $5.00.
*For Shaw University, N. C.:
Worcester, Pleasant St. Ch.

Beverly Ch...
6 52 Chipco, Fred Hack, desig....

5 00
12 50 Sewell, Knight S. S
*For Richmond Theol. Sem :
Worcester, Pleasant St. Ch.

Atlantic City Ch.

30 00 12 50 *For Wayland Seminary, D.C. :

ALABAMA, $40.00. Harrison St. Mission Band

5 30

PENNSYLVANIA, $2,932.04 C.E. F. Chelsea, First Ch.,

Selma University, Students.... 40 00 " A Friend

200 00 Pittsburg, 4th Ave. Ch.... Boston, Mrs. C. M, Winch....

4th Ave. Bible School.

31 39

MISSISSIPPI, $5.00 Newton Center Ch.. 80 oo Philadelphia, Wm. Hawkins..

10 00 For Chapel Builders's Fund:

Grace Ch..

Sardis, Mt. Zion Ch.

I 50 Athol S. S...


Germantown, ist Ch.. 09

33 55
Manatawney, Ch. and S. S...

C. E. F. For Chapel Build-
Uniontown, on. John Collins

60 00

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ers' Fund:

10 00 RHODE ISLAND, $1,215.27.

Clinton S. S.......
Knoxville, Deerfield Ch...

3 50 Mehoopany Ch....

5 21 Central Falls, Broad St. Ch.... 42 11 Jenkintown Ch.

1 2 02

LOUISIANA, $10.58 Newport, First Ch 44 57 S. S.

2 27 Providence, Friendship St. Ch. 42 50 Clinton Ch 6 50 Pineville, Mt. Pilgrim Ch...

75 Fourth Ch.. 35 06 Upland S. S..

75 46 New Orleans, Leland Universi B. W. P. Bennett.. 41 00 Lewistown, Mission Band..

3 oo

ty S. S. Mission Meetings... 9 83

5 oo

6 10

7 00

14 18

6 55

7 50

5 82

4 16

3 to

62 35

39 00

18 00

6 25

216 25

2 oo

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391 48

OHIO, $875-74.

Hebron S. S.


MONTANA, $20.60.
Immanuel S. S

25 Cleveland, Mrs. Emily A. Page

South Miss. S. S. 5 00

50 Boulder Ch.. ist Ch. in add..

Stillwater S. S 40 20

3 00 C.E.F. For Chapel Builders Logan Ave. Ch.

Rochester S. S. 500 00

Dayton, ist Ch..

Anoka S. S
224 22
20 OO Bozeman S. S..........

16 00 Newark, 5th St. Ch.

5 20 Blooming Prairie, Danish Toledo, ist Ch.

S.S. 17 24

4 65 Cincinnati, Dayton St. Ch.. 8 36 Minneapolis, First S. S..


10 II Youngstown, ist Ch. No. East S. S.

$82.81. S. S...

TO oo
Norwegian S. S

3 50 Martinsburg Ch

7 30
Eggleston, Swede S. S.. 2 39 La Conner, Bethesda Ch......

10 45 New Straitsville, Welsh Ch..

Granite Falls S. S. 2 50

5 00 Puyallup Ch. Hartland Ch. 5 63 Spring Valley S. S.

S. S

ó 63 Dayton View, Boys' Miss. B'd

St. James S.S.

3 70

D. M. Ross.. 5 00

2 oo C.E.F. Bedford Ch., C.B.D.

Red Wing S. S.
3 37 Tacoma. by Rev. A B. Banks.

53 71 For Chapel Builders' Fund:

Brooklyn, Center S. S...

705 C. E. F. Puyallup S. S.

Northfield S. S.
Cambridge S. S....

6 35
“Prize Winners

2 50 1 75 For Chinese Mission Building:

IOWA, $576.70.
Dayton, ist Ch....

IDAHO, $3.60.
25 Co
Toledo Ch., in add

3 00 Payette, Valley Ch.
MICHIGAN, $662 49.
Waverly Ch, designated.

6 85
Des Moines, High St. Ch.

3 50 Plainwell Ch Leon Ch

OREGON, $108.48.

I oo 5 22 Ann Arbor Ch

Baptist State Convention..

500 00 9 13

C. E. F. State Convention Battle Creek Ch.

McMinnville, per Rev. G. J. 30 oo

Burchett Milan Ch... 1 78

Ashland Ch.

6 98 Bay City, Second Ch.

MISSOURI, $6.25.
Union, Wm. Chenault

IO OO Charlotte Ch.

The Dalles, Rev. 0. D. Taylor. 1 2 50 Powell Ch and S. S. 22 06 Mount Vernon, Ladies Miss.

La Grande, H. P. Lewis.

5 oo Brighton Ch

Soc... 4 20

Geo. Horsefoal..

25 00 Hartford, Rev. W. A. Gower. 25

Mrs. M. J. Crandall

7 50 New Buffalo, First Ch.

3 oo

INDIAN TERRITORY, $266.06. Geo. Crane...... Centerville Ch. 5 00

Fanny Slotts

50 Holly Ch.. 3 50 Webber's Falls Ch..

2 oo Imlay City 35 00 *Muscogee, Indian Univ:

CALIFORNIA, $256.40. S. S..

5 00

Students for Tuition Attica Ch 3 00 Boarding Dep't.....

47 81 San Francisco, by Rev. J. B. Northville Ch 8 35

Hartwell Worth Ch

15 00 KANSAS. $570.12.

Chinese Ch

7 go Middleville Ch..

Los Angeles, German Ch *Holly Ch

Topeka, Collections by Rev.

Colusa, R. Bayne

10 00 C. E. F. Holly Ch.

Ď. D. Proper
Blue Rapids Ch.

C. E. F. For Chapel Builders'

14 42 Fund:
S. S

2 oo

Gonzales S. S
Lindsborg Ch.


5 oo Detroit, Estate of Eliza Gibson.

St. Helena S.S 500 00 Howard Ch

10 30 Council Grove, First Ch

Napa S. S

7 54 25 00 Los Angeles S. S.

24 60 INDIANA, $44 76. Wa Keeney Ch

2 oo

Petaluma S. S.
Scottsville Ch

Los Gatos S. S
Remington E. Dibell
Stafford Ch

5 00
4 oo
Dixon S. S.

12 35 Burnettsville Ch. Garden City, First Ch.

Sacramento, Calvary S. S.
Oberlin Ch
La Porte Ch

2 20

First S. S. Rossville, collection

Kanona Ch

I 34
Santa Clara S. S.

Soo Lowell Ch

Florence Ch.

I oo

Alameda S. S
Kokomo Ch

13 35
St. Mary's Ch

San Jose, First S. S.

20 46 Watheris School House

Chanute, Swede Ch..

8 14

East Los Angeles S. S.
Kansas City, First Swede Ch..

12 50 15 20

San Bernardino S. S

3 40
Christian Valley S. S.

2 25
ILLINOIS, $10.00.
Randolph, Swede Ch., desig.

Stockton S S...
Jamestown Ch., desig

9 55
4 60
Fort Scott, First Ch

Poway S. S Morrison Ch.......

3 35 10 00 CE. F. Wa Keeney Ch....

Compton S. S. 2 oo

For Chinese Mission Building: WISCONSIN, $1,739.76.

NEBRASKA, $3.50.

San Francisco, Rev. J. B.

23 00 State Convention...

1,714 76 Nelson, First S. S.... *For Wayland Sem., D. C.,

3 50

MEXICO, $0.74
For Purchase of Land :
Warren Mills, W A.

DAKOTA, $47 25.

Mexico City, Rev. A. J.
25 00
Centerville Ch

8 oo

74 MINNESOTA, $1,761.29. Pierre Ch

5 25

Canton, Collection
Hernan Ch
Dell Rapids Ch

BURMA, $8.00.

10 00

Bismarck Ch
St. Paul, Woodland Park, W.
H. M. B

Arlington Ch...

$50 Bassin, Rev. L. W. Cronkhite
1 00 and wife ...

8 00 Long Prairie S. S

Conde, Dane and Norwegian Norwood Ch

9 50 S. S..

WOM. AM. BAPT. HOME MISS. I 25 Monticello Ch

COLORADO, $107.62. 50

SOCIETY, $140.00. Breckenridge Ch

500 Saguache Ch... Granite Falls Ch.

5 50 For Teachers at Spelman Sem., 2 51 Waseca Cn...

Denver Ch., per Rev. W. R.
6 82


100 00 S. S...

40 00 I 511

For Teacher at Beaufort, S. C.

S. S. Hallock, Swede Ch

4 00

Salida Ch Minneapolis, per Rev. Iver

21 52

Boulder Ch Larsen.

Total.... 30 oo

$1.958.0 9 00 Baptist State Convention

Loveland Ch., in add.

to 33 C. E. F. Granite Falls Ch

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1,589 64

Home Mission Monthly...

NEW MEXICO, $11.05.
For Chapel Builder's Fund:
St. Paul, Woodland Park
Albuquerque Ch.

J. G. SNELLING, Treasurer,

5 00 S. S. 16 05 Raton Ch.

7 Beekman St.

1C6 57

6 oo

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“ Harvest Home Day” is becoming an in- We are constrained to say again to misstitution in several of the Western States.sionaries who send items for publication that The idea is to celebrate the close of the if they write them on the backs of their reautumnal harvest season by a special service, ports, or on both sides of the sheet with other in which thank offerings for blessings received matters, they must not expect to see them in are a prominent feature. This is, of course, print. It seems necessary to say this frein the interest of missions. Our Kansas quently. We hope our correspondents will brethren have a fine programme for the ob observe this. servance of the day.

In Brooklyn, N, Y., the Roman Catholic

The supplements of The Standard (ChiChurch has two colleges, one theological cago) are great helps in Western State Con

vention work, giving as they do each quarter seminary, and seventy-four parish schools. Thus it is lengthening its cords and strength the essential facts about missionary operations Thus it is lengthening its cords and strength- in these States, and being published so that ening its stakes in this land.

at little expense a large number can be dis

tributed among the churches. As a rule, we do not deem it advisable to organize a church in a new community with less than ten members. Sometimes churches are reported as “organized" with but five or We still have a large number of applicasix members, and such bodies are supposed tions for clothing from missionaries on hand, then to have all the prerogatives of any Bap- which we would be glad to send to Ladies' tist church on earth!

Societies and Circles wishing to aid in this Better wait a while until a respectable interesting work. Write to the Correspondnumber can be obtained, unless there are ex- ing Secretary at once and receive all needed ceptionally cogent reasons for immediate information. Cold weather is coming, and organization with less.

work ought to be commenced now.

BAD MEN AS INDIAN AGENTS. It is a disgrace to our government that

such unfit agents should be appointed. If

half that is told is true, this is far from being It affords us no pleasure, but rather sorrow,

an exceptional case. to record the fact that the Indian service at the agencies is far below the standard that formally prevailed when the government ap

In the general interests of our work among pointed men carefully nominated for agents

the Scandinavians we rejoice at the return of by the missionary organizations of the the Swedish school for ministerial education country. Politics have wrought no favorable to Morgan Park, Ill. The Secretary of the changes in this respect. When it is rememo

American Baptist Education Society, Rev. bered how great for good or evil is the in- F. T. Gates, has been very influential in fluence of an agent upon the Indians with bringing about this desired result. Indeed it whom he is in constant contact, and what a

has been asserted that with such an interhelp and a hinderance he can be to religious mediary agency the reunion would have been efforts in their behalf, the importance of ap- branches of the Scandinavian family to be

very doubtful.

We believe it best for all pointing proper men can hardly be overestimated. We are led to make these obser- brought together and also that they be assovations by the perusal of a letter at hand ciated more or less with Americans, especfrom one of our missionaries who has the ially when it comes to the matter of minisreligious oversight of our work at one of these

terial education. Reservations. He says:

“ It seems as though the devil has taken NATIONAL AID TO EDUCATION. this people captive. Aside from their own low native condition and tendencies, they

Is it really needed ? Many think so. We have the influence and example of the whites are free to say that we have regarded the matto help them on in their downward course.

ter as one concerning which much misinformEven at the Reservation, the agent, or head of the South has been improved wonderfully in

ation has been published. The school system man is a professional gambler, and I am not

the past decade, and there is reason to expect sure but that

every man

on the ground, greater progress in the next decade. holding office, is a gambler or at least a There are indeed more illiterates in the South drinker. These men often come to town in proportion to population than in the North, and spend their time drinking and gambling. but it should be remembered that in these is The saloon is their place of resort. This is included a large number of elderly persons, the example of their teachers. The Sabbath formerly slaves, who will never learn to read is not regarded here. It would be difficult though Congress were to spend millions to do for me to give you any idea of it.

away with illiteracy. Deducting these, the dis

parity between the North and the South, in re“The question is, what are you going to spect to illiteracy is not so alarming as advocates teach the poor Indian about keeping the of this measure would make it appear by their Sabbath and cheating one another, in the figures. Legislators should hesitate before midst of all this ? Gambling with them is voting seventy-seven millions for such a purregarded as honorable as working, and it is pose. Let the States which are growing in hardly possible to convict them of any wrong wealth attend to this, their own proper concern. doing in that direction. They don't under

The Brooklyn Eagle has compiled facts on stand you when you intimate that there is

this subject which are worthy of consideration

and which go far to show that such an approanything wrong in it. Both men and women gamble, and they do it in plain sight of priation should not be made. It says :

“ Texas is the largest and most thinly settled everybody, as a matter of course. It makes State in the Union, Florida alone excepted. my heart sick when I try to teach them Texas has six inhabitants to the square mile, and anything about morals.”

Florida five. A comparison of New Hampshire,


one of the oldest States, with Texas, one of the Of its material resources I need not speak, youngest, shows that the percentage of children though these, as the basis of population and of a school age enrolled in the free schools of prophecy of the future, are most vitally reTexas is seventy-nine, while in New Hampshire lated to our mission work. Our religious force it is sixty-four. In the New England State the is represented approximately by 446 pastors, of population is thirty-eight to the square mile. whom at least 130 are missionaries of the In both Slates the length of the school year is Society, and 920 churches reporting a memberthe same--100 days. The cost per capita of ship of 43, 360. Of these 920 churches nearly educating a child in New Hampshire is $9.63 two-thirds have no abiding habitation, and a yearly, and in Texas $6.78. The Northern large proportion have no regular services and State would therefore appear to have a stronger | no pastoral oversight. When Jesus was upon claim upon the benevolence of Congress than earth, as He saw the multitudes that gathered the Southern State, and yet Senator Blair in- bout him He was ved with compassion. sists that illiteracy in the South is as bad to-day He could find no fitter emblems of their as just after the war.

spirual condition than “Sheep without a shep“ These are all reliable data to be found in herd,” a plenteous harvest with few to gather public records, and they seriously weaken the it. Such is the picture ever before our eyes as we position taken by Senator Blair in defiance of cross the Missouri River and journey westward. the advice of his fellow Senators from the Let me call your attention to the complex South and contrary to their convictions. True character of our work. It has three departthere were 4,715,395 illiterate persons over tenments, distinct somewhat, but so closely reyears of age in the sixteen old slave States in lated that each is indispensable to the others 1880, but more than two-thirds of that number and to the progress, of our work. The first aim were hopelessly so, because exactly that pro- is to gather the scattered believers into Gospel portion were too old to attend school. The churches, which shall be centres of life and total number of adult illiterates of both races in light. These churches must be supplied with those States in 1880 was nearly 3,000,000. The ministers who shall combine the work of pastor entire national surplus might be appropriated and evangelist. We seek to evangelize the to educate them, but in vain. Subtract 2,961, people through the ministry of the Word and 371 from 4,715,395 and the remainder is 1,754, the influences of the church. 024, which was the number of illiterates between But the church and pastor together, without the ages of ten and twenty-one years at the a house of worship, can accomplish but little. time the last census was taken. It is not what the thumb is to the hand the meetingreasonable to suppose that the number of illiter- house is to the Gospel church. It completes ates in the South to day is even approximately the grasp. In the years past we have frittered as great as it was seven years ago.

away thousands upon thousands of dollars in sustaining missionaries where there were no houses of worship and none in prospect. The church edifice work of the Society is the right arm of its missionary work.

But in the building up of the kingdom of CONDITION AND MISSIONARY NEEDS Christ in these new States and Territories the OF THE WEST.

Christian school is an essential factor. This, Address of Rev. H. C. Woods, D.D., Supt. of to you of the East, may seem to be a side Missions at Washington, D. C.

issue. It is not so, either theoretically or

practically, in the policy of other denominations I have been requested to speak upon the or in the judgment of their wisest men. Uncondition and necessities of our work in the less we would discount our future as a deWest, especially in the district in which I have nomination we must not remand it to the rear. served the Society as Superintendent of Mis- Pressed by considerations which they cannot resions during the last year. That district in- sist without disloyalty to Christ, our people in cludes Kansas, Nebraska, Southern Dakota, the newer States, and even in the Territories, Colorado, Wyoming, and New Mexico. It are moving, at great personal sacrifice, in the covers an area of 557,800 square miles in the establishment of Christian schools of higher very heart of the continent.



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